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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. hypnos1
    Ah yes indeed cf...this particular combo outperforms any other previously...by a long shot! (in our systems at least lol :ksc75smile:). But yes of course, things could (nay, will) be different in your own future setup @UntilThen ...no-one can know for sure 'til it's tried!! :wink: But as far as I'm concerned, it's a crying shame the EL39 is a non-starter alas, due to its scarcity...it sure is one superlative tube! :smile_phones:

    As for the Russian reissue Tung Sol7581A, I must confess to still being in awe of this tube...in my particular setup anyway (with 2x as drivers to 1x EL39/1x 7581A powers).

    But something I have noticed with different test tracks - recordings that are overly 'warm'/short on treble frequencies can sometimes lack a bit of sparkle with this combo. But with good quality/well balanced recordings, the sound is equal to my previous best, but as I mentioned before, with even better mids performance than the EL11 especially (as per the 6L6/KT66 family trait, but not quite so strong as the EL34 - which I personally would find way too much so in my system (Empyrean headphones especially!)....CHEERS!...CJ
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  2. connieflyer
    Here you go UT. 20191021_095517.jpg 20191021_095538.jpg
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  3. connieflyer
    Hi UT, I looked at he William as well, but need more power. I am looking at picking up a pair of Martin Logan Electro Motion ESL or ESL X and will want more power for these. So the hunt is on.
  4. Dobrescu George
    Feliks Euforia in the house for me as well, working my way to post some first impressions and to make a Youtube video right now! :)
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  5. hypnos1
    Hi DG. Congrats on having the Euforia to play with...and hopefully enjoy lol! :smile_phones: Is it just for review, or is it yours to keep?! :wink: And if new, I do hope you give her a good long burn in (and I do hope you're not one who questions the benefits - nay need for more than just a few hours of 'running in' for all components, especially tubes, before performance is anywhere near its best...)...CHEERS!...CJ
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  6. hypnos1
    Hi guys.

    I know I (almost!) promised no further updates on my 3x 7581A/1x EL3(2)...(Edit...should be EL39, of course!!! [thanks cf!]) combo, but have just tried the setup as pre-amp to my Vincent SS integrated and have now become a mids addict lol! :ksc75smile:.
    This has highlighted the combo's superlative mids handling/delivery even more so than my Empyreans do...and more so than with any previous tubes I've tried over the years - especially any 6SN7/7N7/6AS7G combo...by far!!

    I had feared the 'full' bass plus extra mid frequencies might just end up smearing the overall balance somewhat, but no way...the extra detail doesn't impinge upon the upper frequencies at all. In fact it complements perfectly an exquisite treble - Joan Baez's voice has never sounded so good on her 'Diamonds and Rust' album, along with the deliciously delicate upper overtones of her(?!) steel guitar strings. And one of my all-time favourite albums - ELO's 'Out of the Blue' (in hi res) just simply blew me away :smile_phones:.

    What does sadden me however is that a certain degree of this magic will be lessened somewhat in systems requiring 3rd party adapters, as mentioned previously. Even dispensing with my adapter socket (very high quality Teflon) and attaching new UP-OCC wires directly to the tubes' pin wires brought heightened performance lol :L3000:...CJ
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  7. connieflyer
    Hi H, mine have only got 16 hours on the first pair, but I can see running them pre amp out, even using the fotec 6sn7's the bass and mids are cleaning up and coming fore front. I am assuming you miss spoke in previous post where you say " 3x 7581A/1x EL32" instead of El39. The other two adapters may be here today, and then I will go with a quad until burn in. Wish there was a better way to burn these in, but I don't have another amp they could cook in. Oh well, it is what it is. Glad you like the pre outs, I am quite amazed at how much the Anthem amplifier improves this way. Put on my bass track, and even with the low burn in and the Fotecs the bass was vibrating my chair with a smile on my face. Keep us informed of changes as you proceed, please.
  8. hypnos1
    Many thanks cf for the correction...how on earth could I have made such a mistake?...(good though the EL32 is lol! :wink:...but not in the same league whatsoever alas...).

    I can only put it down either to early(!!) onset dementia, or my excitedly hurried need to post my (rather surprising!) latest findings :ksc75smile:.

    Whatever, glad your adapters have finally arrived and that you seem to be getting some idea of the 7581A's potential already...it gets MUCH better with plenty more burn-in (I'd say a good 150+ hours!). Now my tubes and conversion wires have got well over 200hrs (tubes) and 100 for wire, I personally now rate my latest combo as number 1...my system obviously relishing it above all previous comers (including with mesh-plate Valvo EL11 drivers...and still can't believe it lol! :confused:). And for my Vincent SS amp and Tannoy T6fs to also sound like never before is a most welcome added bonus.

    ps. Back to the Empyreans just now, Mary Fahl's voice in the track 'Goin' Home' from 'Gods and Generals' drew me in something cruel, and in the last track 'I cross the Green Mountain', an unrecognisable Bob Dylan's voice was equally enthralling. And as if to reinforce my previous remark about the greater clarity of the spoken intro to ELO's 'Mr Blue Sky', the occasional background mirroring of some of Dylan's words was the clearest I've ever heard...spooky! :smile_phones:

    So, mon ami, I hope your other adapters arrive soon...so that you too can try the 3x 7581A/1x EL39 combo...:L3000::L3000:...CHEERS!...CJ

    ps. Did I mention even better separation/placement and wider stage now?...you better believe it lol!...
  9. connieflyer
    Well, I have to admit, I may have misspoken a time or two! My mind rushes ahead of my fingers, and they forget! Not my mind! Second pair of adapters did not make it today after all. Who knows with the post office. Great news about how you would rate these tubes, gives everyone a chance to experience them if they want to. Cheap, and available, doesn't get any better. That track of Mary Fahl's is one of my favorites, as well. Now, one more thing, put blinders on, do not look at any more tube combo's I am running out of places to put them!
  10. hypnos1
    Aahh cf...if only I could find some blinders that work lol! :wink: But promise to keep looking...for them, not any more tubes!!! :astonished: :thinking:...
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  11. connieflyer
    Well, I know better,but I keep following any ways! And am very glad I have.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  12. hypnos1
    Now then @connieflyer - and anyone else interested in the 7581A tube - you mentioned finding yourself in a vibrating chair with just a pair of these at a very early stage of development, courtesy of your awesome speaker setup. Well, all I can say is that once you get another pair as drivers and an EL39 partnering one as powers...strap yourself in that chair lol!! :wink:...(after a good long burn-in, of course! :L3000:). I can't begin to imagine just what your Anthem and tower speakers will do to you...and any neighbours within half a mile!! :astonished:

    I say this because this afternoon I had about the biggest surprise I've ever had/enjoyed in all my years of tube rolling....

    I have already given a fair idea of what my own new combo brings to the table, but my go-to acid test for overall dynamics handling - ie. 'The Battle' track from the music of 'Gladiator' had me questioning everything I've previously gleaned from a myriad different comments/beliefs re. sound delivery. What I was hearing simply highlighted how nebulous/confusing/misleading, and downright incorrectly used are many of the generally 'accepted' terms in hi-fiers' vocabulary...such as 'warm'; 'dark'; 'light'; 'neutral'; 'transparent'; 'sparkle' etc....many of which I myself have used on numerous occasions over the years lol! I personally now regard these as purely a mild indication only, and not to be taken too seriously!!

    For example, I had always thought said 'Battle' track to already sound on the 'warm/dark' side, compared to what others - including myself - often describe as 'neutral/light'. But what was being delivered by the new combo (in my setup) would - by these standards - need a totally new set of descriptive terms lol! However, I gradually realised that what I was hearing actually had nothing to do with being 'even more dark/warm/dynamic' etc., but was purely the result of much more detail being presented in a much more balanced and accurate way...and across the entire frequency range. I now regard these aspects of sound reproduction to be a far better yardstick to go by than pretty well any other terms used...IMHO, of course! :smile_phones:

    In relation to the enhanced bass and mids particularly, these aforementioned qualities did in fact have me wondering/fearing if my Empyreans were being driven to distortion by Hans Zimmer's almost manic use of the orchestra's lowest register horns, brass and timpani lol...such was the impact! And only on very close scrutiny - plus checking via speakers - was it evidently down to low frequencies that I'd simply never heard before from my system/headphones.

    ps. This particular experience also taught me to be very sparing in future with the terms 'air'; 'sparkle' etc in relation to treble performance especially. I'm now convinced these sorts of terms are simply a perceived reflection on a previously implied lack of balance and accuracy in overall delivery.

    pps. Sorry for this long tome...blame it on Euforia + 3x 7581As and 1x EL39 lol!!! :ksc75smile:...(not to mention Meze Empyreans!)...CJ

    ppps. Obviously, such terms as instrument/voice 'separation/placement' within a spatial/3 dimensional context are wholly valid, needless to say...:smile_phones:...
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
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  13. Dobrescu George
    This one is mine :)

    I also have the Gold Tubes, so lots of fun times!

    In the meanwhile I also managed to do a short unboxing video, soon to post on my Youtube! :)
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  14. connieflyer
    Hello H, Got the second pair of adapters late this afternoon. Had them in for about an hour, moved the first pair from powers to drivers and the new pair to powers. 26 hours on the first pair and one hour one the second pair. So one thing I noticed, going to a quad from the pair, with a pair of Foton 6 sn7 the power out is less. Had to turn the amp up a bit more to get the same apparent volumn. Could be the Foton's or just that the new pair just needs lots more burn in. Had to give it a listen, so far so good. 20191024_204029.jpg
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  15. LoryWiv
    That 7581A quad looks very handsome in situ, Don. Congrats. I have ordered a pair, and 6L6 --> 7AS7 adapters from Deyan, and plan to use them in power / output position on Elise. When you had yours in back sockets alone what drivers paired well? I am currently running new production Tung Sol 6SN7GTB's with the TS 5998's, quite nice but a bit warm, some slurring in lower mids / upper bass and treble could use a tad more sparkle. I'm hoping the 7581A's will provide better overall linearity and clarity and will try them with the new production Tung Sol 6SN7GTB's as well as the stock Psvane 6SN7 "UK" drivers that came with Elise (although I found those a bit grainy and overall inferior to the new production Tung Sol drivers.)

    Any other suggestions for drivers that pair well with the 7581A as powers?

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