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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. Antihippy
    Well I would describe the harmony as clear mids, great treble extension with deep bass impact. Not sure if I would let go of the 1plus if you're enjoying that balanced sound though, because the bravo line are pretty coloured IEMs.
  2. Dcell7
    Just got my Spinfits in the mailbox and directly put them on my Harmony. They are more comfortable and i can insert them a bit deeper than the Sureseals. Unfortunately the sibilance (in certain sibilant songs) is still there so i don't think any tips will remove them for me
  3. thejammonster
    I found the Harmony to have too much treble and not enough bass. The bass may be there but my ears couldn't tolerate the treble to try to find it. The 2.5 is very mellow but not muddy at all in the highs. I usually keep the 2.5 bass ports half open and that is my sweet spot. Unfortunately I've never heard the 1+ or 1.5 to compare.
  4. Antihippy
    I love the 2.5, and while I think it actually has pretty good treble extension it's generally a pretty dark iem. Treble extension is the key though for me. For example, I sold off the Senn momentums because even though its treble is more prominent in volume than the 2.5, I find that the treble is shelved at a certain point so it has no sparkle at all.
    Ah that's unfortunate. I think I'm lucky in that I have very few sibilant recordings (I definitely know a few songs that can make any headphone hiss though). I hope you find a solution soon.
  5. Dcell7
    It's just a few songs which have harsh treble. All my other gear doesn't have the sibilance with those songs but i can live with it because most of the songs simply sound fantastic on the Harmony.
  6. Jackpot77
    Thanks for the responses, guys. Sounds like the Harmony lean more towards the 1plus (good mids and treble clarity, low bass that kicks when it needs to but doesn't flavour the sound) so thinking the 2.5 would be more along the lines of what I'm trying to find. Is the Harmony a definite step up in quality on the 2.5, would anyone say, or is it just differently tuned?
  7. thejammonster
    Differently tuned. I think they are different, and the Harmony is newer, but neither is clearly better.
  8. Antihippy
    Differently tuned yeah. A lot lusher and definitely bassier.
  9. ZMan2k2
    I agree. Neither is better, just like my situation, where I have the 2.5s and the Kicker. I love the bass in the 2.5, but I'm not a fan of the BA that are in it. I find them fatiguing after a while. With my X3 and the Kicker's, I feel I get a more "organic" or analog sound. Different tunes from different IEM'S. Personally, I prefer the Kicker's.
  10. Barndoor
    Considering the price difference between the 2.5 and bravo series i'm really surprised by these comments. Not heard the 2.5 so can't compare myself.
  11. Koolpep
    I still prefer the 2.5 over the harmony. Have them both. When I reviewed the harmony I was not wiling to pay the huge price difference to the 2.5 for a rather small improvement from the harmony. But since I got the 2.5 finally in the amazing deal from hifiheadphones, I really like them both. Small preference to 2.5.

    But one thing I like about the harmony is the slightly longer nozzle which makes finding a good fit and seal easier.

  12. jmills8
    Try a Silver cable with the 2.5.
  13. Antihippy
    Mmmm, the MS spiral dots really give me custom like fit for the harmony.
    jmills8 likes this.
  14. Jackpot77
    Has anyone posted any impressions of the Eva? I assume it's lined up as a more neutral entry level offering in the last range but I can't find anything written up about the sound profile. Anyone know if it's more like the Rockets or something different again?
  15. oldmate
    Well, after reading every page since 250 ordered the Forte's. Sight and sound unseen or heard. The hype better be real!! Upgrade from my Dunu DN1000's which I sold and was going to buy again and probably should have given these are $164 USD more expensive. Got them for $320 USD. Very nearly went with the Harmony's but smooth and nearly articulate treble is my thing. Hoping these sound similar to my Focal Spirit Classic's or my HP50's I used to own. Either way, very excited. Very nearly went with Harmony's but was worried about reports of sibilance particularity with say Opeth and Dream Theater etc. I also like smooth jazz so smooth rather than extended highs sold me.
    Was looking at 2000J's for $214 USD but went with my head instead of my heart!! Bloody Head.Fi.
    @jmills8 all your fault. If you are wrong I'm going to hunt you down. [​IMG] 
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