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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. UntilThen
    1962...where were you.

  2. UntilThen
    Seriously Dan, aren't you changing the song? However I kind of like it too. :o2smile:

  3. UntilThen
    One more before the next shift takes over.

  4. pctazhp
    Wherever I was I was listening to the Cascades sing Rhythm of the Rain, which is one of my all time favorites AND preparing for the British invasion of the YOU-KNOW-WHO!!!

  5. connieflyer
    Oh yes September 1962 United States Navy boot camp how fun was that!!
  6. UntilThen
    I was 6 years old in 1962. :)
  7. connieflyer
    Thanks I needed that!
  8. UntilThen
    Let me refresh your memory of boot camp. :)

    Last edited: May 13, 2017
  9. UntilThen
    Of all the CCR songs, I've to choose this.... but I love the tune and the lyrics.

    Oskari likes this.
  10. Oskari
    I wasn't, and neither was Sissel. :yum:

  11. UntilThen
    You're too young. 1962 was JFK time. I see you love Sissel. So did I when I was in car audio. A competitor gave me a Sissel CD and I played this song when the judges sat in my car to listen. Needless to say I won the Rookie of the year award.... or my car did. :ksc75smile:

    I love her voice and when the drums and hi-hats kicks in.

    Last edited: May 13, 2017
  12. UntilThen
    Ok 1990 and you should be.... :ksc75smile:

    Guns & Roses before I do some backyard work

  13. Oskari
    Or perhaps you are a bit of a geezer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    I absolutely do, and I have our fellow posters in the Feliks threads to thank for. (Thanks!) I hadn't paid nearly enough attention to her.
  14. Oskari
    Well, yes. :L3000:

    Smells Like Teen Spirit
  15. mordy
    1962 - that was when my ATM best sounding driver tubes were made. The date code is K 2. Let's see if you can figure out which brand?

    Hint: To decipher the date code you need a knowledge of the alphabet and how to use your ten fingers and maybe two big toes. Then you have to know that this company teamed up with Philips in 1952 (OK, this is the giveaway) and that the logo changed in 1965. And that they ceased vacuum tube production in 1979. And that they changed the corporate name three times.

    OK Oskari - you know the answer; let's see if somebody else can figure it out lol........
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