Feliks Audio Elise Impressions Thread – a New Start (please read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by pctazhp, Jul 7, 2016.
  1. canthearyou
  2. Scutey

    This sounds wonderful with ge 6as7ga and el3n for drivers :beyersmile:
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  3. mordy
    Hi cty,

    Agree with the above - give the tubes a try and see if you can hear a difference, and of course, if you like them,
    Some people are very sensitive to aesthetics, but for me the sound is the main thing. There are great sounding tubes that barely have a tube glow, and others that look like fireworks but sound mediocre.
    And I also learned your lesson - you have to look very carefully at the pictures and the description. I think that buying mistakes happen to all of us, but if the seller misrepresented the tubes, eBay and PayPal provides solid back-up in my experience.
    Good luck!
  4. canthearyou
    I decided to put the Tung-Sol tubes back in and give them so burn-in time. After almost 24 hours they do sound a bit better. While not as spacious as the PSVane, it does have more "meat" or weight in the mids.

    As far as the power tubes go I can't hear a difference between the stock tubes and the RCA. So I'm going to stick with the stock .....for now.
  5. Scutey
    I know not everybody is keen on the 6n13s/6h13c but I think, for the money, it's a very decent tube, i'm using mine at the mo with el3n for drivers, gives a nice airy/spacious sound, my personal fave for powers is the Mullard 6080, not as airy as the st shape tubes, but has more focus, more agile, with better detail and dynamics.
  6. hypnos1

    Glad to see continued positive impressions and enjoyment of Elise...the choice of tubes can indeed sometimes be almost too vast lol! But at least there are combinations that will suit everyone in the end lol! :L3000: I would just remind folks that sometimes it can take many hours' burn-in before a tube approaches anywhere near its full potential, especially if NOS...:darthsmile:

    I wish you all continued enjoyment of your Elises, and further interesting discoveries as you experiment with different tubes...not to mention ancillary gear!...CJ
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  7. Oskari
    A merry Xmas to you and yours, CJ, and everybody around here.
  8. Rossliew
    Merry Christmas to fellow Elise owners!
  9. Scutey
    Happy Christmas h1 and to all Elise owners, still finding my right combo, but having a great time finding out!
  10. hypnos1
    Thanks Scutey....and to you @Oskari ....I hope you're enjoying the festivities to the full, along with the rest of us 'Lucky Ones'!

    I'm afraid mine have had to be postponed due to a rather nasty 'flu-like virus, and over a week with no gorgeous music soothing the fevered brow just makes things ten times worse lol!! :triportsad:...so roll on New Year...and very probable Euforic overdose! (if that's at all possible?!!!:ksc75smile:).

    Although there are some who question just how much we 'mad' rollers sometimes spend on trying different tubes - with a certain justification, I often think! :wink: - I must admit that the 2+ years of filling my loft (attic) with countless boxes has brought great enjoyment over and above the obvious, specific reasons of interest and discovery...there's a whole host of other associated areas that open up and draw our attention...snowball-like (er...sorry!! :ksc75smile:)...much more so than any SS amp would, I'm sure lol! :smile_phones:. I never dreamt this 'ancient' world of vacuumed glass could/would do this to such a degree...and I'm still hooked!! (In a way, I'm just hoping F-A's new flagship amp - still in early developmental stage - doesn't completely trounce my maxed-out Euforia. The temptation to try out different 2A3 tubes would surely be a hole FAR too deep!! :anguished::anguished:...or would it???!!!...there's no hope for me, methinks!! :). (May this be a warning to you, S...take heed!! :wink:)

    At this point I shall repeat my best wishes for @pctazhp's speedy recovery and return to our fold...he is much missed....CHEERS!...
  11. Scutey
    Sorry to hear you've not been too well h1, I had the lurgy in oct, not nice!, and what is worse, as you said, no amp action, I feel for you h1, hope you have a speedy recovery. As you alluded to, tube rolling really can be a somewhat irrational pastime, having said that, two years ago I was a SS fanboy, didn't get all this love for tube amps/rolling, but something changed, got my first tube amp, a LD MKIII, last year and it's been a slippery slope ever since! lol, two more tube amps and lots of tube rolling later I arrived at the Elise and I have to say I absolutely love it, don't regret splashing out on it and all the tube rolling I've done for it, four more pairs are on their way!, I still have a SS amp which I used to rotate with my tube amp but since getting the Elise it hasn't had a look in. when I bought the Elise I did so going on what I had read in these threads regarding it's aural prowess, I was slightly apprehensive having paid out rather a lot for it, I needn't have worried though, as everything that has been said about this fantastic amp is true, so thanks to everyone who has contributed to this and the other Elise threads, and long may it continue! :)
  12. firegon
    Warm greetings ( and Happy New Year in advance ) to the whole Elise Headfi community!

    I've spent quite some time with the Elise bought from a fellow headfier and decided to write my first ever official post in this topic. Hopefully it won't be removed :jecklinsmile:

    I have the 2016 version with upgraded 2017 stock tubes, nothing fancy, no tuberolling yet. And I honestly don't feel the need to. Definitely will try a certain combination at some point, but first my ears need to get "bored" with the current sound.
    So far, the best match I've found are either T1v2 or my modded wooden DT990s (MDR-R10 like cups ). The soundstage, the detail, the bass - all sublime. There is so much air and space between instruments, absolutely staggering. In my mind, it achieves the tonal perfection with T1v2, Bryston BHA-1 for example makes it way too rough and "meaty", while things like Cayin iHA6 seem to be too thin and unimpactful. It also tempers the highs in T1v2, something that no solid state I've ever tested could achieve. Sadly it does not negate the echo ( yet again, haven't found a single amp that would be able to do it ) , but that's a small price to pay for such an amazing experience.
    I've also tested HD600 and while the sound is much better than anticipated, It still doesn't quite match the results achieved with Beyers.
    Oh and I'm using the Antelope Zodiac Silver DAC + Antelope Voltikus.

    I must say, Feliks Audio is not really too popular in Poland - quite surprisingly as it is the home of Feliks Audio. Especially Elise and Euphoria, due to their rather hefty price tag, seem to be overshadowed by Dubiels or WBAs creations. That's why I considered buying Elise a risky gamble - and it actually paid off.
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  13. hypnos1
    Aha, Scutey....looks like I was too late with my warning lol!! :wink:...but then, I wouldn't really want to deny you the undoubted joys of such addiction...ENJOY!!!...:ksc75smile:

    ps Thanks for your kind words...I'm just hoping the Doc doesn't confirm what looks to me rather too much like a Chicken Pox rash!! :triportsad:...(I need my fix!!!)...
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  14. canthearyou
    Glad to hear you are enjoying the Elise. It is something else. I am very curious to demo the Beyer T1.2 and DT1990. I very much enjoy the McIntosh MHP-1000, but wonder if I'm missing the open can.
  15. firegon
    I've tested DT1990 with Elise and this combination would probably require some slight adjustments. Copper cable, different tubes ... or both.
    DT1990 are fabulous, much improved over the old T90, but the highs are still a bit too tiring and sharp, at least for my liking. On the other hand, you'll get extreme levels of detail, fantastic low end, a bit more intimate vocals. The biggest difference are the soundstage and imagining, both on another level when it comes to T1v2.
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