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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. connieflyer
    Thank you, I will take it!
  2. BobG55
    :laughing: One of the best funny posts I've seen in a long time.
  3. UntilThen
    Don't encourage him. :sunglasses:
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  4. UntilThen
    My power cord finally arrived after 3 months. I've to contact the seller to reimburse him cos it's the right thing to do.

    Did it make my system sound better. You bet ! I can see electrons flowing freely now.... NOT.

    My setup is already sounding like Apollo 11. One small step for me but one giant leap for euphony. Any improvements made by the cord is attributable to the fancy pants cable. Look how chunky the connector is.

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  5. UntilThen
    Yggy is now 10 days 19 hours 22 minutes and 45 seconds old. It's a very rich, organic and sparkly tone now. It's relax and electrifying at the same time. Finally HD800 has met the right DAC and tube amp. I would never have imagine that HD800 can be so euphonic. I thought HD800 would be lean, analytical, clinical and ear piercing. Instead I get texture laden, bass throbbing and 3D inducing sonics. The very definition of a TOTL headphone. So much so, my memory of Focal Utopia has faded.

    The next thing to do is to get a replacement cable for HD800 and join the soup kitchen.
  6. whirlwind
    Ha ha....who doesn't like soup!
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  7. connieflyer
    Whirlwind has a custom cable maybe he can advise you on whether to get one or not. Stock cable runs about $300 US and is pretty good. Cost for new one has to be considered. I checked into the one he uses looks good, but I don't know if expense would cover improvement.
  8. connieflyer
    Anyone want a dog? Connor is driving me nuts this morning. I got the delivery email for the gumby saying sometime before 8p.m. so have to stick around today. Connor can hear a UPS or Fedx truck a block away and will bark once or twice. Now somehow he knows one is coming and about every half hour or so, he will bark once and of course with the headphones on I have to take them off and listen for a truck. I swear he is smiling way too much today.
  9. pctazhp
    Just burn some incense and take 1 or 2 runs through this and you'll be fine

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  10. connieflyer
    My second favorite song right behind Sain-Seans the Swan from the Carnival of the Animals.
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  11. hypnos1
    Am sure this won't be the last word pct, but for what it's worth, my own uber bliss comes via BNC coax connection from the Naim Uniti Core server (etc.) to my tube DAC (using pure silver wire, of course!!). I personally have always found coax to perform better than either optical or USB :beyersmile: And thankfully - wouldn't have even considered it otherwise! - the Hugo 2 also has coax in (the boss of Chord, as with he of Schiit, is not too enamoured of USB either lol! But these days, there do appear to be ways of greatly improving upon USB's lowly performance of yore, so all is not lost!! :ksc75smile:...).
  12. hypnos1
    Nice cable and connector, UT...all it needs now is purified electricity to work with LOL!!! :wink: :darthsmile:...(I know, I know....no more spending...but...!!!).
  13. connieflyer
    And by the way U T if you have any spare cash left I have a piece of property that most of the time it's above water that I'd love to sell to you!!!
  14. UntilThen
    Thanks H1. It sure does look and feel nice. Heavy too. For $22 it's not too shabby. I hope it's compliant. :)

    I agree that coax is possibly better than USB and optical. Too many Yggy's opinions on this. Likewise it's also the general consensus, that BNC and AES/EBU are better, with the latter being best for Yggy. However as you said, there are many ways to achieve this with varying cost. There's USB to coax converter like the HiFace 2 or Pct's route of using the ASUS card to get a direct coax feed or the best option using Lynx E22 that can have AES input to Yggy, or use the Auralic Aries streamer and feed Yggy with AES, or Uptone Audio > Singxer SU-1 > and you have your choice of any inputs to Yggy.

    I'm not jumping in too quickly (I have to buy CF's land in Michigan now) .... besides Schiit might have something up their sleeves to solve this at a more reasonable price.

    Last edited: May 30, 2017
  15. pctazhp
    Professor Pctazhp says USB and optical are inferior. Schiit's Gen 3 USB Yiggy input may place it ahead of optical. Of the three remaining choices the quality probably increases this way: SPDIF<BNC<AES/EBU. However, DDCs like SU-1 (which has an AES/EBU output) still start with USB, and may need something like Regen between PC and SU-1. In addition, apparent many people use an external power supply for SU-1, so that whole thing is pretty pricey. The professor says that when @UntilThen gets ready to address this issue, he should go with the Lynx PCI-e card because its AES/EBU output completely by-passes USB (similar to the way my ASUS card's SPDIF output by-passes USB). The professor understands UT's go-slow approach, but among his many specialized areas of audio study, the professor is well read in audio ethics and wants to make sure UT understands it is considered unethical for a Yiggy owner to use any input other than AES/EBU.

    PS. UT may want to check his computer to see if it has an old fashioned PCI card slot. Apparently the older Lynx PCI card's AES/EBU output performs equal to the newer cards, and if you can find one it's a lot cheaper. But today's computers may not have a PCI slot. In either case, UT should remember the Lynx card does require a dedicated cable, but does not require a separate Molex cable from the computer's power supply, like the ASUS card.

    I think I have finally figured out the reason I probably like the ASUS card. I have an ASUS monitor and every time I reboot I see a big ASUS on my screen. Plus I think I used to own an ASUS notebook.
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
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