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Feliks-Audio EUFORIA - A Wolf in "Sheep's" Clothing...

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Jan 9, 2017.
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  1. Oskari

    Har en drøm
  2. UntilThen
    Pct my Euforia cannot stop time and history but it's rewriting them. :smile_phones:

    I can't remember what my first impressions were ....
  3. pctazhp
    Good one UT )) I won't try to top it with a retort that only I would think clever.

    I have written my initial impressions so I won't forget. But obviously I have a long way to go. Amp burn-in, but I don't remember if there is a recommended period. Then there's a number of tube combos I will want to try. Right now I running the Psvanes, which I'm not familiar with. I'll just say for now I really like it and am having a lot of fun listening.
  4. connieflyer
    Congratulations PCT on acquiring the newest headphone amp. I totally agree with your summation about it, and also see that it is head and shoulders above the Elise. I was having second thoughts about selling off the Elise, but after hearing the Euforia for the first time, I felt I had made the right decision in selling the Elise. The Euforia is much improved and well worth the additional expense. With the price increase it is still worth it especially considering the raised the price of the Elise, to a point where I don't think it is good value any longer. I too felt that there was something lacking in the Elise and that was one of the motivating forces that led to the upgrade, and upgrade it is. Even the new tubes, the PSVane are quite nice. The EL's are still my favorites, they have more "body" than the stock tubes. I think 50 hours burn in on the amp should get you a little more benefit. Best of luck. Glad it arrived without damage.
  5. connieflyer
    UT his picture is not sideways, that is what it looks like in his part of the country as he is on the curve of the planet!
  6. pctazhp
    Sitting, standing or hanging by my toes from the ceiling, it sounds amazing!!!

    Will be trying different tubes, but right now I feel like I don't want to change anything in fear of losing the magic. I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to come down from the ceiling for the obvious reasons of what one cannot do while hanging upside down.
  7. UntilThen
    Don't forget to change your signature. You are a different icon now.
  8. UntilThen
    No need to change. Those were the tubes I use at the Meet. It produces smoke on the water and fires in the sky. I'm referring to Psvane 6sn7 and GEC 6as7g.

    However I'm very satisfied with Tung Sol 6sn7gtb 1960s vintage and Bendix 6080wb now. Have not change tubes in Euforia for many days now.

    Also planning the next stage of my system upgrade while dealing with a retard ebay seller wege-high-fidelity - avoid this seller like the plague. Sold me a NOS tube - Telefunken EL12. It failed and died with no lights after 4 hours. Now he insist it's a failed filament. In which case there's no warranty. Also ask me to send the tube back to Germany for testing but now refused to pay for the return shipping. I reminded him that I bought several tubes from him in the past - a regular customer. He doesn't seem to care. Pure arrogance and rudeness in his reply. ebay will have to rule on this and they are going back and forth on this too. eBay admin even replied to me in German! What do they think? I'm a German?
  9. connieflyer
    Most definitely write a review on his eBay page that is the first thing I check when I'm looking for anything is the seller's reputation and read some of the comments if I find a couple that are questionable I just move on to somebody else. Especially the fact that you bought tubes from him previously oh well there's no accounting for some people good luck UT
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  10. pctazhp
    One of the best reasons not to change tubes is I love how the Psvane bottle tubes look with GEC6AS7G. Spent most the day at dentist and doctor (all routine) so I'm just starting my burn-in session for the day. Once I fire up Euforia so difficult to pull myself away from her I think it's going to be a very late evening.

    Curses, curses, curses on wege-high-fidelity (((((((((((((((((

    Edit PS. Thanks for the heads up on signature. Now up to date ))
  11. UntilThen
    Pct, signature looking good. This is very likely end game for most people.

    When I'm done with my changes it will look similar to yours. :)

    Don't worry about wege. He's not worth a 2nd thought.
  12. pctazhp
    I fell asleep last night at my desk listening to Euforia. That doesn’t happen often, but it has prompted me to post my early impressions of Euforia, because relaxation is much of what I experience the essence of Euforia to be. I’ll explain below. BTW the song I was listening to when I fell asleep was the Carpenter’s “Sometimes” which is a wonderful beddy-bye recording of piano and vocal.

    First, I would say overall that if Bimby-Jitterbug-Euroria-HD800S were the first upper-end headphone system I had ever heard I might not be as impressed as I am. I might conclude that this is exactly how I would expect an upper-end system to sound. I would have no idea of how difficult it must have been for FA to achieve what it has with Euforia. Everything just sounds so right.

    I am struck with the soundstage. I could try to use terms like expansive, focus and layering, but that wouldn’t adequately describe what I’m experiencing. While Elise did have good qualities of expansiveness, focus and layering, something just wasn’t totally right although I didn’t realize it pre-Euforia. With Euforia everything seems to have been pulled together and solidified in a way that makes it sound like a real soundstage, or even more appropriate it FEELS like a real soundstage or venue. Like Elise it is three dimensional, but beyond that instruments and vocals are also three dimensional, and they all unite in a coherent fashion to sound as if they all occupy the same venue in a convincing manner. It’s almost as if the soundstage of Elise causes a little dizziness, whereas Euforia permits relaxation and does not strain the brain to keep everything together and in focus.

    In fact, the word “relaxed” is key to my initial impression of Euforia. And by relaxed, I don’t mean laid back or something like that. In fact, Euforia is quite dynamic and impactful. Rather, I mean that I can relax and not have to consciously or unconsciously exert any effort to experience what I’m hearing as natural and organic. Lack of fatigue with long term listening is one of Euforia's stunning qualities. With Euforia there is a total absence of strain with dynamic passages. It simply does not run out of steam when significant demands are placed on it. Euforia seems not to know the meaning of strain.

    For me, Euforia’s tonal balance (at least with Psvanes/GECs) is perfect. It handles the entire frequency range with aplomb and neither emphasizes nor de-emphasizes any portion of the FR. Bass through the HD800S is outstanding. It is tight, deep and strong, but not intrusive on the rest of the frequency range. In fact, I don't ever remember the sensation of hearing bass notes defined and distinct as they are with Euforia. It is so easy to listen to Euforia that it quickly pulls me into the music without my even being conscious of how quickly I have become totally engaged.

    I realize that I’ve made comparisons to Elise that seem critical of our old friend. We all know that Elise is special in its own right. But it would be unrealistic to expect that with the effort FA has put into developing Euforia for there to be no improvements.

    If I had to liken my current headphone system with Euforia to speakers I either owned or heard back in my audiophile days, I would liken it to my Soundlab electrostatics. Perhaps that is because Euforia’s attack and decay is so fast. But I’m not sure, because those are qualities I’ve never been able to specifically identify. I just know that I love what I’m now hearing and always loved electrostatics in the past. I haven’t heard the Stax 009s, but I feel confident that my current setup is my endgame. It is the sum of choices I have made since getting into high-end headphones. Had I made any major different decisions along my journey that started over a year and a half ago, I might have arrived at a different endgame. But I don’t at all believe that such an alt-endgame would be bringing me any more musical enjoyment. I am very happy and excited))))

    BTW, I don’t want to leave the impression that GE6AS7G is my favorite power tube. It simply is the only one I have tried so far with Euforia. I chose to start with it because I remember you liked it with the Psvanes and HD800 at the meet you recently attended.

    I probably have at most 20 hours of burn-in time and a number of tube combos to try in the future. I don’t want to start experimenting with different tubes for a while because I want to try to keep track of changes, if any, that will occur with further amp burn-in, and I’m too busy enjoying listening to the current setup.
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  13. pctazhp
    I like to say just a little more about Euforia midrange particularly with respect to vocals. Voices have "body" and "flesh". Very natural sounding. Euforia also provides impressive detail that brings out very subtle nuances.

    With respect to treble, in the past when I experienced treble I liked I would say it "sparkled". While Euforia's treble may be described as "sparkle" I feel that term implies some degree of electronic artifact not present with Euforia. I think a better description for Euforia treble is airy, natural and effortless.

    I also want to say special thanks to @hypnos1 for guidance he has given all of us on Euforia. Without him, I would not now own one.

    I know participation on the FA threads has dropped considerably for whatever reason. But at least I have said what I wanted. I won't post further impressions unless burn-in or different tubes produce a significantly improved experience for me.
  14. mordy
    Hi pct,

    Glad you are enjoying the Euforia. In the past Lukasz recommended 150 hours burn in for the Elise. I am just enjoying the Euforia and did not keep track on the hours during burn in, but it is possible that it requires fewer hours than the Elise for whatever reason.

    The Euforia has more of everything.....
  15. hypnos1
    Hi pct.

    Firstly, may I say thanks for your thanks - it cheers me up no end to hear that I haven't led folks into a poor investment of their hard-earned cash lol!
    After others' glowing reports, your own early impressions really are the icing on the cake - they summarise perfectly what F-A (or, specifically, Pop Henryk) have achieved with this amp. It truly is a totally different amp to Elise, despite outward appearance! I can now fully understand why they chose NOT to call it 'Elise MK2' etc. - a sensible decision in the end IMHO (despite my early misgivings!!).

    I - and everyone else, no doubt - can relate perfectly to your own particular 'gut-feeling-type' reactions to Euforia's sound presentation, and which convey much more than an endless string of more 'audiophile' terms...(even though I know you are more capable than most of us to actually assail us with same lol!! :wink:). Everything just seems so 'right', and I personally cannot find any real chinks in the armour, and have no desire whatsoever to even look at the competition...(not that I believe there's anything to match it anywhere near the price anyway!).

    And it also pleases me to know you will be even more impressed, with a good few more hours on her...(as with Elise, things do continue to improve even beyond the 50 hour mark! :grinning:...).

    So I wish you - and all other new owners of this wonderful amp - continued enjoyment for many, many hours to come...and often at the expense of much-needed sleep, no doubt!!

    ps. At the end of your main post, I think you meant GEC 6AS7G, as opposed to GE?...CHEERS!...CJ
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