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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. pctazhp
    Quick update. I put one of CF's Amazon special power cords on Bimby last night and it is another nice improvement. I've been using one for a while on Euforia because it also upped Euforia's game :gs1000smile:
  2. mordy
    Hi CF,

    This is a quote from the website of Shiiiiiiiiiii:

    Did you say you have a 5-year warranty?
    Up to 5 years, yes. The specific warranty length is noted on each product page, and complete terms are available in the downloadable manuals.

    Who pays shipping if I need warranty service?
    You pay shipping to us, and we pay shipping back, unless no fault is found. In that case you pay shipping both ways.

    Wait a sec, what if I get something that's bad out of the box? You mean I have to ship it back?
    If you have a problem within 15 days of receiving the product, let us know and we'll do everything we can to swap it out for you quickly, at no cost to you. However, please note that for trans-shipped products, this will only cover shipping to the trans-shipper.
  3. mordy
    Hi Tunkejazz,

    Gratulerar pa den nya Euforia! The only thing missing is that little dot over the i - I mean the little white line on the volume knob! As everybody points out, it will continue to improve for another 50 hours+.
    If you have pairs of the 6SN7 tubes you may want to try them; even mixing single tubes works fine at times.
  4. connieflyer
    And it went. Got email from Schist this morning, gummy is on the way back and they are sending out exchange. Now that is what I call great service
  5. connieflyer
    They emailed a Fedex shipping label and on confirmation. From Fedex it shipped they will send out a new one. Nothing for me to complain about, service was great. Things happen,s that counts. They handled it fast and fair, much better and faster than Feliks Audio did. I have to give them high marks for this transaction. When my euforia arrived,damaged, took them a couple of days to respond and they said to ship it back to Poland and they would repair it. At my expense for shipping when it was there poor packaging that was at fault. So I said no I would repair it myself and they sent out parts took two weeks to get here so I would say Schiit
    did a great job and would recommend them and purchase again.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  6. connieflyer
    Okay, just got tracking number for my replacement gumby now this is how things are should work. This insures confidence in purchasing. I am amazed.
  7. UntilThen
    Very happy to hear that CF. Schiit not only produced excellent multibit DACs but their service is outstanding.

    In defence though, I have to say that Feliks Audio service have been more than outstanding, in my experience. I can recommend them highly too. Lukasz has always responded and is a great person to communicate with. So it might take a few days sometimes but as a small boutique manufacturer, that level of service is IMO outstanding. I know of several instances where they were willing to replace the unit without fuss. However I haven't heard of too many defects. Far and few in between in fact. Attention to details and QC is very good.

    Anyhoo, glad that you have a great outcome and are happy with Gumby's sound now. :) One thing's for sure. I won't be returning Yggy.
  8. whirlwind

    Very nice.
    Great sounding tubes too.
  9. UntilThen
    Use a CD player into your Bimby via coax and see Euforia's game set and match. :gs1000smile:

    CD player noise floor is totally none existent compared to PC. I can't hear any noise. I still use PC though because I can multitask, explore music in Tidal and when I don't really care about quality music and just listen to some Youtube.

    2 hookups to Yggy now. From CD player and PC. When Elise comes back, it will be hook up to 2 amps via rca analogue.
  10. angpsi
    How do they compare to the Mullard 6080?
  11. angpsi
    Well, this costs less $ on the second-hand market and it will play your SACD tracks too!

    More pics here: http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-SCD-1.html
  12. pctazhp
    It's kind of funny. Just the mention of a "CD player" now seems so 1990s or maybe even 1980s )))) I think I mentioned a while back that when I had my Theta 5 I also had Mike Moffat's CD player which was really a highly modified Pioneer Laserdisk player. It fed the Theta directly with AES/EBU. I think that was the summit for me. If I still had his CD player, I would order the Yiggy. But instead Gumby will probably be headed my way in less than 30 days.

    Of course, if I still had that CD player, I'd also still have my Vandersteen Fives, Jeff Rowland preamp, Basis 2500 turntable, Graham arm, Koetsu cartridge, John Curl designed balanced Parasound mono-blocks and tens of thousands of dollars worth of MIT cables (not to mention 2500 vinyl records including .....oh never mind - I start to get physically ill when I think of all the priceless records I unloaded), and I would never have even heard of HeadFi !!!!
  13. pctazhp
    Oh, and speaking of SACD, I forgot to mention the Marantz SACD player I used to have!!!!
  14. myphone
    I have Mullard 6080, GEC 6080, and 5998.

    GEC 6080 is somewhere between Mullard 6080, and 5998, closer to mullard than 5998.

    Mullard is the warmest and has least bandwidth, and 5998 has the highest resolution and widest bandwidth..

    With T1 and HD800, the combos I like: Mullard with Tungsol Mouse ears, GEC with Sylvania WGT, 5998 with 5692 or RCA smoke VT231.

    HPLobster and angpsi like this.
  15. myphone
    To my ears, 5998 /sylvania GTW is a bit too bright. Mullard 6080/sylvania GTW is a bit too warm.
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