Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
  1. hypnos1
    Hi firegon and welcome to our club. Although I've now got the Euforia, I agree with everything you say about Elise...as do other lucky owners lol! And am glad the gamble paid off for you :darthsmile:.

    I too love the sound that comes from these amps via the Beyers - mine being v1. I must admit, one does need to be a bit careful when matching other gear to these cans - anything rather excessive in the treble department can prove tricky lol! :wink: But any minor shortcomings in this area have now been totally obliterated by replacing the HP cable with a DIY one using Neotech UPOCC silver wire...truly amazing IMHO...(the fixed cable in v1 is a mixed blessing, but does mean one can 'go direct' with the new wires - carefully!! - and eliminate at least one set of connectors...which is my new mission in life lol!).

    Good idea to spend plenty of time 'acclimatising' to Elise with stock tubes...that tuberolling 'rabbit hole' can wait a wee while - then the addiction can begin!! :L3000::ksc75smile:....CHEERS!...and ENJOY!...CJ

    ps. That DAC sure looks nice...would love to see how the Hugo2 compares!
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  2. Scutey
    Get well soon h1
  3. Scutey
    Welcome to head-fi firegon, glad to hear you're enjoying your Elise, it will only get better!.
  4. Scutey
    cty can't comment on T1 but I've been using my 1990's as my main headphone for the last 5 months and it's the best headphone I've heard even though I've owned Senn hd 598, 600, 650, Beyer 770, 880, 990, and T90. Personally I don't find them too bright, of course it all depends on what sort of sound you prefer, to my ears the highs are definitely smoother than all the other beyers I, have owned, but they do have the beyer "house sound", I have found the resolution, imaging, detail, bass and soundstage to be outstanding, they also pair very well with the Elise.
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  5. canthearyou
    The newest addition to my life. The most perfect thing to ever exist!!! 20171226_191251.jpg

    Now on to audio. Today I traded my Denafrips Ares for a Bifrost MB. So far I like this much better than the Ares. Has more energy on the treble region. Not sibilance just clean, sparkling highs. The mids seem a tad bit more forward, which I like.

    The T.S. 6SN7GTB have settled in and are actually pretty nice. Not as airy as the PSVane, but a bit more energetic.

    Now to sit back, hold my baby girl and get lost in the music. I'll let momma get some much needed rest.
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  6. Scutey
    Congratulations cty, what a Christmas pressie, she's lovely!!.

    Those TS GTB'S are actually pretty good, I gave mine some airtime over crimbo, a good balance of warmth, energy and detail.

    Btw, don't expect to be visiting the Elise so much, your new arrival will see to that!.

    All the best. :smile_phones:
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  7. mordy
  8. Scutey
    Happy New Year All!, let's hope it's a good year for audio! :).

    mordy those 6N8S have arrived, will give them some burn in and then report back in a few days on how they sound.

  9. canthearyou
    Nice! I'm expecting mine any day now. But with my history, Customs will probably hold them indefinitely.
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  10. Scutey
    cty re 6N8S this could be interesting, will we come to the same conclusion?, I know what you mean about customs, the world over they seem to be a law unto themselves, think I mentioned a couple weeks ago I bought some TS 7236, they were stopped at customs and now I'm not getting them!, fortunately I had a full refund.
  11. canthearyou
    I received a Singxer SU-1 today. INSTANT satisfaction! So much detail and clarity through my Gustard X20 Pro. 20180102_204240.jpg
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  12. canthearyou
    I suggest you give Hans Zimmer/Live In Prague a listen. Bass for days!!! These McIntosh will shake your ear hairs. :L3000:
  13. Scutey
    Nice set up you have there!, are those headphones the Amiron Home?.
    Thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a go as I do like the idea of bass for days!.
  14. canthearyou
    They are McIntosh MHP-1000 headphones.
  15. Scutey

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