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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. Oskari
    At least you are not collecting my little ponies (I hope). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    P.S. I'm happy to see that the Otis Taylor video stirred up a little musical debate.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  2. Oskari
    Quite interesting those Japanese power tubes. We haven't seen many of them.
  3. Oskari
    Talking about ponies...

    Lake Street Dive: Side Pony
  4. mordy
    Not surprising that Japanese tubes sound close to British tubes - in the 50's Japanese companies acquired British equipment for tube production.
  5. Johnnysound
    Nippon Electric was the very first Japanese company established with foreign investment back in 1899. Guess who ? Western Electric...
  6. mordy
    Very interesting.
    I know that National (Matsu****a/Panasonic) made a deal with Philips (that bought Mullard) re tube production in the early 50's, and Hitachi aligned themselves with Raytheon (Hit-Ray brand).
  7. mordy
    LOL - Head Fi still censors Matsushiita, but apparently not Shiit equipment (advertising $?)
  8. mordy
    Here is a great Boogie Woogie recording by four great musicians to liven up your day!

  9. connieflyer
    Love "Boogie"
  10. mordy
    Stephanie Trick is amazing - here is a dizzying recording from February this year - stride piano:

  11. mordy
    Hi DL,

    Some time back you asked me to compare the Foton 6N8S/ 6H8C from the 60's with another variant from the 50's with a different construction:

    Lot of one 6N8S (6H8C) Audiophile Dual Triode Tube
    Eqivalents: 6SN7GT, ECC32, 6CC10, 1578.
    Produced 1952-57 Foton Tube Factory, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
    Ribber anode version - additional mounting elements, microphonic effect reduced.
    Famous sounding - as good as MELZ metal base 6SN7

    I ordered a pair, but after "sju sorger och atta bedrovelser" (ask Oskari what it means) I am still waiting for this pair ordered Aug 8 2017. It has been stuck (lost?) in the US customs since Aug 16. Contacting the USPS and US Customs is absolutely useless - The Post Office says it is in customs and they can't do anything, and Customs don't answer emails or phone calls. Maybe I should contact my local congressman lol......

    Today a replacement arrived.

    First impression: Great sound with better clarity, definition and better control of the bass, and extended lower frequency response as well. This is the Foton tube to have!
    Sadly the seller's listings disappeared from eBay, but I am sure he is still in business.

    Will let you know more after I have burned in the tube....
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  12. Oskari
    (Roughly, 15 sorrows.)
  13. mordy

    "Seven sorrows and eight disappointments" - I am talking about dealing with governmental organizations. Unfortunately, others have had a lot of trouble with customs here and there.....
  14. Johnnysound
    6H8C tubes from the fifties are a rarity. Following Mordy, I bought a pair of the absolutely cheapest tubes ever, $ 4.85 a pair (delivered) Fotons. From the eighties. Even out of the box, without burn in, these very simple, even “crude” tubes sound really good in the Euforia, very clear, clean, with nice highs and above all truly great bass, at the same level of the very best 6NS7s around...

    And regarding the NEC 6080s, after some 10 hours playing, they sound very similar to the Mullards, maybe a bit deeper in the bass, and extended in the highs. During the first few hours, the NECs sounded just interesting and no more...but after burning a few more hours, the sound matured into something really sweet, engaging, and pleasant. Top class tubes, I am impressed.

    They are most probably not a product of the fifties Mullard/Philips tooling bought by Matsush**ita. The main NEC factory in Tokyo was destroyed in the war, but before the conflict they were a truly Western Electric joint venture operation, so we can certainly assume that the U.S. company had an important role in the reconstruction of NEC after the war. Both WE and NEC emerged as the most important suppliers of telephone systems in the post war era, with heavy American investment in the japanese company.

    The history does not mention electronic tubes at all, but if anything, these NEC 6080s from the sixties were very likely made with Western Electric tooling, not Mullard. And since WE never made 6080s in the U.S., this one may be it...made in Japan
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2017
  15. mordy
    Hi Johnnysound,

    Glad that you like the Fotons. Some people will not believe that such cheap tubes are any good, but their loss is our gain lol....
    Finally got a pair of a 1953 variant with "Ribber" anodes (made from 1952-57 in Tashkent) and they are even better sounding than the regular Fotons - paid less than $20 for a pair including shipping. Bass goes deeper, increased clarity and detail and wider sound stage - a top performer.

    Re Japanese tubes, many of the 60's tubes seem to be very well made and sound very good. I have a couple pairs of 6SN7GT NEC/Channel Master that I like, and they are inexpensive.
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