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Feliks Audio Elise Tube Rolling Guide 6SN7/6AS7G/6080/5998

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by renderman, May 6, 2015.
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  1. Shaffer
    I wonder whether all Raytheon Registered tubes were made in Japan. Seems like they were.

    A NOS TS 5V4G arrived today. Rolled it along with a pair of RCA 6CY7 into the Woo; it sounded like schiit. Replaced the RCAs with Raytheon/GE 6CY7 and the difference in SQ is night and day, but still not there yet. The bottom end could use some work. TS 6CY7s are next. It's as if every time I get a new rectifier the same rolling song and dance has to be done in order to find a suitable match. Sure, it's all a part of the fun, but not being able to form a strong correlation even between the same type of tube and accompanying rectifier is driving me up a wall.

    Also got a single NOS Chatham 6080 for the DV. Couldn't refuse it for $9 shipped. It's burning in ATM and sounding a bit bright - an accomplishment in itself for this amplifier. It should mellow out in a day or two.

    Edit: Speaking of the low-end, I'd love to know how Lucasz got the Elise to dip as deep as it does with as much definition. I'm playing a Minimal Techno recording with bass extension of the godz; it's all there with the Elise. The Woo, not so much. Same goes for the DV - they both have about the same frequency-based constraint. The bass doesn't dip too deeply into the bottom octave, if at all. The DV has gobs of bass with a significant sense of weight. Not the Woo, though I'm beginning to think that it has a slight edge in articulation.
  2. Renderman
    I've heard a few Japanese tubes, including a 6SN7, I'll make sure it gets to you so you can try it out.
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  3. Shaffer
    Anyone like Amanda Palmer? I'm listening to this right now:

    http://amandapalmer.bandcamp.com/album/amanda-palmer-goes-down-under (make sure to opt for the FLAC file)

    A very nice recording. I mention this, as the Brimar 5Z4GY is finally sounding good. It's paired with a newly arrived RCA 6DR7. '70s production. There's bass. I'm shocked. This recording, in particular, tens to showcase the tube's strengths - sweet, clear, detailed midrange and its resolution of spacial relationships. The record sounds even better with the Elise, and would likely do the same with a Glenn.
  4. hpamdr
    I will try to get a pair of ECC31 or NR73 next month, does some of you guys can advise me.
    Does NR73  and the one labelled ECC31 sound the same  ?
  5. gibosi
    NR = Navy Receiving tube. So NR73 was the Royal Navy's designation for the ECC31. They are exactly the same tube. Slowly, the Army, Navy and Air Force numbering systems were replaced by the Common Valve (CV) system in the early to mid 1940's. The CV nomenclature for the ECC31 was CV1285. So when looking for the ECC31, I suggest that you also search for NR73 and CV1285.
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  6. Shaffer
    Turns out that my daughter's male friend - they're 16 - is into headphones. I had her invite him in. The kid's eyes popped when he saw the entire setup. Naturally, all the tube amps were lit with the brightest bottles. lol

    Talking to him about the amps, as he was terribly curious, I mentioned how good tubes can be had for relatively little money. This was one of his concerns. I explained relabeling and showed him a pair of tubes that were really Sylvania 6SN7GT, but were labeled differently, and were just sitting there priced very low. After he left, it occurred to me that I'm an idiot for not buying them, so clicked on the big, blue button. We'll see how they work out.
  7. Renderman
    Interesting! I think this might be related to the output filtering of the DV, using a higher capacitor value there will probably allow the DV to go somewhat lower.
    I'm interested in which minimal techno song you played. Would be nice to have something like that for 'testing purposes' [​IMG]
  8. Shaffer

    Hmm...that's an interesting thought. I have a feeling that it'll sound like a different amp once the mods are completed.

    Brother Blue's "Gradual Brightening." The low-end really starts pumping after the 4:30 mark. It's from an album equally as good and that can be downloaded for free as a FLAC file:


    If you like this, I can point you to a lot more.


    A pair of Sylvania 6SN7GTA that were literally found late last night in my tube box. IIRC, I bought one a while back for the DV and inherited the other in a trade. Never bothered to look at them 'till yesterday. Silly. Turns out they make a pair. Played them in the Elise for a while with Sylvania 6080WB, which I've been running for the bulk of the week. They sound heavy: powerful, weighty low-end, fleshed-out lower-mids, sweet presence region, and non-fatiguing highs. A relative lack of transparency next to a 7N7, but a bigger fun factor. Like a DT990pro compared to K702. I own and love both, but use the much more transparent K702 the most. FWIW, in the long run I always revert to transparency and sins of omission (rather than sins of commission) as the primary determinates of aural goodness.
  9. gibosi
    Regarding the pics of Japanese tubes on the previous page, I am now inclined to think that the Raytheons with the gray plates might well be Toshiba, and not Hitachi:
    And the 5694 adapter arrived in this morning's mail and I am happy to report that the tube lights up and plays. But as it's running with my burn-kit and cheap headphones, can't say anything yet about how it sounds.
  10. Renderman
    Thanks for the link Shaff! I will most definitely listen to that album, Took a sneak peek at the Green Cloud... I like this kind of music too. Instrumental tracks like this help me relax and allows room for thought [​IMG]
    Got a pair of Sylvania 6SN7GTAs myself, will give them another listen! Currently using a pair of nice Mullard ECC31s and Philips 6080WAs (I keep coming back to them) as powers. Not a bad combination at all!
    BTW, you told us one of your Nanjing tubes blew up on you... do you still have the other?
  11. Shaffer
    Yea, I still have the other Nanjing. Use it in the DV. Not as much as the other tubes, as I mostly save it for special occasions when a light show is a planned for the evening. Sometimes I pop it in just for the fun of it. Sonically, it's a better fit for the Elise.

    ATM, the Elise is shod with the aforementioned 6SN7GTA and the stock Russian bottles. Not the same resolution as usual, though the difference isn't night and day. More like a moonlit night and dusk. The sound is quite engaging, overall. More tone than detail.

    Just ordered 6SN7 adapters for the Woo. I know I said that I wanted to stay with stock-fit tubes, and still do. It's just that all - but one pair - of stock-fit bottles buzz to varying degrees. I'm hoping an octal can cure that. Having thought about it, I decided to give it one last shot, as I'd always wonder if it would have helped. The cost was very reasonable. If this doesn't eliminate the buzz, I'll go back to stock-fit and not use the amplifier at night or with low-level material. This isn't what I had in mind; the opposite in fact.
  12. Oskari
    I'm inclined to agree. [​IMG]
    Looks beautiful.
  13. Shaffer

    Oskari, I have a Japanese tube that's solely marked with the tube type, Japan, and L4. Does the L4 mean anything to you? The tube is a 6GU7. Grey 4-hole plates - 2 rectangular holes on each side of the plate. TIA

    Edit: pic
  14. Oskari
    Based on http://www.geocities.jp/radiomann/HomePageVT/TV_GPTT.html, Hitachi seems like a pretty good guess. Does the photo there match your tube?
  15. Shaffer
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