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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. filip sebastian
    Ok,thank you for the answers.
    I'm not yetdetermined. T1 + Elise=love,but HD800 ? I'm thinking of giving up T1 and keeping HD800.
  2. hypnos1
    Yo filip...different flavours indeed. But I - and others - have found the HD800 (and S version) to also pair extremely well with both Elise and Euforia.
    Of course, the only real way to be sure is try out the combo first...if at all possible lol!! :)...GOOD LUCK!...CJ
  3. chimney189
    I was interested in purchasing one of these, especially after reading that they were $699. Then I found out that they increased their price by nearly double. What?!
  4. DecentLevi
    Initially the Elise was basically 'given away' at 'steal' prices, then company started finally charging what it's worth so they can recoup some of their profits. It punches above its price point, but especially their Euforia which is its' successor. And now there is a v2 of both Feliks audio Elise and Euforia, with a v3 of Euforia on the way called "anniversary edition". There's also another tube amp better value for even lower cost if you want to send me a PM for details.
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  5. filip sebastian
    Hello, I will be getting a Felix Audio Elise soon and I would like to know something. Is the device turned on and left to be heated with headphones connected or without headphones connected?
  6. hypnos1
    Hi fs...and welcome to the F-A community (well, communities actually lol!). Most Elise action is now on the 'Impressions' thread : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/feliks-audio-elise-impressions-thread-–-a-new-start-please-read-first-post-for-summary.813488/page-752#post-15254266

    But in answer to your question, there are in fact two answers!
    First, whenever switching on a tube amp especially, the usual advice is to have the headphones disconnected, then reconnect once the amp has fired up. This is just in case a tube is - or is becoming - bad, which can sometimes have it 'arcing' and blow. The amp's internal protection circuitry should be able to cope (in most instances), but such a surge can easily damage sensitive headphone drivers!

    Second is to do with 'burning in'...the need for both the amp and tubes to be running quite a long time so as to 'burn in' all the components, including wires, before they perform at their best. In fact, the early days for some tubes can have them not sounding very good at all lol!...and the gradual improvement over time can sometimes be quite spectacular/unbelievable, hence the definite need for patience in this hobby of ours! :wink: And I personally recommend about 5hr play sessions, followed by about an hour cooling down periods for such burning in...at normal volume levels with headphones connected. And on average, many tubes will continue to improve over 50 to 100 hrs...some needing even longer than that before at their best!

    I hope you receive your own Elise soon, and wish you many happy hours' enjoyment from her. The helpful guys over at the thread I linked will surely assist with any queries you might have...

    Best, CJ
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  7. filip sebastian
    Thanks for the answer, it seems that the recommended method is to turn on / off the amplifier with the headphones connected.
  8. hypnos1
    Hi again fs. Sorry to contradict LW, but in all the years I've been scouring info from many different sources, the safest option has always ended up being to have the hps disconnected when turning the amp on especially, as the surge at startup can be the most likely time for a bad tube to blow...if one is extremely unlucky! :triportsad: Having said that, I myself had my headphones connected permanently (internally!) to the amp for a very long time, and count myself lucky I didn't have such a catastrophic tube failure lol! :wink:

    And so I suppose at the end of the day, "you pays your money and takes your choice" lol!!! :ksc75smile:...CHEERS!...CJ
  9. LoryWiv
    I think there are pro's and con's depending upon your prioritiees. If primary concern is protecting the headphones, I agree fully with @hypnos1 (it's usually good policy to agree, I'd have to live a long time to be as knowledgeable as him). However, from the perspective of the amp., turning it on without headphones connected results in an open circuit, which some feel is deleterious to a tube amp (perhaps less so with OTL like Elise than those with output transformers). There is more discussion here and it acknowledges both points of view.
  10. hypnos1
    Hi LW...consider myself still very much at the learning stage in this hobby of ours...as I suspect anyone is truth be told, even after many years lol! :wink:

    Thanks for your own input on this...interesting comment from WA re. keeping the headphones attached at switch on. I know it's not a good idea to keep the amp running for a long time without cans attached, but he does agree a very short period won't cause any damage...in our OTLs especially. However, even though the likelihood of a catastrophic tube blow at startup is rare, it can and does still happen lol!! So on balance therefore, having them attached is the greater risk for the headphones, given nil otherwise...:smile_phones:...especially if one has super expensive ones!! :astonished:

    But then, another consideration is the constant wear on the internal headphone socket with all the plugging/unplugging...so, not a straightforward decision, unless one is really paranoid about tube shorting/arcing (which is actually rather scary when it does happen lol :triportsad:).
  11. filip sebastian
    Finally i got Elise,the headphones are T1 first gen.(serial no.1512) and HD800.

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  12. LoryWiv
  13. filip sebastian
    Thank you LoryWiv. Elise is a pleasant surprise, the amplifier sounds great. As a former owner of WooAudio Wa6 I can say that Elise is superior from all points of view. With T1 it's amazing, for the first time I listen to these headphones to their true potential. On the other hand, I do not think it is a good amplifier for the HD800, although many see that it praises this combination. The problem is that Elise creates an unrealistic scene with the HD800, for example listening to vocal jazz, Diana Krall, the piano is in front and the voice is somewhere far behind. The same is true of the tools in the background. I do not recommend HD800 / S for Elise, except with a dac / cd-player with a '' everything in front '' presentation mode. But as I said before, with T1 it is incredible, scene is 3D, every instrument easy to follow.
  14. Acapella11
    Hi Filip,

    Glad you are enjoying the Elise. To add to this topic: I don’t own the Elise but an HD800 and I listened to the Elise at Hypnos1 a couple of times and compared T1 and HD800. I can’t recollect a stage placing issue with the Elise/HD800 pairing but I remember preferring the T1/Elise combo over the HD800/Elise pairing, too. I think my impression was that the stage generated by the T1 was very large, greater than for the HD800 and the Elise rendered not a huge stage. The T1 just expanded the stage nicely and the tubes also conditioned the T1 treble well, which could be hot at times. The HD800 treble felt smoother and there the Elise “over-mellowed” just a little bit, for my taste.

    Overall, I agree with your point of view Filip, even though it is all a matter of taste and for some the combination with HD800 may just highlight features they appreciate.
  15. filip sebastian
    It's not a bad HD 800 sound, but the scene is not natural. The voices are diffused, difficult to identify exactly where they come from, and everything in the background is too far. On the other hand T1 seems completely different headphones, I can not believe what scene they have and how accurate each instrument is heard separately. I repeat, the HD800 does not sound tonal, but the scene, the voices seem artificial. In general, HD800s are demanding for lamp amplifiers, it is easier to get good results with solid state amplifiers. In my case, the Burson Conductor V2 + is excellent. T1 on the other hand are demanding for solid state amplifiers, but they are very well matched with those on lamps, even with the budget ones. Personally, on any solid state amplifier I tried the T1 I was disappointed with the result, on WA6 they sounded good, but unfortunately the amplifier did not have enough power. Elise finally T1 sounds to their true value and I can say that they are headphones with nothing more than HD800.
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