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Feedback for Justin's Headphone Modding (jschristian44)

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  1. Frank I

    [​IMG]and you must be his brother[​IMG]
  2. ulogin
    "Victim" list
    alamakazam - $230
    ulogin - $198 + my Hifiman HE400 ($400) is with him
    froycat -
    Taowolf51 - $140 pending paypal dispute
    iano - $169.97
    mrscotchguy -$30
    netdwet - $30 pending paypal dispute
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  3. mrscotchguy
    Making jokes will not solve anything.  I see the frustration, but there is no need to be immature.  I personally would rather see resolution vs quips.  Even if it's just playful, anything that discourages communication slows down this process.
  4. ulogin
    See, Justin! I am your half brother, your real friend! Come back already! We miss you!
  5. JoetheArachnid
    Normally I wouldn't post things like this publically but because I think it's relevant and important to this situation:
    Back in Sept. 2010 (ie the month jschristian44 joined Head-Fi) he contacted me via PM about recabling a pair of Sennheiser HD 555s after I vaguely mentioned something about engineering knowledge on an HD 555 modding thread. He asked me the exact details of how to go about recabling his headphones, how to solder properly, how worried he was about heating up the drivers too much, how he wasn't sure which connection was ground and which was signal, etcetera. He really had absolutely no clue about what he was doing, and the fact that he continued to send me PMs despite me not replying to many of them and the fact that I myself had barely been a Head-Fi'er for four months and also didn't have much experience in terms of recabling headphones was pretty odd. Oh, and his method of cutting a thin moulded plastic grille next to a driver out of his HD 555s involved using a soldering iron to melt it off, even though it could be achieved much more neatly with a pair of nail scissors. 'nuff said.
    A few months later I saw that he'd sold the 555s and denounced them as rubbish (I forget the exact details) and moved on to the AD700. A few months after that I saw that the guy had a MOT status and his 'What I do for a living' was down as 'mod headphones'. Much eyebrow raising was done. Later on I saw that he'd managed to accumulate something like 700 posts in only a few months and, as far as I could tell, most of what he said hadn't been helpful. Not only that, but he was talking as if he was an authority on topics I knew for a fact that he was rather uninformed in.
    I guess what's happened here is the logical progression of things. This is a serious case of what we refer to in my workplace as 'unconcious incompetence' that just got out of hand. The very fact that a handful of encouraging PMs I sent him in the early days could be why he's ended up costing several people hundreds of dollars is very worrying indeed, and I kind of feel bad for not speaking up about his MOT status when I could see that his skills hadn't improved. I hope the affected parties manage to sort things out.
  6. basketball
    I bet this is you Justin. Since your other account got banned.
    What you just wrote makes no sense. First you said Justing is your Son. And then you said him and his dad when it should be said "me and my son" not "his dad" because you just said you were his dad. 
  7. ulogin

    Calm down... Calm down... Things might be starting to move forward... Give dsmith (and his dad and his son) some time to get things sorted out with us in an amicable way. 
  8. soundstige
    A father and his son are in a car accident. The father dies instantly, and the son is taken to the nearest hospital. The doctor comes in and exclaims "I can't operate on this boy!"
    "Why not?" the nurse asks.
    "Because he's my son," the doctor responds.
    How is this possible??
  9. Sil3nce Moderator

    It's the mother.
    Jeez, people.
  10. wje
    Mrs. Smith,
    Thank you for taking the time to review the link to this forum that I sent to you.  It was great to discuss these issues that members on our forum here have recently gone through in regards to transactions with Justin.  I can appreciate your calmness and professionalism as you work though this issue.
    Forum Members,
    Please listen up.  Mrs. Smith (dsmith) is honestly Justin's mother.  She is a very understanding lady and had no knowledge of the issues that have been going on with Justin's transactions.  She will work with Justin to get some answers and hopefully get all of this straightened out before it goes any further.
    Thank you,
  11. Sil3nce Moderator

    There we go.
    No I hope the rest of you can respond with a proper modicum of courtesy.
  12. ulogin

    Thanks so much wje. Thank you so much.
  13. dsmith
    yes I am the mother and just read all these issues , Justin is in Alaska just talked to him. I guess give me more detail each person what he owes you in products. Not sure about the money part he has no money, unless he just bought more items to make them.
  14. wje
    I totally agree.  The forum members here need to show some professionalism while this issue gets worked out.  We all know how unfortunate the issue was with BilaVideo last year and all of the wooden Grado cups.  Eventually, the moderators took control of the thread and requested that only people with an outstanding transaction, respond in the forum.  As to the others, it was off-limits for posting.
    At the moment, I don't have any skin in this game.  However, as a forum member, I'm doing what I can to assist all of you to ensure this all works out in a positive way.  My belief is that each time a rash of bad conduct happens where people lose money or their gear in a transaction, it takes away from the level of trust that we have here.  I want to ensure the trust when one buys or sells on this forum here is not lost.  There are a lot of great people here and this is an excellent hobby where we can get together, share ideas ... along with buy and sell goods related to the hobby.  I don't want to see the forum suffer, nor do I want everyone to be scared to transact on this forum.
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  15. ulogin
    Mrs. Smith:
    I have been trying to control myself but are you saying that he has no money? He's got hundred of dollars from us and as far as I know, in April and May alone, he has bought:
    1. Little Dot I+ (street price: $180)
    2. Hifiman RE262 (street price: $250)
    3. Ultimate Ears Triple Fi. 10 (street price: $170)
    4. Schiit Asgard (street price: $250)
    5. Audio Technica ES-7 (street price: $100)
    6. Brainwzy HM5 (street price: $140)
    7. Bottlehead Crack OTL Amp (street price: $400(?). I know that he paid a deposit of $65 to a member here)
    8. Gamma y1 + y2 (he paid $100 to a member here because he needs them fixed)
    And he was also looking to buy:
    1. Yuin OK1 (street price: $228)
    It's true that he did not pay street price for these cause he bought them used here. It's also true that he sold off some of these already (like Triple Fi. 10 to basketball). But if he can afford to buy so many things in such a short period of time (and the list is already not including all the bicycle gears and fishing gears and I don't know what else he bought elsewhere), I don't think it's fair to say that "he has no money".
    The issue is that I am not longer sure whether it's true that he really wants to get our orders to us but just has no time to finish them all. As I pointed out earlier, if many ebayers sent him back phones (T50RP) for a refund, he would have shipped the same to alamakazam and iano easily (because that's what they bought from him).
    So I really don't know what to say.
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