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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. SteveHiFi
    I did a review for the Eva our reviews section a few months ago but it didn't end up being added. I think some pictures needed to be taken before posting and they got missed; I'll paste it in here -
    Aurisonics Eva -

    Aurisonics' latest addition to the Bravo series lineup, the Eva, has now reached us, marking the entry-point model for the series and making a full set along with the Kicker, Forte and Harmony. Primarily intended for use as monitors within a live music scenario, the series certainly has its uses for those who appreciate having emphasis placed on certain frequencies. The Eva fits right in with a certain lift and clarity when it comes to vocals and guitars.

    Design and appearance (e.g. attractiveness, feel)
    The Eva is fairly typical when compared to similar offerings by other makes; its 'over the ear' wearing style and fit makes it similar to pretty much any in-ear monitor in terms of looks. You'd be forgiven for thinking the colour is black, as the capsules are such a dark shade of blue, this is only apparent when the capsules are held up to the light and scrutinised closely. There may be some variation here as there are plenty of pictures of the Eva with a much lighter shade of blue.

    Durability & build quality (e.g. cabling, connectors, materials)
    The capsules are well constructed and feel very solid. Like the rest of the Bravo series, they come with a braided replaceable cable and right-angle jack. The cable is light and fluid in terms of movement, but gives an impression that it will take a lot of punishment. The Eva comes with a neat little case and a selection of soft rubber eartips. There's also a little brush in order to help keep the Evas in top condition.

    When compared to the rest of the Bravo series, the Evas have smaller sized capsules which sit in the concha/bowl of the ear quite neatly, with a 'low profile [which] allows it to fit easily under helmets' according to to box. These may be aimed at the military or civil war reenactors, but possibly they mean motorcycle helmets. This has been duly tested and yes, the Eva is good with a lid on!
    The cable is well behaved, and is kept in place behind the ears with an additional bendy covering which can be moulded to shape.

    Suitability for intended application
    The intended application may be one of two things (or both!) as the aurisonics range are aimed both at professionals and consumers. The rugged and light design is perfect for both sets of users, with the tuning being geared toward vocalists and guitarists on stage, and those who like vocals and certain genres offstage. See 'Sound Characteristics' below for more details.

    Sound isolation (if applicable)
    Exterior noise is kept out quite successfully by the rubber eartips, and virtually banished with audio playing. Other models in the Bravo series may do a better job simply as their larger capsules may physically block a larger portion of the concha, but any difference will be very small.

    Sound characteristics:
    Using a Chord Hugo DAC/amp, the overall effect is neutral and accurate, but with a rolled-off treble giving the midrange a little more prominence than it would otherwise have.

    Bass (e.g. punch, low extension):
    Bass is tight and restrained. It goes low and lower frequencies make their presence felt when called upon, but the Eva is not a basshead's earphone. It's just enough to give a decent foundation without taking the limelight from the midrange.

    Mids (e.g. vocals, acoustic instruments):
    This is where the Eva's accent is placed. There seems to be more presence in the hi-mid area where there may be some sibilance issues for some people, but this is generally limited to genres which are not likely to come across well on the Eva anyway, such as dance music. Vocal performances are the main beneficiaries of this tuning, but guitars (both amped and acoustic) come across clear and coherent. There may be some danger of things getting a bit cluttered here with a lot going on, however.

    Treble (e.g. high hats):
    The Eva's treble tuning is tapered off quite considerably; the word 'veiled' may certainly be appropriate here. However this is from a general consumer/end user standpoint; vocalists and other on-stage performers may be quite smitten with the clarity of the midrange as a result. The other side of the coin is the Eva's treatment of older recordings; the type of production and vocal harmonising prevalent in  1960s music by, for example, Herman's Hermits and The Swinging Blue Jeans is complemented perfectly by the Eva and they really are a treat.

    Soundstage & Separation
    Given the Eva's relative emphasis on the midrange, instruments and voices benefit from a greater clarity with harmonics lending a very convincing quality to proceedings. Soundstage is not the widest however, with the perceived width not venturing much beyond the confines of the Eva's capsules.

    Music genres good for and why
    As noted above, guitar-based and vocal genres are the winners when using the Aurisonics Eva. Anything old (60s and earlier) tends to get excellent treatment too, as well as imperfect recordings which get a favourable presentation thanks to the rolled-off treble. Jazz is good too, but dance/hip hop may sound too muted and veiled. Classical is a mixed bag; simple pieces are good but too much complexity can stretch the Evas a little bit, to where they sound cluttered and congested.

    Replaceable cable
    Midrange clarity
    Decent accessories
    Good in-ear monitor choice for vocal & guitar performers
    Rolled off highs not for all people/genres
    The Aurisonics Eva is the entry-level model for the new Aurisonics Bravo range and may surprise some due to its tuning; treble is taken down more than most of the competition but this leaves a midrange which enables vocals and guitars to come to the fore.
  2. coco8579
    I've also been searching for any impressions on these fender models but cant find any. June did mention that they are a re tuned copy of the bravo line. 
  3. thejammonster
    FXA2 = Kicker
    FXA6 = Forte
    FXA7 = Harmony
    The FXA5 is dual BA only so it's new but uses the same stuff from the rest.
    The DXA1 is kind of like the Eva but it has a new body and a different sized DD.
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  4. willyvlyminck
    Or what money can do
  5. Jackpot77
    Beating in mind the previous comments made by Dale and his team about all-BA iems, I'm REALLY interested to hear what they have cooked up for the FXA5.
  6. Jackpot77
    Just popped up my impressions of the ASG-1.5 in the reviews section - hoping to have something similar to post about the 1Plus and 2.5 soon. It's my second attempt at a review, so any feedback or advice on making them more readable/less rubbish will be very gratefully received! :wink:

  7. peter123
    It's a really nice review and I enjoyed reading it. I hope to be able to put up my thoughts on the 1PLUS in a couple of weeks time.
    Since you ask for feedback: addig some pictures to break up the text could be a good idea. In my experience it makes it easier to read and I'm also sure a lot of peopple who read it would appreciate to see the product "live" as well.
    Still it's a really nice work [​IMG] 
  8. Jackpot77

    Thanks for the feedback - really appreciated. Unfortunately the macro mode on my camera is a little lacking, but will try and add some pics to anything else I post where I can. Sadly, once I get through the 1Plus (almost done) and the 2.5 I have arriving next week, think I'll have to hit the for sale and trade boards - would love to listen to some of the Bravo series now but my wallet is mot too happy about it! This hobby is dangerously addictive... :wink:
  9. peter123
    Hey, no worries. I can understand that its's too much to keep them all.
    I'm certainly looking forward to a comparison between the 1,5 and 1PLUS. I'm really concerned about the midbass amount (or rather potential bloat) on the 1PLUS since this is usually what makes or break IEM and headphones for me and I'm very sensitive to it. I'll guess I know in a couple of days if everything goes well.......
  10. iEnginerd
    Has anyone here tried the Evas, and if so, how does the bass compare to the higher end models?  I looking at the Evas since they are a smaller profile, my hope is that they will fit better in my very small ears.  Thanks!
  11. thejammonster

    I think the smaller profile is how much they stick out of your ears, not how big they are in your ears. For a review, someone posted a pretty extensive one a page or two back.
  12. Jackpot77
    Just posted some more noob impressions of the ASG-1Plus in the reviews section. As before, any and all feedback greatly appreciated (sorry, still no photos as yet!).

  13. Strumento
    Anyone going to try out the new Fender series at Canjam Singapore?
  14. destrozer
    I probably am. [​IMG]
  15. Jackpot77

    Lucky man!
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