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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. DecentLevi
    No problemo, here's a refresher: the 6J5 adapter is essentially to convert one dual triode tube (mainly 6SN7) into two single triode tubes; hence two 6J5 are compatible with it but not 6SN7 which is dual triode. On the 6BL7  to 6AS7 adapter under it which houses the dual 6J5 adapter one on socket, either a single 6BL7 or a 6SN7 is compatible on its' other slot. I have tried a 6SN7 + dual 6J5's originally and something sounded thin / off kilter IIRC.
    However this brings me to my next best setup which is 6BL7 + 6SN7 as powers, and 6SN7 drivers (dual powers and single drivers), which was covered a while back. This setup is snappy, focused and tightly articulated making it more suitable for electronic music and the likes of synth-heavy pop.
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  2. Spork67
    A lot of you  like the Mullard 6080 tubes.
    Is there any love for the Phillips 6080 WC?
    Are they compatible with Elise?
  3. HOWIE13
    Got you- cheers.[​IMG]
    I'll try that.
  4. HOWIE13
    Yes they are compatible and they sound very nice. A bit smoother than T-S 6080 but with the same capacious sound stage and good sweet detail. They are not as detailed as the Mullards, but have a slightly wider sound-stage to my ears. Actually all three are very good in Elise. They run hot so don't burn yourself touching the metal bass when you remove them, as I did.
    I read that Philips had taken over the Sylvania plant when these were made and they are probably similar to Sylvania tubes.
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  5. HOWIE13
    I tried your recent suggestions out using EL3N's and then Sylvania 6SN7WGT as drivers.
    Retaining the 6BL7's, firstly substituted the twin 6J5's for GE 6SN7GTA's and sounded very good-solid and more weighty sound compared to the twin 6J5's but not as airy and slightly narrower sound-stage, though still relatively wide.
    Next I substituted the GE's with RCA 6F8G's, like Frankenstein lurking in a Christmas tree [​IMG], and there was more treble which surprised me, and I thought sounded a bit thin-so not a good choice in my system as set up at present. It does work though if you like lots of treble, and it sounds happy.
    Then I tried the original Christmas tree set-up substituting one of the Visseaux coke bottle 6J5's with a straight bottle RCA 6J5. This was a lot warmer than with the Visseaux 6J5 and very pleasant though not as detailed or dynamic.
    I can see it's possible to readily change the character, maybe call it species, of the Christmas Tree by changing one of the 6J5's. I remember the RCA's were warm tubes when I tried them in Ember many moons ago..
  6. pctazhp
    Now I know why I started the other thread!!! Just kidding)))) Very impressive looking but it kind of gives me vertigo [​IMG]
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  7. UntilThen
    Inspiration from this? 
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  8. UntilThen
    Guys you realize you're going to destroy your Elise piling adapters that way ? Don't believe it? Just keep doing that. I'm sure I'll hear of a damage amp pretty soon.
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  9. Suuup
    Agree with this. Didn't DL already break his?
  10. HOWIE13
    He did have a problem but I don't think it was related to his tubes-but no doubt he may supply the details.
  11. HOWIE13
    Maybe I'm okay with it because I close my eyes when listening, (it's true I do- no kidding).[​IMG]
  12. HOWIE13
    Looks like could be Scotland anyway. [​IMG]
  13. HOWIE13
    I roll tubes so often that no sooner is the Christmas tree planted it gets taken down for another set of tubes.
    It sounds very good though, as good as 5998's, even bigger sound-stage. Maybe I'll be able to compare with one of those GEC's one day..
  14. pctazhp
    I really don't have a kangaroo in this race. I don't know if using stacked adapters is dangerous or not. And I don't personally care if people want to figure out how to adapt strings of Christmas tree lights to the Elise sockets and drape them on real or artificial Christmas trees. I do think it is a good idea to keep discussion of the two approaches (which seems not necessarily mutually exclusive for those who do use stacked adapters) in separate threads. Which is why I started the other thread.
    Having said that, it is my understanding that, with full disclosure of what @DecentLevi had done, FA voluntarily agreed to replace his Elise. I have no idea whether he or FA really know what caused the failure.But I guess DL can speak for himself.
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  15. HOWIE13
    Absolutely fair and correct, which is why I posted the Christmas tree on this thread and my 6 pack on the new thread as there has been recent positive discussion about it over there.
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