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Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
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  1. LoryWiv
    Thanks @Scutey and @mordy .I appreciate your common sense approach and tips very much. Still wondering, though, if I use 2 green marbles stacked vertically can I get tighter bass and whiter teeth? :ksc75smile:
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  2. mordy
    Hi LW,
    I have to confess that only my power amp sits on a shelf with the four marbles. I could put marbles under the shelf with my tube amp, but it would raise it too close to the overhead PC fan mounted to the shelf above it.
    I actually tried, but not enough clearance....
    These are the marbles I appropriated from unsuspecting grandchildren:
    Turns out that that there are two sizes (at least). Hand selected four big ones:
    They don't really look uniform in size - wonder how that will affect the sound?
    Anyhow, as stated, unless I pull out the socket savers, there isn't enough room.
    Re stacking the the marbles, I remember seeing pictures of somebody who did away with the feet under the equipment and all associated vibration problems - all the pieces of equipment were hanging in rope cradles hanging from the ceiling!
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  3. Madhyamika
    If I hang my Elise from the ceiling with ropes...

    ...we will all know I must have finally lost my marbles
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  4. Scutey
  5. mordy
    Do you remember when you had to paint the edges of CDs green?
    And do you remember the great sonic improvements when you put a couple of coins on the front corner edge of the speakers?
    Here is a modern version of Snake Oil:
  6. LoryWiv
    Quick update as I continue along my Elise journey, probably now about 50 hours of burn in. No major tonality changes, which is a good thing as I am really enjoying the overall signature. Treble extension, air and stage width are increasing to a degree, and the touch of grain I'd noted in female vocals has diminished. A caveat is I also upgrade my 4-pin XLR to 1/4 inch headphone cable adapter to one made by the same guy who made my cable (Trevor at Norne Audio is outstanding to work with) and I think this contributed as well.

    Overall, I find myself not routinely assessing technicalities as much as just enjoying the music, and that speaks volumes about the Elise. It's still worthwhile to reflect on evolution of the amp's characteristics over time, but staying connected to the music is the primary pleasure with Elise.
  7. OctavianH
    Yesterday I decided to try again my old HD 600 on Elise, since my headphone line was heavily upgraded in the last years. This headphone is special and it is a very good example of a headphone which evolves a lot with a proper amp and a proper cable. And it is the last pair I still keep in my collection except my T1s since I've sold all my other headphones.

    I use the ADL (Furutech) iHP-35S cable but I would like to try a silver one for this pair. Can someone recommend me a good cable for HD600?


    The HD600 is not on the same level as T1, but still, it is very enjoyable.

  8. LoryWiv
    I have had several Norne Audio cables, they offer 3 options in pure silver. I currently have Norne Silvergarde S3. It is spectacular, sonically and aesthetically, no shrill / strident highs I've experienced with other silver cables. Pricey, but IMHO worth it. Trevor at Norne is a pleasure to deal with as well.
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  9. hypnos1
    Hi LW.

    As @OctavianH said, any substantial amount of money is far better spent on upgrading other elements in the system. A popular inexpensive method however is hard wood 'cone' (conical) feet. I personally like them for the fact that the only point of contact with the shelf is a tiny point of wood...so hardly any surface area to transmit vibrations. And, of course, no chance of a 'ringing' effect, to which glass is sometimes susceptible, even if only very slightly. They can also, if large enough cones, give useful extra height for better ventilation under the amp.

    Glad to hear you're liking your Elise even more with further burn-in, and that the basic character is remaining to your taste. Happy continued listening!...CJ
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  10. OctavianH
    Enjoying late night moments with Elise, and with my all time favourite track from Iron Maiden, Infinite dreams.

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  11. Scutey
    A great album, in fact all of their 80's output is brilliant, enjoy :L3000:.
  12. OctavianH
    Cannot agree more, but for me Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is the masterpiece. I always loved this album. I have a very good friend and Judas Priest fan who prefers the Somewhere in TIme album but we always disagreed on this topic. However all the 80s era of Iron Maiden was huge, including the Paul Di'Anno first two albums. I will remain always a fan of the '88 album.

    PS. And remembering my friend who is also the biggest Motörhead fan I have to put this here:

    Long live Lemmy, you might not be among us, but you will ever be in our heart!
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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  13. Scutey
    For me the 80's was a great decade for metal, my first ever gig was Iron Maiden in 1984, went to the gig with my friends after school, seeing my heroes in front of me will stay with me forever.

    As or Lemmy I was shocked when he passed, such a larger than life character, again I was lucky enough to seem them here in Plymouth in 2005, they were brilliant, of course!, but you are absolutely right Lemmy maybe gone but he will never be forgotten.
  14. OctavianH
    I've seen Lemmy in Wacken many years ago playing on the main stage with Motörhead but the show had to stop for some unknown reason. I guess Lemmy was not in the best shape. I was not lucky enough to catch them another time but he will remain always in my heart. This year I am lucky to see Saxon at their 40s anniversary with the new "eagles and castles" production. So the Eagle will land in Germany, in north, during W:O:A., and I will be in the 1st line as always. :)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  15. LoryWiv
    About 50-60 hours on my Elise now, starting to really enjoy the warmth it adds to my fairly neutral ZMF Auteur. Early impressions of constricted sound stage and limited treble extension are improving. Still hoping the bass tightens up more than it already has, and there is upper midrange grain on certain tracks, also diminished but surfaces here and there. All in all good synergy with the Auteur and a very engaging listen.

    Share (Elise).jpg
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