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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. dbdynsty25
    Umm...All versions of the A83s will work with any MMCX cable.  That's not debatable.  The little protrusion on the new cable only prevents you from using the new stock A83 cable on OTHER MMCX headphones.  It doesn't matter that the little hole is on the A83s...as the only cable that goes in that hole is the stock A83.  Regular MMCX cables will just rotate freely on both versions of the A83.
  2. Midgetguy

    I agree. My first set was the newer version with the cable cinch and it also worked with my aftermarket Shure cable. The "protrusion" @garcsa is pointing out simply looks to be a different implementation of the non-rotation mechanism by Fidue. The earlier versions had a large tab while the new ones use the entire connection surrounding the male side to lock into the female side and prevent rotating.
  3. garcsa
    So I'm simply unlucky with these ones from lunashops , the male part is simply too short, because of the lap, and the plastic connector is too plump....
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  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    For anyone who wants to drop $100 odd on a source for thier A83 check out Xuelin ihifi 770c (DAC - 8740), run that with your A83. Pick them up on Penon Audio. It's a real winner pairing, been using it all day into the night. You want to use the 'bright' headphone out, as it has 2 outputs.

    Read more here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/747018/ihifi-770-770c-thread#post_11143174
  5. Midgetguy

    Hmmm, unfortunate. I'm starting to wonder if there may even be 3 different iterations instead of 2. One with the tab and no cable cinch, one with tab and cable cinch, and whichever one you have pictured here. I can't recall if my connector looked exactly like yours there. What I do know for sure is that it had a cable cinch on it and that this cable worked, also one from lunashops:
  6. wewewho77

    Hi can you please compare the 770 to alien regarding their sound signature? Thanks a lot sir
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    With A83? Sure can.

    Alien sounds a bit sterile or less couloured compared, like it throws out its details in a raw or excessive fashion. 770c is a touch smoother with an even amount of detail across the mids, especially noticeable with female vocals which Alien will push out quite aggressively in the upper midrange with A83 (some people like this, I like this depending on my mood). Though 770c seems to have its own unique sound, you hear a more natural timbre and maybe slightly tighter refinement, removes some grain from A83 presentation adding some 'style / smoothness', also in the treble rejoins.

    Alien and A83 sre a truly engaging ride for the thrill seeker. It will punish you with early fatigue if you get trigger happy on the volume.

    770c is smoother, possibly more refined, for the mature gentleman, but right up there in terms of sound in this A83 combination. I prefer it over X1 and X3II,really nice for just $100 imo. I'd say a good taste of an audiophile player without blowing your wallet.

    Just read about the UI.
  8. Zankes
    Better pray that I don't get the version where no cable fits, now I am getting worried, because it was 81€ cheaper than usual and after I bought it the price went up by 100€ to 350€. Bought from amazon.es.
  9. sunset754
    Hmm. Looking at those images, I realise that I have the earlier version of the A83! I hope that don't get any of the cutting out issues people were reporting.
  10. Midgetguy

    I took a second look at those images now and I'll await others to confirm, but I'm gonna say that there are now 3 versions of the A83:
    The first one uses the locking tab and doesn't have a cable cinch (I believe this is what my replacement one is, don't have it on hand to check, but with QC being Feb 2015, I'm willing to bet it is).
    The second one uses the locking tab as well and has a cable cinch (this is what my initial one was, the one that had a connector issue, then waited 4 MONTHS for the distributor to send me OLD STOCK. Yup, still pissed about that, won't stop calling out Extreme Audio's poor service on that transaction).
    The third one is this new one which seems to have a protrusion all the way around the MMCX connector. It does raise concern to the fact that people will no longer be able to use aftermarket cables on the A83 at all due to the protrusion rendering all aftermarket solutions to be too short of a connector. For all intents and purposes, this "new" A83 effectively has a proprietary cable.
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  11. Ivabign

    Yo 2-O!
    Does the 770c have a dedicated line-out to mate with outboard amplifiers? I read and read and see that it has headphone outputs galore - but as for a dedicated LO, I am at sea here.... [​IMG]
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    No, it doesn't have dedicated line-out which bypasses the internal amp section.
    Only has a feature in settings called "line out" which to my understanding simply locks the volume at a line out level.
  13. Ivabign

    Thx for the quick reply mate. I have a few DAPs that I have "double amped" with nary an issue - likely because they are used on the go and any small amount of added distortion is glossed over by the sounds of the street, train, car, etc...
    Still may give it a try - looks great - how has it held up for you?
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I've had mine about 2 days, there's no problems. Just at first the button layout might take some adjusting, though nothing overly exhausting. The two headphone outs sound slightly different though I wouldn't look at this like they completely alter the response of your IEM. More like having two slightly different sounding players in one (a good thing). Battery life seems up to scratch at 13 hours and it has really nice build to boot for $100.

    If you go to the very last pages of the 770c thread I've left some detailed impressions last night. :smile:  

    If you go ahead I hope you enjoy it!
  15. geagle
    I have the 3rd one. I bought the same Moon Audio balanced cable as @olddude, and I definitely CANNOT use it on my A83, while I can use it with no problem on my FX850...
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