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Feeling very blessed this christmas. And HD25.1.II, Or Amperior balanced???

  1. Paul Graham
    Ive been a very lucky boy this week...
    As a wedding gift my Brother has bought me a set of Sennheiser Amperiors in blue, 
    And to make things even better my Uncle just ordered a pair of Momentum On-Ears in Ivory for me.
    And I ordered a pair of Denon Urban Ravers to see what the hype is all about lol!
    So Im waiting on Three pairs of headphones now, Cant wait to get my hands on them.
    And onto my query - 
    I have a Balanced Toxic Cables White Widow terminated for iBasso Amps.
    Currently its attached to my HD25's, However, Im now thinking, which is better balanced or single ended? 
    The Amperior Balanced and the HD25 single ended? or Vice versa?
  2. NA Blur
    There are a ton of debates already covering this topic.  There is not need to start up another one here.
    Do some searching and find your own conclusions.
  3. Paul Graham
    I did, They're wall Amperior vs HD25 threads, 
    NOT Which would be better balanced.
    And I don't really have the time to read through each thread to find what I need.

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