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Feliks-Audio ELISE...New thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hypnos1, Oct 1, 2015.
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  1. UntilThen

    Louis, come to this thread. Most of us are there. It's the one tube per socket thread. [​IMG]
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  2. JazzVinyl

    Your $2700.00 figure is incorrect.

    I know, I know...facts don't matter.

  3. UntilThen

    Aussie dollars. It's just been discounted but the owner told me he paid $2700.
    Check out this site. My facts are never wrong.
  4. DecentLevi
    Noticed some of you mentioning 6 EL3N tube combos on the single tube thread (and you managed to evade penalty, LOL [​IMG])
    Speaking of multi-tube combos, I would be very interested in a comparison of the 'Christmas Tree' combo to the best setups using the 'real' 6 tube adapter; the externally heated one. I guess nobody as of yet has compared these two setups - they may be somewhat duplicatory as these are both so similar, but that would be great is someone could ever do a comparison to see if either sounds better than the other.
    PS - I'm still the only one with a true Christmas Tree setup, because the original & best combo of this is actually with dual 6J5's being one straight-form and one 'Coke bottle' tube intermixed per channel along with the 6BL7 on each channel
  5. HOWIE13
    What straight bottle 6J5 are you recommending as best synergy here? I don't know if I actually have any - maybe somewhere in the depths of a cupboard I think I may have one or two Russian ones ? Pinnacle.  
  6. richard89
    Should I be worried about 6080WA tubes getting too hot? It seems the hotness of the metal base is affecting the Elise sensitivity. When I tap the base table where the Elise is sitting it makes a clanking noise in the headphones. It seems this could be a problem in the long run. I saw that socket savers should be used to prevent it getting too hot -- should I use these as well? 
  7. mordy
    Hi r89,
    The 6080's run hot. Such a simple thing as a socket saver will act as an insulator and will make the amp considerably cooler. I use very inexpensive socket savers - around $3 each or less including shipping. In addition, the socket savers do just that - save the amp sockets from wear and tear.
    Ordered from this seller. Presently not offering 4 x octal socket saver, but if you contact them I am sure that they will make a listing.
    The quality is not top quality, but they do the job and are well worth the price.
  8. UntilThen
    Hi @richard89  how's Faye Wong? :) I've been listening a bit of Evon Low. Ever heard of her? :)
    The 6080 are as mordy says - hot but I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's endorsed by Feliks Audio.
    Use it with or without adapters. Adapters will keep it cooler. I've both the black bakelite and gold ones.
  9. richard89
    Thanks mordy
    Hi UT, I haven't listened to her in a while, and have been listening to Andy Lau these past recent days, switching out the 5998's, 6080's, and 7236's with the EL3N's as drivers, it's a pretty great experience so far. I've never heard of Evon Low before but I'm glad you mentioned her, cause I like her!
    I'm just a little worried about how it gets the Elise sensitive UT -- because a light tap will send a noise ringing into the headphones, even if I tap the table I can hear it coming into the headphones.
    That being said -- now that I've got most of the drivers for Elise, can you guys recommend to me any drivers beside the EL3N without getting too expensive or needing to use adapters? I'm perfectly content with what I have, but I would like to explore! 
    Thanks guys
  10. UntilThen
    Don't rely on me to recommend anymore of those canto songs. I don't know anything about those. Stumbled on Evon by chance. :)
    Drivers without adapter, cheap and good? 6SN7. :) Price varies here. 
    I'll list a few cheaper ones yet still sounding good.
    Tung Sol 6SN7gt mouse ears.
    Sylvania 6SN7wgt with brown base.
    Sylvania 6SN7gtb chrome top.
    If you can spend a bit more, perhaps a pair of Ken Rad 6SN7gt VT231 black glass.
    7N7 are very nice too and cheaper but will require adapters.
  11. richard89
    Thanks UT, I'll do some more research in the thread when I get the chance to, too.
  12. DecentLevi
    My original (and current) 'Christmas Tree' setup that I found to have the best synergy included a Visseaux 6J5 (Coke bottle shaped) with a Selectron rebranded RCA 6J5 (straight form) on each side. I found four of the coke bottle 6J5's too lush / tubey, but this blend more sweet / organic. Sylvania 6J5's with the Visseaux sounded nearly identical but not quite the synergy as the Visseaux with RCA "Selectron"
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  13. HOWIE13
    The noise when you tap the table is likely due to microphony in the tube and not to do with Elise becoming more sensitive due to heating up. It could be from a driver or power tube. Having said that socket savers are still good if you want to keep things cooler.
    My 6080's and 7236's are prone to 'ring' when you tap them or tap Elise.  During normal play this doesn't affect the sound quality or damage the amp, though I have one or two tubes that can even pick up the sound of me touching the vol knob. It's not an Elise issue as they are the same in other amps too.
    I find the smaller tubes like 6DJ8 and 6SN7 less prone to this ringing microphony than 6AS7 and C3g tubes, and if it's actually audible while listening, when you are not touching any part of your equipment,  you may have to change the offending tube.
    Also, certain combinations of tubes and headphones will pick up this sound to a different degree, so some people won't be as affected as others by a microphonic tube. 
    Finally, increasing microphony in a tube that didn't previously suffer microphony can be a sign the tube is beginning to fail.
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  14. HOWIE13
    If you have any 6DJ8/ECC88 tubes in your collection I find they sound very good as drivers in Elise. Not the vast sound-stage of the more commonly recommended tubes, but lots of sweet inner detail. Depends, as ever, on the tube as well.
    Blissfully, they are also rarely microphonic. [​IMG]
  15. HOWIE13
    Thanks for that helpful info, will try and find my Pinnacles.  Do I remember correctly, did you also try a 6J5 combined with a 6SN7 on the same adapter at one time? Did that work out or is it better to stick to two 6J5's, whatever their shape and size?
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