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Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
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  1. mordy
    Here is a fun piece - one piano, two piano players - who outplays whom? :
  2. OctavianH
    You can start gaming. Last time I built my gaming rig it costed me 5000 EUR. I say that gaming and mobile phones are the areas where prices jumped to unreal values in the latest years. For example, if you want to buy the latest Note 10 you will, most probably, pay the price of Euforia... Crazy times we are living.
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  3. UntilThen
    I will use the brick flip phone that Arnie used in the Terminator. :)

    Well my iPhone X is just a year old so no upgrade for another year !

    I ain't that young anymore to get a gaming PC. Besides I use computers everyday at work. Although I think I will get a new PC with silent power for a quiet source. Had enough of the Auralic Aries. PC is more convenient for me to access Tidal HiFi and Youtube. :)

    Eventually I will return to how it all began. With an iPod and earbud.
  4. lentoviolento
    I wrote feliks... I will try it myself. It is the only way to get a clear idea of what it sounds with my zmf aeolus and (i hope soon) verite
  5. hypnos1
    Hi UT...am soldiering on, thanks...but retirement (from work!) isn't always quite what it's cracked up to be lol! :wink:. Best, methinks, to enter semi-retirement, with plenty of time allowed for quality music appreciation!! :smile_phones:...(and Heaven forbid you should lose such enthusiasm as to settle for ipod + bud!!! :astonished: :slight_smile:).

    I hear you re. the convenience of PC, but so much to sort out and get right to maintain quality, no?!...(computer noise, USB gremlins etc. etc....:triportsad:)....CHEERS!...CJ
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  6. hypnos1
    Hi lv...yours is not the only such dilemna facing anyone in this hobby of ours alas. Others' findings/impressions can only ever be a rough guide, to be sure. I do hope you mange to try out different gear without having to lose out too much in the process...not easy, in most cases :triportsad:. I count myself extremely fortunate that a Meze Empyrean distributor here in the UK was willing to let me try a pair on a no obligation basis...not that I needed very long to recognise their magic anyway lol! But you never know just how a different piece of gear is going to 'synergise' with everything else...GOOD LUCK!...CJ
  7. lentoviolento
    i also want to see if 200mw of max output power is enough.
    i am curious! do you drive your meze with elisE?
  8. UntilThen
    Of course I am kidding. Having tasted the good honey, it's impossible to return to iPod and earbud. :)

    A silent PC is ok for casual listening plus convenience. I could have bought a dedicated player like your Naim but again this PC is acceptable. If I needed audiophile quality, I can always turn to my Rega RP8 turntable and Pioneer CD player..... or I could jump on the drum set in the lounge and do a John Bonham. Again I kid you because I can't play the drums. It's my son's.

    So right now I have a vintage Sansui AU-717 which I adore with my Audeze LCD-3f and HD800 but.... there will be another tube amp coming.... to end my journey. Which is it? Don't know yet and I'm not in a hurry. :)

    As for retirement, it's still a few years away. Will be starting a new contract soon and finishing off my present one.

    I wish you well and much happiness with your music and setup. Take care and enjoy.

  9. hypnos1
    Hi again lv.

    My Elise went back for some upgrades I asked for...and it became the Euforia lol! :L3000: And I'm happy to say that she drives my Empys just as easily - if not better! - than my 600ohm Beyer T1s. (With mesh plate EL11 drivers and early Philips/Dario EL38 powers in situ). Certainly wasn't expecting that! However, the Mezes are proving to be much easier to drive than most other planars...amazing design! This is now one really happy bunny :smile_phones:...
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  10. hypnos1
    Hmmm, UT...save up your $$$$ and wait to see F-A's (still!) upcoming new 2A3-based; fully balanced; specially commissioned output trafo; headphone (plus STAX option!) and speaker amp. I can pretty well guarantee that just to see it is to want it lol! :ksc75smile::ksc75smile: Enough to bring one back out of retirement and work doubly hard!! (But not an option for yours truly alas :triportsad:...would have to hope F-A give me one...can pigs fly after all?!! :wink:). Ah well, perchance to dream...
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  11. connieflyer
    HI guys, it is kind of ironic isn't it, that CJ sends his Elise in for upgrades, and we get Euforia. Well, that is a windfall for Feliks to be sure. Wonder if CJ did not send his Elise in, would FA have improved the Elise, or moved on to a new chasis and design. I think that they would have waited a bit longer and then came out with a new design. It would make more sense to come out with a new product for their line of amps, than have two to chose from that are in reality close to the same design, with one being more substantial in the results share. I had the Elise and while a fine amp, the Euforia is better in all depts. Not life and death different, but I was quite pleased with the result. Now with the tube rolling finding that the Euforia responds very well with different tubes. I have used it with the vaulted GEC's 6AS7's and GEC 6080's, the Tung Sol 5998's, the Ken-Rad 6sn7's, Sylvania, RCA, T-S, and many others. The EL 11, and EL 12 Spez, were tops for awhile, great resolution. But the ones so far that have given me the most have been the Mullard EL 38's, as powers and Valvo EL 11 as drivers. These seem to touch all the bases, enough so that I sold off the GEC's and some other tubes, and will be selling off the rest as well. The tubes I will keep will be the El38's and EL11's, and if in the future an even better combo arises, I may try them, but for now, this is very satisfying, I am looking into the Meze Emp's, I recently upgraded the headphone cable from a Norne Draug 2 to the newest Draug 3, and it made a very good upgrade to the Senn 800, but I think that this is as far as the Senn can go. So to get the most out of the Euforia, I MAY pick up a Meze, I have a good lead on one, and may take it depending on the price. But for now, this is the best that I have heard from the setup. I have upgraded the cables, power enhancements, Dac, and music streamer, NAS, and now the headphone cable all for the Euforia. Beyond this point, the only path up, would be the phones or a new amp. All in I have upwards of $6 grand in just the headphone system, so don't thing anything much can be done to enhance what I am hearing, without major investment, so I am a happy camper (for now!), will have to see what is in the future but that is for later. Good luck folks.
  12. hypnos1
    Hi cf.

    Well, all I can say is you're an inspiration to us all lol! :smile_phones: Plus, I thought I was the only one to have fallen so far down that flamin' rabbit hole!! :astonished:

    But, like me, I'm sure you finally regard it is well worthwhile nonetheless (??!!) :wink:

    ps. My guilt at encouraging folks to upgrade everything else in the chain must surely be reaching its zenith, with my drooling over the rather nice(!) Meze Empyreans...already feel I'm number 1 on the hit list of a good few wallets!!. (Could there possibly be more than one rabbit hole out there? :triportsad::ksc75smile:)....HAPPY LISTENING...CJ
  13. connieflyer
    Well, CJ, what rabbit hole? I never saw, one, all that happened was that the Earth opened up in front of me, and I tried srambling as fast as I could up out of the hole, spending here and there, until I finally made a foot hold on solid ground and could look back at the large hole that had opened up, and smiled that I had escaped with my life (if nothing else)!!!. Do I regret following in your footsteps and spending so much? Not a bit. Every upgrade has made a difference in my listening pleasure and enjoyment of music. It is a mainstay in my life and always has been. So the money spent was worth the outcome. Happy and content with what I have now to aid my enjoyment, with an eye to more of the same should it arise. But also being satisfied that with the upgrades I have done, I am at peace with what I have spent. Each step was worthwhile, and if I had died at any point in the quest, I would have gone out with a smile that I had made good decisions on the upgrade path to that point. Now if I live another twenty years, I may be in trouble! Peace
  14. hypnos1
    Ah yes indeed, cf....it's no rabbit hole that engulfs us...it's a darn great Floridian sink hole lol! :wink:. But hopefully one we can all eventually emerge from not too much the worse for wear...:L3000:.

    And yes also....for me personally, I can't think of any other hobby where I'd be so happy with the return on investment (and certainly far better than watching the savings lose value by the day!!!).

    In addition, there's a great deal of satisfaction (along with occasional frustration!) that comes from discovering that what one thought to be an 'end game' sound can, in fact, be tweaked even further...hence the need for a bigger hole than a mere bunny can manage!! :ksc75smile:

    ps. Am working on what to do next to occupy your/our/everyone's further twenty years...so be warned!...CHEERS!...
  15. connieflyer
    Glad to see you are looking out for us! Would expect nothing less! Could not agree more on your assessment of our hobby(?) but it is so enjoyable to upgrade and get to listen to music you have listened to over the years and find more music there than what was there before. Well, done my friend.
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