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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. connieflyer
    Thanks UT just a case of trying to balance out how much the last two dacs are costing me as to whether I should keep this one or not. It does sound very good but it's not very far at all above the PS audio so do I keep it do I send it back lose 5% plus the shipping both ways hard to say right this minute not a good week to make up my mind. It wasn't for the leftover pizza I wouldn't even know what to have for dinner tonight!
  2. angpsi
    Yours already or buying it? We're talking about the Marantz CD63 MK II KI, right? Still fetches a good $350 as I see in HiFiShark! Talk about vintage parts!...
    What i did on my WA22 is use acrylic dollar store paint just apply to groove with a brush and wipe off excess paint its water based so cleans up nicely P1120571.JPG
  4. mordy
    Hi Mikelap,

  5. UntilThen
    I can't believe when my GEC 6080 with original boxes arrived. They are as NOS as can be. Logos intact and tubes are gleaming.

    For $160 a pair with free shipping it's a bargain.
  6. UntilThen
    Not mine. What I need is a good CD transport to pass the digital signals to Yggy. Listening to 'Hell Freezes Over' by the Eagles - JVC XRCD extended resolution CD. I've just discovered what a joy it is to listen to CDs again.

    Could be the GEC 6080 or I just had a bath or my discovery using a CD player into Yggy or Euforia singing with extended burn in or HD800 approaching full burn in. It's glorious this musical experience.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  7. connieflyer
    What connection input are you using for the cd player? If coax, that is part of it. When I had to move my gumby around to find a hum free zone for the little snowflake noticed that the coax connection on the back was a little loose, sent off email to Schiit for repair. The good thing is plugging and un plugging the jack a few times must have made a better connection to the board, as the gumby is singing like nothing else I have heard. I could not understand the praise it got, as to me in my system it was just a little better than my psaudio, was ready to return for refund. But after the coax made better connection, this unit sounds better than I have ever heard, on Euforia and Senn 800. Now I just hope they can fix it with out messing it up. Plus, I will be out more shipping charges for a problem that should have been found before it ever left the factory. Got by their quality control, not a good sign. Considered not sending it back but trying to make repair myself but decided against that for now. Now I understand why UT was so impressed with his Dac, it makes sense now.
  8. UntilThen
    Yes coax with my 19 years old high fidelity MIT Terminator 5 coax cable, bought when I bought all my home theatre gear back in 1998. :ksc75smile:

    I'm sold on CD now. :)

    Sounds cleaner, more coherent than playback from my nearly new PC. Understandably so as PC is not really a serious playback medium. It is a computer ! Yggy just remove any trace of digital glare and presents a very natural sound that is pleasing to the ears. This hybrid SACD EMI version of Dark Side Of The Moon sounds very good. Moving on to Dire Straits Brothers In Arms Remastered now.

    I have Sylvania 6sn7wgt and GEC 6080 in Euforia now. Big smile here. Impressions will come a few days later. I have to plough through my CDs first.


    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
  9. UntilThen
    Pictures of the GEC 6080. This has to be my best tube purchase in terms of price to performance ratio. Looks so new. I wonder when they were manufactured. @Oskari can you tell by looking at the code?
    SH Z ...


  10. Tunkejazz
    Euforia arrived yesterday :)
    First impressions are excellent, although I need some time to really compare with the sound from my project Ember.
    Bass response is truly impressive very well defined and I can only agree with others assessment regarding the upper end, I haven't managed to find a single track that made the sound harsh or overly bright. I think those are, a priori, the two outstanding sound features that have cough my attention.

    Very satisfied with the purchase!
  11. UntilThen
    At last we're back on topic with Euforia. :ksc75smile:

    Well done, you pick out Euforia's traits correctly but those are only 2. Nice picture by the way. 'Right by the window' is a good metaphor. From here on, it will be your window to musical discovery. Until tubes, dacs, headphones suck you in because you know that Euforia needs to be partnered with the best gear you can afford.
  12. Tunkejazz
    BTW, does anyone know the output impedance of Euforia?
  13. UntilThen
    ^ Elise is 45 ohms. Not sure about Euforia. Ask Lukasz. I think he is on holiday. Hasn't replied to my email for many days.
  14. connieflyer
    Good Morning Tunkejazz, glad you are enjoying the new amp. As it gets more hours on it will continue to improve. When you are ready to roll a few tubes you will see it shine even more. I really enjoyed my Ember as well, but this amp is way above it. I had Jeremy build mine he hand selected the best parts and it was quite good. I had serial number 0011 so was an early adopter. Did all the 9 pin tubes, and many of the 6sn7 tubes and one of my favorites was the dual Ken-Rad 7193. Take your time, get some time to burn in the amp and then decide where you want to go with tubes, (if any) and enjoy. 20150910_152756.jpg
  15. pctazhp
    I don't know Schiit's warranty policy but because you received a defective unit you should not have to pay shipping. Tell them if they won't pay shipping I'm going to sue them for you and seek punitive damages - namely a free Gumby for me. Actually, they should send you a new unit and after they fix yours sell it as B-stock (to me). In the meantime just don't breath while you are listening or anywhere near your system. If you do decide to fix it yourself we can discuss the brand and flavor of chewing gum you will use. Glad all seems to be working out for you with Gumby)))

    And @UntilThen, I (the humble person that I am) am the first person on any F-A thread to speak favorably of GEC6080 (well at least I think I am) and I encouraged you to buy that pair, so I'll accept your heartfelt thanks in advance.
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