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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. hypnos1
    Hi mordy...you're absolutely right that Euforia doesn't seem to need quite as long a burn-in as Elise - I personally was wowed within the first few minutes lol! But I myself have indeed noticed gradual, subtle changes (for the better!) well beyond 50 hrs... but as usual, I'm sure a certain amount also depends on the rest of the system...

    And spot on, with "more of everything"...no doubt about that!

    ps. For me - as with yourself - our latest tubes bring more to my particular table. But they are in effect, IMHO, different flavours...Euforia's signature remains pretty well similar. I know we're talking serious money here, but a bigger leap in this amp's performance has definitely been boosted by the Naim Uniti Core (via pure silver coax, not USB, out to the DAC)...please excuse my repetition, but the difference is that great lol! :grin:. Which if nothing else, just proves that this amp is capable of competing with some really serious kit, given upgraded associated gear...
  2. UntilThen
    Hi Pct, I commend you on your first impressions. While most will give a one liner, you've been very detail describing your first experience with Euforia. It's best to collect your thoughts at the beginning because as time goes on, you'll just settle in to a comfortable listening joy with music using Euforia and the rest of your system.

    On the subject of the rest of your system, I feel that Euforia deserves to have equally capable partnering source and headphone equipment. Get the synergy right and you will have a very nice sounding setup to enjoy to eternity.
  3. UntilThen
    Ah this is what I wrote for my first impressions, followed by a bunch of photos of Euforia. :)

    Seems like a long time ago but those thoughts still hold true.
  4. UntilThen
    On the continuing saga with wege-high-fidelity, this is ebay reply to me....

    As your trading partner does not want to refund you return shipping costs, you can report this matter to the police. My advice is to print out all the data concerning the transaction, such as the PayPal account number you wired the money to, the item description, as well as the item ID and the postal receipt. Both eBay and PayPal work closely with law enforcement agencies around the world and, whenever possible, we assist in investigations and prosecutions.

    They want me to press charges on the seller on my own. Incredible. As ebay admin, they have control on sellers. Recalcitrant sellers can be controlled. Simple as that.

    Let's just say that I've wasted $100 over the tube plus shipping both ways. I'll wash my hands over it. However it will leave a bad impressions on the seller and ebay.
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
  5. pctazhp
    I'm going to be watching to see if Schiit comes out with a DDC and/or new Bimby update. Will also be anxious to hear what you think if you get Gumby.

    At this point it's:

  6. UntilThen
    In the last 2 days, a NAD M51 and a Denafrips Ares appeared on the www.stereo.net.au classifieds, both with a asking price of aussie $700. The Ares was sold within a day.

    Tempted to try the M51 but I think it's time to try multibits. So I'm still inclined to go with Gumby and get a coaxial input to it.... or USB. :)

    Enjoy your Euforia, Burt !
  7. Oskari
    Here's the next episode on our Sissel channel.


    (If you can't handle this, do post something else!)
  8. connieflyer
    well here we go again, this stupid forum is not sending notifications again. When I log in to page i can see number of posts and also private messages at top. Tried going into pm's to reread or delete them so they don't show up each time and I have to check and see only to see same pm's from two years ago moved to the top. Can not delete any either.
    On other topic, checking on PSVane to see who they are and what they make, got this page hit, very interesting how they are described. Formerly Shugy.
  9. pctazhp
    Oh why do people place temptation in front of me I can't resist.

    This is a repeat but I don't think on this thread. Even if I've already posted it here, sue me :ksc75smile:
  10. connieflyer
    Please no more Sukiyaki heard that so many times when I was stationed in Japan it almost makes me up Chuck. LMAO
  11. pctazhp
    This site is Titanic and right now they are just rearranging the deck chairs.

    So which formerly-called-Shugy tube did we get with Euforia.
  12. connieflyer
    Hard to say if you're read that article that I linked to they refer to it as the cheap average to the comes with tube amplifiers. But it sounds pretty good. Looked at those special globe 6sn7 that they have the only $375 a pair but they look really wjkd
  13. pctazhp
    I'm going to take this final crack at discussing dance crazes of the '50s and this will be all on that subject. When I hooked up Euforia I left Jitterbug in the chain. This afternoon I briefly took it out. The grunge and garbage it had removed with Elise was back with Euforia. Nothing night and day, but noticeable. So for now it is part of my chain. My main point is to suggest that if you get Gumby I think you will benefit from a coax connection if you have some way to accomplish that. And this is why I'm hoping Schiit will come out with a DDC. If you decide to go straight USB you might want to consider trying Jitterbug. I now return you to our main program already in progress.

    Point of interest. This afternoon there was a post on the main Schiit site about a possible upgrade to Bimby. I responded and said I had heard something about that. Both posts were quickly deleted.
  14. pctazhp
    That is really noble of you to order a pair of the globes so you can let us all know if they are worth it :L3000:
  15. attmci
    UT, Sorry for your loss from E-B. They made $$ from those so called PowerSeller:

    "Sorry, you can't leave negative or neutral Feedback for this PowerSeller until 7 days after purchase.
    In the mean time, please contact the seller to try to work things out."

    The guy (desireme 1979) sold me a weak tube as NOS.
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
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