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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. Scutey
    Good to hear the tubes are settling down, they should keep on improving for a while yet. That's incredible to see so many KT88, it's just a pity they are £2395.00 and not £239.50!

    ps great pics btw, and just wait till you see the glow from x2 KT88 and x2 KT66!.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  2. connieflyer
    My 88 should be here tomorrow and I'm very anxious to see how they sound what the pair of 66 is drivers. I was running a quad of 66 has and liked it quite a bit, should be interesting to see the results with a pair of each
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  3. hypnos1
    Nice pics OH...and yes, those KT66s will indeed keep improving - quite a bit, actually (but won't need the full 150+ hours, thank goodness! :smile_phones:).

    As for those KT88s...not a bad buy for someone prepared to fork out with a view to selling them off at a profit (perhaps!), but not for me I'm afraid.

    And besides, although ancient tubes may be desirable - but very possibly more unreliable now than (some) modern production tubes, I personally don't think the crazy prices asked for old KT66s and 88s are matched by a significant improvement in sound (for us!)...for two (Edit..er, three!) main reasons :

    1. I suspect that with our amps not being specifically configured for these tubes, performance increases will probably therefore be limited.

    2. A good few in the 6L6/KT camp have stated that even for 'proper' use, the reissue Genalex Gold Lions in particular are not too far off the originals...the old Genalex being regarded as right near/at the top of the tree lol!

    3. The reissue GL KT88 especially looks to be of an exceptional specification, as mentioned previously and which, when driven by the perhaps slightly more 'lowly' GL KT66 I'm sure lifts the performance exponentially...for far less than those silly original 66 prices lol!! :wink:

    And so fear not folks...save your $$$$$£££££ and aim for the GL KT66/88 combo - you will not find its performance lacking in any way whatsoever. The opposite, in fact...it excels in all!! :ksc75smile:...Take my word for it (after extensive testing - which requires many hours/days for each tube type...do the math for multiple comparisons lol!! :confused::confused:)...

    Whatever...ENJOY and HAPPY LISTENING!...and g'night from CJ...:dt880smile:
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
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  4. connieflyer
    One last tube roll, before KT88's arrive. Using the PSvanes that came stock with Euforia as drivers and KT66 as powers, and I saved the best for last. This is an outstanding combo, bass is deep and tight, piano keys have that instantaneous on and of, no ringing sharp and melodeous, if you have the time to roll these in, give it a try, almost like the amp was built for this!
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  5. hypnos1
    Hi cf..now that's one in the cap for the PsVanes, given its competitors of yours mon ami lol! :smile_phones: Mind you, I have always thought the CV181 TII an extremely good tube if the accompanying gear is good. So it looks like you've done some very useful ground prep in readiness for those beauties to arrive today...(I sincerely hope they do, ol' buddy!! :wink:).

    Anyway, after your egging me on for even more diatribe(!!) @LoryWiv , and thinking I had just about said all that needs to be said by me on the GL K66/88 combo :)wink:),with more hours still on mine, I simply have to regale y'all yet again after last night's encounter with Andreas Vollenweider's amazing 'Caverna Magica' album...(so you can blame LW, guys!! :ksc75smile:).

    Although my love-child combo of mesh-plate EL11/EL39 combo did indeed make this work sound 'magical', highlighting the extraordinary feat of holographic sound engineering, I wasn't prepared for last night's session. This KT66/88 combo showed the production to be even more incredible...Whereas I normally listen to just a few tracks and move on, I was totally, utterly transfixed from beginning to end. The masterly positioning of sounds in all dimensions was, to say the least, mesmerising/hypnotic. Not even my previous #1 combo came anywhere near this otherworldly presentation. Any niggling doubt as to the superiority of this Genalex GL KT66/88 combination is now irrevocably dismissed from my mind...for me and in my system, of course. I just hope that your own experience guys comes at least half way to mine lol :L3000::L3000:.

    OK, diatribe over...let me get some breakfast...please! BFN...CJ
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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  6. connieflyer
    KT 88's are in the house and warming up now
    20191118_091150.jpg 20191118_091158.jpg
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  7. connieflyer
    First listen, tried with headphones first as that what I was just using before this came in. Definition right out of the box was an improvement using the same music I had just listened to. The PSvanes were good but these were obviously better. Now switching from headphones to Anthem receiver another obvious improvement . I think for one thing, the 72 hour pre burn in helped here quite a bit. Backstreet Boys on now and the bass is driving and vocals very clear no distortion at all. Celine Dion's Falling into you is room filling and surrounding me with love! 20191118_092843.jpg
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  8. leftside
    Great thread you guys have here. I too am a big fan of the KT88 and KT66 tubes. If you're going after the vintage versions from the 40's - 60's and onwards there are a few things to watch out for. Search for "getter" in this link and you'll see what I mean:

    The good news is the KT88 condition is quite easy to identify just by looking at it, if you know what to look for. A few of the KT88 in that post/link a few posts back are near end of life.

    The KT66 were produced during the war with a larger ST shape. Later (after 1945) had the more common shape we typically see today. I think KT88 started production sometime around 1954. The most desirable of these tubes are from first production to the late 1960's.

    Did you know the very first KT88 version had a brown base and different glass shape? Good luck finding those :) The next version had the metal base and same different glass shape. Also very rare. The next version had the later glass shape we most see today, but with single top getters (these tubes sound great!). The later versions had the three getters (one on top, and two on the sides.

    Happy listening fellow headfi'ers.
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  9. leftside
    Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion? Unsubscribe lol. Just kidding :wink: Enjoy the music... even Celine Dion :)
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  10. connieflyer
    Music is where you find it. It takes all kinds to make you whole. Went classical after this, so maybe I should Unsubscribe
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  11. hypnos1
    Glad your KT88s arrived safe and sound, and that you seem to be liking them already cf...and they will get better still, even with that generous pre-burn in lol :ksc75smile:. Looking forward to how you find this KT66/88 combo with a good selection of your favourites...once again my own are sounding like never before. These tubes are truly superb...:smile_phones::smile_phones:...BFN (zzzzzzz)... and enjoy the rest of your day's listening, D...

    Hi leftside...thanks for looking in and showing interest in our 'crazy' ventures with an amp(s) that was never actually configured for these wonderful tubes...(still can't believe it lol! :wink:. As you may well have gathered by now, this reissue Genalex GL KT66/88 combo has taken me totally by surprise...and continues to do so with each day that passes lol!

    And thanks for the info on Golden Oldies. But at the usual prices they go for (for good ones!), I'm afraid I myself will just have to keep an eye out for any that go under the radar! Besides, these reissue Genalex are extremely good...the specification and construction of the 88 especially is truly superb....BFN...CJ
  12. leftside
    Under the radar is how I picked up mine. The new production are indeed very good. If the prices of the original KT88 continue to increase, then I'll switch back to the Russian Gold Lions as well in my amps.
  13. cddc

    What's wrong with the boy bands and Celine Dion....:D....they're very good intro to music for the adolescent...:wink:
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  14. LoryWiv
    To badly paraphrase an old song: "If loving @hypnos1's posts is wrong, I don't want to be right." Always enjoyable, good sir, and your enthusiasm is great fun and infectious!
  15. LoryWiv
    I bet if we are honest we all have our guilty pleasures. I am generally a classical snob but boy the occasional rock anthem still gives a tingle. They used Boston's "Fourplay - Longtime" (1976) in the season premiere episode of Ray Donovan on HBO yesterday (yes, another guilty pleasure) and it's been in my head all day!
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