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Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
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  1. attmci
    Very nice!
  2. OctavianH
    Well guys, sad days came upon my kingdom. The left driver of my T1.2 is dead and at the moment I have a very nice discussion with Beyerdynamic support and the local distributor who are passing the "dead cat" from one to another. Beyerdynamic tells me to go to the local distributor while the local distributor tells me he has not contractual agreement to service my headphones and the warranty should be covered by Beyerdynamic. The headphones were bought from Amazon.de somewhere 3 years ago and normally Beyerdynamic provided global warranty of 5 years using his local distributors. The only problem seems to be that these guys do not know or do not want to know about that. Anyway, let's hope I will be able to solve the problem. But the question remains, these flagships have such a disappointing lifetime?
    And of course, some bad news never come alone. The driver died exactly when somebody borrowed me to try some DH Labs Silver Sonic Air Matrix cables which seem to be very nice, at least this is what my right ear is telling me. And they are incredible flexible, so I will most probably keep them and pay the guy, of course, after I will fix the T1 problem somehow and ask my left ear about them.

  3. Scutey
    That's incredible bad luck O and sadly I can't say I'm surprised that you're having trouble with Beyerdynamic, a good company should always honour their warranty, you'll certainly need to be firm and persistent with them, it sounds like they are trying to "wriggle out" of their responsibilities, anyway, good luck my firend! :fingers_crossed:.
  4. OctavianH
    As we all know, a good company is always judged by the moment you need them to fulfil their promises. So things will be solved in a way or another, but I would like to send them a bill also for my time lost in support tickets, which is my precious resource. In the meantime I will order a new pair of T1, because I quite like them. And of course, I will not renounce of my warranty claims for the first pair. I thought a little bit about Empyreans but in the end I decided to remain to T1, at least for a couple of years. Most probably 3, since T1 fails after 3 years of usage as I've experienced lately. Anyway another funny thing is that I wanted to check the price of the Black Edition and found that they are available only in the german store. Great job Beyerdynamic...
  5. mordy
    Hi Octavian,
    I had an excellent experience with Beyerdynamic Customer Service in the US. Bought my T1 used and no warranty. After two years I tried a tube that turned out to be defective and blew out one driver. (Since then I ALWAYS try out new tubes or combinations with a cheap pair of headphones before I plug in the T1s.)
    Anyhow, contacted Beyerdynamic. A new set of drivers is $250, but they offered an option to try to match my driver with a used driver for $10(!) + labor and shipping. I ended up paying a total of $60 for everything, including shipping both ways, and I am very happy with the results.
    Did you try to contact the manufacturer in Germany and straighten out the warranty claim? Another avenue to try is to contact Amazon as well. In the US all sellers are scared of Amazon and bad reviews, and Amazon may help you to settle the issues.
  6. OctavianH
    Hi Mordy,

    I do hope I will be able to say the same as you. It the US things are much more simple since they have an authorised service partner. In EU they work with their distributors and at the moment nothing happens. I wait for Beyerdynamic DE to contact me, I opened a support ticket 2 days ago.
    In the meantime I wrote to all 3 local distributors, one of them claims he has no contractual agreement, other asked for details and the third has not answered at all. We will see, I want them fixed by someone who can provide the skills and quality of the manufacturer.

    Anyway, I am a proud candidate for Guinness Book at the category OTL owner without any headphone to listen at home. :darthsmile:
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
  7. richdytch
    Well I don't know if I've become less judgemental in my old age, or easier to please, but I'm STILL using the Mullard 6080/smoked glass RCA VT-231 combo I was using a while ago, and still with my old HE400. I've just adopted a policy of leaving the amp switched on for a least an hour before doing any listening. Happy days.
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  8. OctavianH
    I still use Psvane CV181T2/Tung Sol 5998 for almost 2 years and I could not find anything better. And yes, I still hear improvement after 1-2 hours of use.
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  9. connieflyer
    I'm sorry to hear that your T1 has given up the ghost. A couple of years ago I bought T1 version 1 from Amazon and within 30 days to left driver failed but the distributor would not honor it. He would not exchange it either. I did get a refund from Amazon but I was quite disappointed with the distributor and the way that they operated. That was when I switched over to a Sennheiser 800 and have not looked back yet. Although those new Meze are really tugging at my wallet. I agree with you on the T S 5998 , that is still a great power tube. I go back to that every now and then just to hear it and see if I still like it. I have some e l 39 s and a few other types on the way in, so from what CJ says I think I am really going to like the 39 better than anything else. That being the case I'll go ahead and start selling off all the old tubes, to help me fund the new headphones! Good luck with the T1's
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  10. OctavianH
    Well cf, it seems that these headphones have a left driver problem, but now when I read on other thread that many tube amp users had problems with 5998 and they are somehow dangerous, I start to think if maybe a part of the problem are my pair of power tubes which I like most. Let's hope it was a driver failure and not a tube related problem.
    Anyway, there is nothing cooler than a man with one T1 except a man with 2, so I ordered a new pair to have as a spare part until the other will be repaired. In the end, and after many e-mails and discussions, I found an authorized service to repair them on behalf of Beyerdynamic and now my first pair is sent to them.


    These new ones have S/N 44313 compared to 30695 and are manufactured in March 2018. The first impression is that they changed the colors of the box, the rest seems somehow the same, more or less. I think also the color and font of the S/N paint is different.
    Now, regarding the sound, everything sounds dull at the moment but I guess things will improve in the future after burn in. When the old pair will come back I will make a 1:1 comparison and decide if I keep both or just one pair and sell the other. Most probably I'll keep both since I like them too much.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  11. connieflyer
    As far as the five nine nine eight causing problems with tube amps, I have seen no problem with that. When I had the buyer T1 and the left driver failed it was also a well-known problem at that time. And I also did not have the 5998 at that time. I had since I used it with the Elise, and now with the E euphoria and have never had a problem with them. I have also use those with the Sennheiser 650 and 700 and no problem with those either. I really don't see a problem with it TS 5998. Glad you have replacement phones already so you can continue your musical Journey. Good luck
  12. Scutey
    Good to hear you have finally found someone to repair your T1's, hopefully they can fix it and you'll have no more problems. Regarding the T1 2nd Gen I sometimes think I might have been a little hasty in getting rid of the pair I bought last year, they were brand new, and I think I only had them a few weeks, with only about 30 hours of burn in, perhaps in the not too distant future I might try them again, anyway fingers crossed they do a good repair of your old T1's.
  13. mordy
    The repair is not complicated - just two soldering connections and some screws. But I would insist on them matching the new driver to the old one, or better yet, replace them both with a new matched pair.
  14. OctavianH
    I am really curious about the result. I am not sure if a repaired T1 can sound the same as the factory manufactured one. And I am not sure about the skills and experience of these guys from service. But there is always a plan B: 1:1 comparison and I will keep the one I will like more and sell at a fair price the other. The only problem is that the new T1 sounds darker to me and the service told me that they plan to change both T1 drivers. This makes me think that the 1:1 comparison will be made with 2 totally new headphones, since the old T1 with both drivers changed will not sound at all like the old ones. We will see, I will analyze in detail and inform you about my findings.

    Regarding your own pair of T1, I read a lot about DT 1990 Pro lately and many claim it is better in some areas than T1. So I have no idea if these T1 are so good or I am just a fan of them because I found something particular for me in them. After all this hobby is somehow subjective and sometimes it is hard to advise or describe what for you sounds best.

    They informed me that:
    1) Beyerdynamic agreed to send the needed spare parts after they receive the headphone and make an assessment of the problem in their service lab
    2) for this model they will exchange both drivers if one fails, so I expect to receive a new one with a matched pair.

    I am not sure if this replacement or soldering might affect sound quality if they are not made in a factory environment. But what I can and will do is to compare both headphones and to burn in this new pair until the other ones will return from service. I think it might take at least 1-2 weeks since after they receive and test them for diagnose they have to inform Beyerdynamic to send the spare parts. Then they start to fix them and send them back... I expect at that time these new ones will have somewhere at 50 hours.
  15. mordy
    Hi OctavianH,
    I would not worry about the repair, especially since it sounds that they have plenty experience replacing the drivers....It is not rocket science to change the drivers - watch a YouTube video about it and you could do it yourself I am sure.
    These headphones are top of the line and they probably just want to make sure that each driver measures identical to the other.
    It is possible that they will sound a little different in the beginning, but after burn in they will most likely sound the way you are used to.
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