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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
  1. mordy
    Found the link to the seller fir the Foton Ribber anode tubes:


    You have to scroll down to the 1952-54 tubes to find them for $9.70 shipped
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  2. mordy
    Hi pct and CF,

    Here is an absolutely hilarious version of St Loius Blues played by a husband-wife team - Stephanie Trick and husband Paolo Alderighi.

    Safe to say that you have never heard such a version of this tune....Brilliand and full of good humor.

    And another tune that will make you laugh and gives a new meaning to musical chair....:

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  3. DecentLevi
    Yeah, just scroll through that link above from Mordy. That seller had done a top notch job of compiling all the 6N8S tubes in one listing - all 8 types including Foton and Melz, and it seems to be from lower price all the way up through the top proclaimed tubes. I got the Melz metal base version identical to his for $25 each, which I think are similar internally as your new favorite one Mordy, but was reviewed even better on other forums. Haven't tried them yet if you know about my location Lol.

    Hey @hypnos1 sorry to break this to you publicly, but we've decided to vote you out for 'tampering' with this masterpiece of an amp. Thinking outside the box is unforgiveable and we shall have no part of it... HAhAahh early April Fools. Well at least we're not as restrictive on these things as they seem to be in that 'other' forum. But anyway I was wondering if your Euforia still retains any sockets if you choose to swap other headphones, or if you're up to showing us a few pix?
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  4. Tunkejazz
  5. Icenine2
    I just read the review of this and it looks quite good.
  6. hypnos1
    Hi DL...must admit, I wouldn't blame anyone for "voting me out", lol...my quest to squeeze every last drop out of my system- not just my poor Euforia and T1s - is most certainly NOT for the faint-hearted or those wishing to stay on the right side of F-A and their warranty!!! :anguished: :wink:...

    Re. the use of other headphones, even though I've taken my T1s direct to the amp's internal wiring, the socket remains useable, but I'm not sure if running 2 sets at once would cause any real problems....perhaps OK for short periods? But how the Beyers were sounding before surgery, with the jack in place, I have no desire to try any others in any case lol! (I have never heard even the HD800 put out this kind of sound!). As for post-surgery sound, that's a sore point, I'm afraid...after initial success with the VERY tricky job of fashioning the interconnect wires to make direct contact with Hugo2's sockets, they now refuse to co-operate - or, rather, the design of Hugo's RCA internal signal contacts seems to preclude anything other than the normal plug design, and so I have - for the first time! - had to admit defeat :triportsad:...and I don't have the courage to take this particular (VERY small) DAC apart!!! :fearful:

    Therefore, I've been going 'cold turkey' this past couple of days, waiting for some darned RCA plugs, and hope that at least using some very nice KLEI 'Pure Harmony' ones (with pure silver connections) will come close to going 'bare'...the difference probably less than 'hardwiring' (as @Oskari would say!) the HP cable anyway, and certainly FAR less than doing same for the interconnects into Euforia lol!! :darthsmile:

    Hopefully - depending upon our so-called 'First Class' Royal Mail postal service!! - all will be back working over the weekend, with photo to match!...(didn't take any of the amp's internal surgery I'm afraid, DL...much too scary!!!)...so the saga continues...:ksc75smile:...CHEERS!...CJ
  7. mordy
    All I can say is Good Luck!
  8. mordy
    Hi Tunkejazz,

    Please let me know how you like the tubes - I think that you will be pleased. Lycka till!

    BTW, visually they don't look like much - very industrial and with a silk screened Red Army star, and there is very little tube glow.

    The best sounding tubes of this type are supposed to be the Melz metal base with holes in the plates but they are too expensive for me - around $120 for a pair.

  9. Tunkejazz
    Thank you Mordy. I am looking forward to getting them at home! We just bought a house in Stockholm so I think I will leave the ones with metal base and holes in the plates for another life :wink:
  10. Oskari
    I wouldn't go that far. But, obviously, you should work on concision. :) [And you should ignore me. ;-]
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  11. hypnos1
    Hi mordy...glad all you say is "Good Luck", and not 'Mad Fool' lol!! :wink:...(which is what I do call myself from time to time!! :ksc75smile:). But hopefully, it should in fact be plain sailing now, with the 'proper' RCA plugs here, ready and waiting to be soldered tomorrow. And it won't be a moment too soon - just had to have a music fix last night, so I plugged my original T1s (with stock cable) direct into Hugo2 (which is supposedly the best option!) and had to abort after just 10 mins' listen time!! :triportsad:...a stark reminder/confirmation of just why I've been 'tinkering' with my system for a while now.
    In fact, I hadn't quite realised the full extent of the recent improvements - for me personally at least!
    And these go way beyond what the Chord guys would term 'tube amp coloring' lol!...unless such things as much smoother overall sound presentation and volume change/dynamics delivery; more pinpoint separation/positioning of instruments and voices within a more expansive, 3D stage; greater sense of immersion and intimacy...(just for starters)...can be termed 'coloring'!!!

    All these goodies - and more! - were present in my Euforia setup even before my latest upgrades/exploits, but have been (fortunately) greatly enhanced by the most recent of them - UPOCC-wired cables and 'hardwiring', of course!...(and anyone who may scoff at such ventures has obviously had no personal experience whatsoever of these tangible 'enhancements' lol! :darthsmile:).

    And so, M, I'm now more impatient than ever to get my Euforia back on the rack - I simply can't get myself to plug the cans into Hugo ever again, alas...it shall remain purely as a truly wonderful DAC!! :L3000:

    Will hopefully have good news very soon...CHEERS!...:smile_phones:...(now where did I put that darned soldering iron?! :wink: :slight_smile:)...
  12. hypnos1
    Me, O?...you know that just ain't gonna happen lol!!...(see my last post, if you don't believe me! :wink:)....despite my admiration for your own talents in this area!!! :ksc75smile:...

    Now let me get to my bed...please!...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...CHEERS!...and g'night.....CJ
  13. Johnnysound
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  14. pctazhp
    Glad to see old friends continue to check in here. Continuing health issues have kept me away and I wasn't able to attend our local meet 2 weeks ago. But things are getting better.

    My exciting news is I now have brand new Gumby DAC and am loving it. I'm not a real cable guy, but in celebration of Gumby I have ordered an update from my Morrow Audio MA3 RCA interconnects to 1-meter MA5 interconnects to run from Gumby to Euforia, mainly because of Gumby's larger form factor on my desktop. Probably won't have new interconnects for 30 to 40 days, but will report. Cheers to all))))
  15. mordy
    Happy to hear you feel better!
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