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Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
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  1. hypnos1
    Wow OH...a very nice collection of tubes indeed you've been lucky enough to bag! :L3000: Many happy hours of comparative listening ahead methinks!

    Those CV2523s would certainly be GECs...all this family, including Marconi/MOV/Osram and some also with other different brand labels, appear to sound the same. But some do believe the curved bottom Osram to be very slightly better, but I myself never noticed any real difference lol. ENJOY!!

    ps. It is indeed a wonderfully clean, clear, detailed tube but yes, a bit light in the bass arena...my favourite power tube, before discovering the joys of the EL12 Spezial, and even more so the EL38...all eclipsed by the EL39 (especially in combination with the 'special' Mazda/Dario EL38 I've raved about on the Euforia thread! :wink:)...CHEERS!...CJ
  2. OctavianH
    I think these are GEC but however, I observed a small difference in construction which I highlighted here:

    In the left side there is my pair, in the right side a picture from a GEC 6AS7G A1834 CV2523 taken from the internet.
  3. hypnos1
    No worries OH...most of my GEC/Osrams have your 'halo' getters...they are definitely the 'real deal'. There are some tubes that have "Made in England" printed on them, and are sometimes posted on fleabay in the hope some poor soul might mistake them for GECs, but are in fact Russian tubes - the (main) giveaway being they have inverted pan ('flying saucer') shaped getters.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  4. LoryWiv
    Wondering if anyone has experience with Northern Electric 6SN7 as drivers for Elise, as compared to other new production tubes costing around the same like Psvane CV181-Tii.
  5. chrisdrop

    I am considering the Elise as my 1st tube amp. I have some (and will have some more) ZMF headphones and they are most often recommended with tube setups. I am keen to get a tube amp, which I bet I will like, and I don't want to just mess about with lower-fi options and just be disappointed. Maybe that is the wrong-way-round, not sure. Not sure how far "up" is a good start.

    A few questions for this thread:
    1. Elise vs the Euphoria? Not sure how big the difference is between the 2.
    2. If I were to get the Elise with no tubes, how much could I expect to spend to get either 'middle class' or 'emperor level' tubes? This thread seems exceptionally full of tube recommendations for this amp.
    3. Hit rate and stickiness on tubes. Perhaps this is not so Elise specific.. I imagine it will take some searching to get "the ones" (or a few sets of "the ones for xxx"). Should I expect to go through 1,3,10, .. sets of tubes to land in a happy place?
    4. Any things you don't like about the Elise?
    Thanks in advance for the hand holding!

  6. OctavianH
    All your questions are very subjective and honestly I do not know the answer, because only you will know. But I'll tell you a few things.

    1) All Euforia owners consider Euforia a much better amp than Elise. I will say only that it has better internals, it is silver wired while Elise is copper wired and it is 40% more expensive. Now, you know if you prefer the silver sound or the copper one. It depends on the genre, and also on the synergy with DAC or headphones. Here the best answer will be provided by the users who own both amps. And there are a few but they are usually found on the Euforia thread.
    2) I would say there are no middle class or emperor level. Usually the price is based on availability and request. Basicly, there are tubes which are rare and more expenssive or tubes which are cheaper because not so many people were interested by them. But if you will join these threads you will find, for sure, help and good offers. I just bought some rare tubes from a very nice seller last week.
    3) I have no idea, for me the best combo was found quite fast and then more than 1 year I tried different combos and could not surpass it. But I listen 99% to rock music and the others prefer classical or other genres which are suitable to other types of tubes. My question is: if Elise or Euforia will be your first tube amp and you buy it without tubes, how you will decide what first combo to take? I have to say that the stock tubes on Elise and also Euforia are good starters. F.A. are not selling their amps with entry level tubes like maybe other vendors. So you may consider the stock ones until you get used with the amp and your equipment.
    4) Well, I never liked the heat management, I have a feeling that the amp sometimes during summer gets quite hot. However I hever had problems and you have 3 years warranty so it has to be fine. And I never like the volume knob without markings, but I solved this with a white permanent marker and some artistic talent to paint them myself.

    I know I have not gave you direct answers, because the questions are hard to answer from my point of view. I can only tell that I am a happy Elise owner for 2 years and I quite enjoy the amp.
    By the way, just to have an idea about the packing and unboxing, you can see here my post when I've received it:
  7. LoryWiv
    Hi @chrisdrop, welcome to the forum! For your consideration, I would add to @OctavianH's well-stated answers above that some of it just boils down to preference as always. I auditioned Elise and Euforia side by side with several ZMF headphones at CanJam SoCal in June, and actually preferred Elise. Both were superb, but Elise had more musicality whereas Euforia sounded a bit more analytic and clinical. I suspect this is NOT how most perceive Euforia but I was coming from solid state amp and the warm euphonic signature of Elise really resonated with me, and still does driving ZMF Auteur. I do agree it probably has less sophisticated technicalities than Euforia but I was looking for an amp that would re-engage my love of listening to music rather than listening to my equipment. At some points I do note this gripe or that (bass could be tighter, a tad of grain in the midrange) but even when I note these I quickly re-focus on how darn nice the overall presentation is.

    As for tubes, I'm still running the stock Psvane 6SN7 drivers and (I believe Russian) 6AS7G power tubes. I am interested in rolling (perhaps Psvane CV181-T or Northern Electric 6SN7 drivers, NOS 5998 or 6080 powers) but as tube options are many, it's been very useful to get to know the sound signature with stock so i can evaluate what I may want to try next with a baseline for comparison.

    Elise is my first tube amp., may not be my last if future finances permit, but I am happy and satisfied with it with no upgradiitis urge except for perhaps some tube rolling ahead.

    So unless the Euforia's cross-feed feature appeals to you ( I never used it on my last amp that had a similar option) or the $850 price difference is pocket change to you, I can recommend Elise as a great 1st high quality tube amp.. The usual disclaimer: YMMV. Happy listening.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  8. Scutey
    Hi @chrisdrop , I can't really add much to @OctavianH very infromative reply, however I notice your location as London, now I'm not absolutely sure but I think Audiobarn in Old Harlow, Essex have both Elise and Euforia for demo, so if it's not too far for you it might be worth having a word with them, if you haven't already visited the website here it is.

  9. Preachy1

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. chrisdrop
    This is one of the main reasons I was interested in the Felix products - I could find somewhere to demo them in/ near London. Your sig looks like you are in/ near Plymouth. I think we do have a different set of readily available products and demo locations here in the UK. Therefore, local refs always appreciated.

    Also @LoryWiv - your comments are helpful. It sounds like you have been down the path that I have been considering herein.

    Thank you again for the responses - all helpful and appreciated.
  11. OctavianH
    The stock powers of both Elise/Euforia are the same and you can see them here:


    There is a round "C" logo with some "wings" on it which can be seen in the picture of the amps on the F.A. website and also here in mine:


    So, if you decypher on your powers the winged logo you are most probably using these:
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
  12. Preachy1
    Thanks for that info above. I recently acquired an older version of the Elise (2016, I think) from a fellow head-fier (thanks!!!). It has the powers noted above. I also recently ordered a pair of Psvane CV181 drivers, due to arrive today or tomorrow.

    I am thrilled right down to my socks with this amp. I find that it pairs beautifully with just about all my cans (ZMF dynamics and planars, Audeze LCD-3 and XC, Focal Elegia), regardless of the source (DAP or Foobar2000>Chord Mojo).

    If I had one suggestion, it would be relocate the power switch to the front. The way my unit is positioned, I have to reach over it to turn it on/off. I've singed my arm-hairs a few times reaching to turn it off after a long listening session. :)

    Other than that, I absolutely love the understated design. I get a kick out of guests who look at it and ask "dafuq is that thing???"
  13. Scutey
    Hi Preachy, how to you find the Atticus/Elise combo, do the two have good synergy, bass highs etc?.
    Preachy1 likes this.
  14. Preachy1
    Yes, excellent pairing!!! In fact, this pair gets most of the attention, probably about 40-50% of my listening time, with other amp/cans combos filling in the rest.
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  15. OctavianH
    I have to admit that I think sometimes about Verite, then look at my wallet, then continue to think. :dt880smile:
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