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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
  1. hypnos1
    Hey cf, eardrums?...am already working on direct to the brain (I know, what brain lol?!!) cells themselves...sorry!! :wink::ksc75smile:...Cheers, and g'night! zzzzzzzzz....
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  2. connieflyer
    Well, I thought, that connecting to my eardrums, would be difficult, but connecting to my brain, would require MICRO surgery, and I would not be able to see something that small in my mirror!
  3. connieflyer
    Well, even though I could not connect directly to my micro brain, my neighbor offered to do it for free. Part way through, I asked him when I was going to get something for pain, and he said that was extra! Bummer~!
  4. DecentLevi
    Well H1, while I applaud your forays deep into uncharted territories of what's possible with a modest tube amp and have no doubt it must be reaching an unprecedented performance level, I for one am in the camp of scaling with bigger amps in order to get that kind of performance - I would prefer to spend more, even much more for a higher calliber amp so I can get that kind of performance with every headphone I connect it to (providing there's synergy). I like to roll headphones often for reasons of comfort, sound signature change, isolation, etc. Though I would be honored to hear your special amp someday.
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  5. SnapperMusicFan
    B3CC23F4-8C47-4FE7-AC5C-1C4F9C5F22A9.jpeg 12987DA2-F210-4628-83C9-6D1EA4ECEFB2.jpeg
    Hello H1
    Euforia is installed up and running, have left her a good while to burn in and she is beginning to show signs of brilliance, she sounds fab with either Ken-rad or Tung-sol 6f8g’s and a pair of Chatham tunsol 6080wb’s have a lot more tubes to try in her but at the moment I’m trying to keep tube rolling to a minimum ang get to grips with her refined and transparent sound. Her ability to produce the sound of the female voice is something else, Elise was good with voices, but Euforia really is transparent. She looks good too....
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  6. hypnos1
    Hey cf...NO PAIN, NO GAIN, my dear friend...so keep up the good work lol!! :wink: :ksc75smile:...

    Thanks DL...I hear you re. my somewhat drastic measures in the direct-wiring area lol...rather limiting, to be sure, and possibly risky re. the warranty!! But you know I love to push equipment to its full potential...and it's all been worthwhile, even if only to savour the excitement that comes from wholly unexpected (in the main!) surprises - from Euforia herself, the EL tubes and my T1s :darthsmile::L3000:.
    I also hear you re. going for a 'summit-fi' amp, BUT...in order to do such an animal full justice, one would still need to match it with at least the kind of ancillary equipment I now possess, including some really top notch (and VERY expensive, if not able to DIY!) cables....and thus the final figure climbs very steeply indeed lol! :triportsad:

    So it will therefore be especially interesting to discover just how my system compares to F-A's next flagship amp..complete with all those connectors I've so come to hate!!! (The degree to which even good quality ones throttle final performance continues to astound me - but no longer surprises me, now that I have experienced the superiority of UPOCC silver wire over 'ordinary' pure silver even...gold-plated brass or copper connectors, complete with solder joints, are NO MATCH whatsoever lol!!:wink:...(although compulsory for most folks, unfortunately!).

    ps. I do indeed wish folks could easily come and either totally agree...or disagree with my rantings lol!! :L3000:...anyone perfected a teleporter yet?!...CHEERS!...

    Congrats on being so patient SMF...few of us have managed that feat methinks!! :wink: But you would certainly have been treated to a wonderful introduction to her charms...of which there are many lol! The ability to reproduce faithfully a wide range of female voices is indeed a very good indicator of an amp's potential, and still surprises me as I revisit some of my favourites of many years past...and never realised just what fabulous voices they had!!...truly enchanting...

    Fabulous photos too...keep 'em coming!...(but as cf said - and you're obviously complying lol! - take your time :darthsmile:...and ENJOY!!...).
  7. connieflyer
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  8. hypnos1
    Hi Guys...

    As per our colleagues in Elise land....................A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.........CHEERS!....CJ :beerchug:

    Despite things going a bit quiet recently, I hope all you lucky Euforia owners are still enjoying her charms to the full...and if not, why not, pray tell?!! :wink:

    My own excuse is a rather nasty 'flu-like virus that has not only blighted Christmas this year, alas, but worse, has already meant a whole week without my own Euforia fix...and is making me even grumpier still lol! :triportsad:. Ah well, I gain comfort from the joys to come when I can finally get those cans back over the ears...hopefully very soon lol!! :darthsmile:

    And my very best wishes for @pctazhp to also experience the same joy, as hopefully he makes a speedy recovery...hang in there, P! :smile_phones:
  9. connieflyer
    Sorry to hear you still have that flu bug, that can really be debilitating. I came down with a cold 2 or 3 days ago and now we've got 6 in of snow and more on the way all day so not looking forward to getting all that snow shovel out. Hope you get rid of your bug soon I think you're the reason that everybody else in the world has it!
    My thoughts also go out to PCT as I'm sure especially in this time of year it makes it even harder to be this under the weather, and that would be an understatement, get well PCT we need you back here. A joyous day for everyone let's hope the new year brings better for all
  10. aqsw
    Merry xmas to all. Enjoying my Euforia today as it is -29 C. I am bundled up in a blankey on my recliner enjoying xmas with my hp setup.
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  11. mordy
    Hi hypnos1,

    Came across something about an amp that seems to have a similar configuration to the Elise/Euforia in that the tubes are wired in parallel and only one half of the tube is used of the dual triode.
    The comment was that it is a good idea to switch the tubes every now and then so that each triode is used evenly.
    Is there any merit to this?
  12. Tunkejazz
    Hi guys,
    has anyone tried using a E88CC to 6SN7 adapter with euforia?
    I have a bunch of 6N23P around and also 6N6P-I that I could consider trying as driver tubes.
    Not sure the latter would work. I would have standard 6080 or 6S7G as power tubes.

    Happy new year!
  13. mordy
    Happy new year![/QUOTE]
    Hi Tj,

    I have done it, and it works. The only problem I had is that some tubes of the 6DJ8 family would cause a hum.
  14. Tunkejazz
    Hi Tj,

    I have done it, and it works. The only problem I had is that some tubes of the 6DJ8 family would cause a hum.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you @mordy!
  15. hypnos1
    Hi mordy...a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, and all our fellow Euforia (and Elise!) owners. I hope y'all managed to squeeze at least a little 'magic' listening time inbetween the festivities lol! :L3000:

    Unfortunately, my own Yuletide disappeared in the fog of an unbelievable dose of...CHICKEN POX...and not the initially thought 'flu-like cold...wtf??!!! 67 years evading the nasty bug, and (somehow!) I catch it right on Christmas...too cruel!...not to mention over ten days of no Euforia fix - even more cruel!! :triportsad:. Still, that old adage "absence makes the heart grow fonder" has never been truer - the last couple of days' return to nirvana has been truly wonderful...I'd almost forgotten just how good my system now sounds...(I wasn't imagining it after all lol!! :ksc75smile:).

    Re. your question, m, the way our tubes' sockets are wired, both of the grids, cathodes and anodes are linked, and so will therefore be sharing the load...so I personally can't see how only one half of the tube would be used in our own case. And therefore no need to switch tubes IMHO...Hope I'm right lol...:darthsmile:...CHEERS!

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