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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. angpsi
    To add to the conversation, I myself have experienced very familiar issues when I was building up my speakers chain. If you recall my very early postings, my first pair was an ATC SCM12 which I had found at an 'affordable' price by audiophile standards. The ATCs were great, but they had this uncanny ability to scale according to the rest of the audio chain. When I was looking for an amp, at one time I even thought they were broken because they were playing so crappy! And another time I found them playing incredibly well attached to an amp that cost five times their price... Thus I ended up going for the one integrated amp ATC was offering, first because I expected to have system synergy by going in-house and second because the amp was getting more than decent reviews (albeit it wasn't as famous as ATC's speakers line). Oddly, I ended up paying €3500 to match my €750 speakers! On the recommendation of a renowned audio dealer here in Athens I also got a Micromega CD player for €1300, and some audio cables cheap enough not to break my wallet.

    From that point, hanging out with the audiophile crowd spurred a series of upgrades: the Benchmark DAC never found its way back to the dealer once I tested it; I found my way to a dealer working with Van Den Hul and WBT to get decent cables; my eye caught my second–hand Krell MD20 sitting on a bench and getting it was merely a matter of establishing some more knowledge about its pedigree; and, finally, once I auditioned my pair of ATC SCM20sl I realised how much I was missing from my ATC SCM12s. Last buy I made was substituting my original Cello speakers cables for the Kimber 8TC which oddly gave me a warmer, meatier sound—so much for 'snake oil' accusations in regards to cables' impact on sound.

    Thankfully I had reached the summit of the ATC bookshelf line by acquiring an acknowledged classic —from that point I'd have to move into SCM50 territory which was frankly beyond my financial capabilities at the time, plus the 20s were quite suitable for my listening room in terms of their performance but also aesthetics. In the process I had spent enough money to buy an entry level car, and I hadn't even managed to sell my previous gear to compensate. Was I rewarded for my troubles? Sure, and I can recall one or two occasions that I admitted to myself that the money I spent on the system were probably the most well–spent money I'd spent on impractical investments (the other, at the time, would be clothes). Could I have gotten better? Some say sure, the main culprit being the ATC integrated; again, the speakers are expected to scale exponentially...

    At the moment I'm experiencing the same with my HD600. I got Elise in the first place to make sure I gained as much TOTL synergy as my wallet could afford. I ended up spending the same amount just to get an education on tubes. I started off with a HiFiMe DIY Sabre 9018 USB DAC which is even smaller than the words I typed to name it, then moved to my Meridian Explorer 2 only to get the itch to explore further. At this point I'm already three times ahead my original spending budget. Did I upgrade? Yes. Did I need to upgrade? Definitely! The knowledge I acquired every time I upgraded allowed me to appreciate the subtle differences that make all the difference in how I enjoyed my music through the HD600. Will I ever stop? Considering my experience with my speakers system, it all depends on achieving a satisfactory synergy which will not make me feel I need more. At least not compared to allocating my (inexistent) spending funds to other endeavors! Is there a better sound to achieve after that point. Common sense and research says definitely! Same as I've been lusting over a Verity audio / Lamm systems I once heard many years ago, I'll probably lust after a TOTL line of Head-fi setup once I hear it. But I feel that the key is to be able to recognize when you've achieved a level when the itch goes away. IMO this is what distinguishes audiophiles from fetischists: the latter will always hear the gear; the former might have a good chance to recognize a moment of synergy.

    On a final note, as an architect I found there's one certainty in the design process: clients will always defend their choices, even if they are arguably the crappiest ones! Once you spend money on an 'informed decision' it's brutally hard to admit you were wrong; instead it has been most often the case people try to lure in others to follow them into these choices, quite possibly to settle their own doubts! I promise you, it's incredibly difficult to support an opposing position once a client decides to spend their money one way or another...
  2. UntilThen
    Sadly I'm about to prove you wrong. :ksc75smile:

    Hearing how vinyl my system with Yggy sounds now, I'm naturally intrigued at how real vinyl sounds.... even a budget Denon Dp300F with stock cartridge.

    So I plug in good ole spinner, put on my fav Dire Straits Alchemy double LP, straight direct into Euforia, listening with HD800.

    O M G :tired_face: ...... humble Denon sounded more vinyl than my $3500 Yggy !!! Anyone who listens to this and don't think the Denon sound more vinyl than the Yggy, I'll eat either one of your choice.


    Now where's the for sale section... I am going to put Yggy, CD player and all the nicely lined up CDs for sale and buy me one of those sexy turntable and many more LPs.

    @HPLobster come here !!! Important announcement.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  3. UntilThen
    Vinyl sounds very natural, it massages your ears, gives your ears a good cleaning, soothes your soul and lowers your cholesterol.

    Serious, HD800 sounds sublime with vinyl and a tube amp. No DAC will beat it.

    Now I agree with Michael Fremer 100%.

    Watch this again. :)

    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  4. angpsi
    I see your point. Hope you have enough room, your end system looks it's gonna end up looking like this:
  5. UntilThen
    Apsi, go vinyl and never look back. It's how music is meant to be listened - live. Natural and organic. Never mind how the better dacs are more revealing. At the end of day, it's how your ears like it.

    Even this budget Denon with stock cartridge (it has preamp build in) sounds so good with Euforia and HD800. Hardly any pop and crackles. My LPs are very clean and so is the surrounds.
  6. UntilThen
    Can you design that for me. I'll send Australian Treasury the bill.
  7. UntilThen
    To be fair, Yggy comes close to sounding vinyl but the Denon did it without even trying hard - it is vinyl !!!

    ....and price difference? $3500 vs $550.

    Get a better turntable and cartridge and it will be even more mind blowing.

    There's a big 'but' here. Convenience, pitch blackness and ultra resolution. That Yggy wins with hands tight behind it's back.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  8. UntilThen
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  9. HPLobster

    Nice! After reading through 30 posts of yours and the history of your car stereo, NOW you decide to put in a bookmark for me :no_mouth::persevere: :p

    I´m just teasing....UT you should start your own blog, I would read it...
  10. UntilThen
    Damm 30 posts since morning? I hope what I wrote makes sense..... now to reread what I wrote. :)
  11. HPLobster
    Now back on topic (DACs, amps, vinyl ´n´ stuff):

    I know that the Ragnarok is Schiit´s current flagship and that it would look formidable next to your Yggy of course.....but have you ever actually considered the Mjolnir 2?

    I bought it primarily for my Audeze because it has power galore (8W !....eeeeight thouuuusand milliwatt !) , driving every thirsty orthodynamic headphone in existence and making them show their full potential. And it also is fully balanced of course....But the best thing and my chief argument for you is: It´s a hybrid amp. The Ragnarok is not. The Rag is solid state only. The Mjolnir CAN be solid state, the LISST-"tubes" do a perfect job with that. But you could always go on with your tube-amp-love-affair and bring in some supreme Telefunken E88CCs, or some engaging Amperex PQ 6922s, or -who knows- maybe even the prestigious Siemens CCa or the famous ´75 Reflektor 6N23P silver shields and make your HD800 sing......in balanced mode, I shall underline...
    Sure, you have the Euforia already for tube-rolling, and honestly, I don´t even CARE for combining the HD800 with the Mjolnir 2 right now, since it sounds so marvellous with my Elise.... but IF you really must complement your gear with a solid state amp, the Mjo 2 would be a great(/the better?) choice, don´t you think? ....just saying...:sunglasses:

    Actually the only thing that´s holding me back to finally purchase those fine Sylvanias from Langrex, @angpsi et al. have already convinced me of, is that I haven´t decided which Mullard E88CCs I want to include in the order for my Mjolnir :grin:
    Edit: they have like 7 or 8 different ones over at Langrex :no_mouth:
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  12. UntilThen
    Ok Lobster you're a man after my own heart. We seem to connect in some ways, although I'm no German.

    If you had followed my earlier ramblings before I got Yggy, I was talking day and night about Gumby.... and I also fantasied about pairing it with Mjolnir 2. Yeah it's attributes as you have listed, is very nice ! As a desktop pair it is more suitable than King Kong and Shrek. Even my L shaped office desk space is chewed up now.... and I don't even have room now to reinstate the iMac 27".

    Yup Gumby and Mjolnir2 will drive HE6 with ease. King Kong and Shrek? That will do speakers and surround sound and more.... VMax?

    There might be a chance for Mjolnir 2 or Ragnorak. Depends on what I want to do with Elise 2. :)

    However seriously I have so many things to play with now... including the incoming gec 6as7g pair... anymore means I'll be awake 24/7 and my wife will snap me out of my dreams and back to reality.

    I joined Head-Fi on the 16th Jun 2015 - I think I am really going too fast. Time to sloooooooooow down.
  13. angpsi
    Damn you hit a sweet spot! If I were to have a record player this would be it, in fact I was researching it couple of months ago when I drifted to a "what if" route!... But then, I'd also be looking for a good phono stage, some room on my desk, and... oh, yes I have to buy some vinyls! At least I got my father's Keith Jarrett The Koln Concert to start with!:L3000:
  14. UntilThen
    Alright, human memory is pretty short lived. Mine especially. Now switching back to PC > Yggy > Euforia > HD800, it has the organic tones of vinyl, textured as can be, bass kick ass more than vinyl, and resolution to put high definition to shame.

    Ok.. Yggy's purchase is justified. It's performing like a ring leader, leading a bunch of copy cats. Man if you are debating on a DAC, just buy Yggy. Disclaimer - I have no shares in Schiit and at 61, I'm hardly a fan boy. I scrutinised everything I buy and they will get an honest John opinion - ruthlessly.
  15. angpsi
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