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Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
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  1. UntilThen
    This is my GEC. :)

    $500 US dollars. It don't come cheap but this pair have perfect readings.

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  2. Scutey
    They're certainly great looking tubes :thumbsup:.
  3. OctavianH
    I was right when claiming that I'll remain a good amount of time on 7236/CV181. This combo is really very good for me and I have a that feeling of a "clinical precision". Fast, detailed, precise. Like a surgeon. LOL. Now listening to the latest Antimatter album called Black Market Enlightenment which is a delight. The percussion area is blessed with these 7236 which are really slamming.

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  4. mordy
  5. OctavianH
    Thanks mordy, I'll keep an eye on them.
  6. lentoviolento
    hi guys, i just bought the espressivo mk2 and i love it so much that i am already thinking about upgrading...
    has someone compared the elise to euforia , wa2 or glenn otl??
    is elise powerful enough? 200mw seem pretty week.
  7. attmci
    Did you get it? Only one bidder.
  8. mordy
    Hi attmci,
    I already have a pair. This pair was bought by UsoppNoKami in Malaysia.
  9. angpsi
    Hi guys, just a heads up, especially for newcomers in the land of Elise/Euforia: I just revived my old sleeper ad to sell my 6sn7/6080 tubes collection. Tubes are all professionally double-checked for consistency and life span, bundle price is a good bargain for anyone looking to get a solid set of tubes all at once, but also feel free to hit me with requests. For reviews on these tubes see the first post on this thread.

    Good to be lurking back into the old neighborhood, hope I find all of you in good health and high spirit!
  10. hypnos1
    Hi angpsi...a belated good to hear from you! Health could be better for a few of us at the moment it would appear, but spirits not dampened too much lol :ksc75smile:. Hope you yourself are managing to steer clear of the various bugs going around!!

    There are a good few other amps that use those tubes also of course, so hopefully you can manage to get a decent deal for yours. Good luck...and best wishes, CJ
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  11. hypnos1
    Hi lv...thinking of upgrading already lol? Looks like you've caught the bug big time!! :wink:

    All I can say is that those who have gone from Elise to Euforia agree that it is indeed a good upgrade, but all depends on the budget of course! And Elise is no slouch!

    And on the subject of Elise, may I just repeat here your query on the Elise 'New Thread' re. a friend of yours stating he didn't think it was in fact a 'pure' OTL amp. Would welcome anyone else's take on this, because I myself can't quite understand that statement...and can only ask that he give more precise details as to why. Would be very interested, personally....CJ
  12. OctavianH
    I am a happy owner of an Elise and I can consider it powerful enough for every headphone up to 32 Ohm. I would say you should not worry about that.
    By the way, judging from your signature you plan to use it with Verite which, as far as I know, have 300 Ohms, do not worry about Elise on these high impedance cans.

    In short words, the Feliks Audio Elise effect on people:

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
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  13. lentoviolento
    My only concern, is that i would not here all these differences between espressivo and elise to justify the difference in price... I don't know what to do.. :frowning2:
    I don't drink so the elise would not have that effect on me lol
  14. OctavianH
    I have not owned Expressivo, but I have owned for some years the Littledot MKII which uses the same tubes as Echo (6N6 and 6N1). And Expressivo is somewhere between Echo and Elise but closer to Echo judging by the tube types used. The difference from Littkedot MK2 to Elise was big. But I guess a very important factor was also the new tube types Elise was using, which are in a new league. In the past I tried to use 6SN7 and C3g on MK2 via adapters and I was not quite pleased. The amp was not designed for them and it was not properly powering them, in Elise they sound totally different. What I am trying to say is that Elise is a different "animal" than the amps using 6N6, 6N1 or 6H30 tubes. But this is partially caused by the tube types and tube rolling possibilities. And a very important factor is also the environment in which you are using your amp. I learned a lot in the last 3 years and I have to say the following:
    - cables matters, powers not so much but a lot the interconnects (RCA cables)
    - power conditioning matters, filter your AC and you will hear 20% improvement on the same amp
    - headphones matching matters, decide what headphone you will use before making an upgrade and then upgrade for that specific headphone
    Keep in mind that Elise will not mean only to pay for the amp but to pay for better tubes and 6SN7 and 6AS7 tubes are more expenssive than the rest. I paid for my tubes which I am currently using somewhere at 500 EUR after I bought Elise at 1200 EUR. So, plan also the tube upgrades alongside Elise.
    And very important is what genre of music you are listening. Many of the people here are on the jazz/classical area and in that area Euforia might excel because it provides a fuller sound compared to Elise. In my case, I am listening 90% to rock and I honestly do not need bass or a fuller sound, I need a piece of speed and harshness. This is the reason I am not convinced Euforia is the amp for me. But in my case I have the choice of an SS and an Tube amp to choose depending on the recording.
    What I would do in your place before any upgrade is to prepare the environment. Upgrade cables, upgrade power sources, filter AC and see how the Espressivo evolves. In my case I obtained, let's say, 30% of better sound quality only starting to improve what I was using for MK2. You can see a lot of advices about this on EUFORIA thread.

    I hope my honest opinon will provide you a better overall feeling about what Elise/Euforia mean compared to Espresivo.
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  15. lentoviolento
    Mmm.. I am not into tube rolling so i would stick with the stock tubes. And honestly i wouldn't want to upgrade all this cables :frowning2:
    Also i change hps very often...
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