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Feedback for Justin's Headphone Modding (jschristian44)

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  1. alamakazam
    Justin Smith   
    [Mod edit: Removed personal information]
    jschristian44 username in headfi
    his latest information
    favrekiln (ebay 99% Positive feedback)
    [Mod edit: Removed personal information] (latest paypal account , why a new account?)
  2. CosaNostra
    Did you check with customs in your country? International packages get held up with customs if the forms weren't filled out "Satisfactorily". I only say this because when I sent some stuff to India, my parcel was held at customs for a month because I didn't declare a value on the form.
    I bought a pair of Fostex Cans from him, we disagreed over the quality of the item, but he wasn't a scammer, or cheat. Now he and I didn't end on a very good note as far as our communication, so I really have no friendship with him, but still I will state he is an honest seller. He sent everything as promised (dates-wise), on time and gave constant updates. You can message him here his username is jschristian44 and I am pretty sure there have been a lot of people who have bought things from him with no such issue of not getting what they purchased.
  3. alamakazam
    I am giving him another chance
    today I ask an unrelated question on his ebay listing, he replied
    yet he ignored my emails
    after 2 months of waiting, he told me he would send this week, but now he is ignoring my emails
    I received many packages from US
  4. lee730
    If you are having an issue you need to open a case with Ebay. Waiting too long can lead to ebay not supporting you. Contact them now and explain the situation.
  5. alamakazam
    I know that, most likely I wouldnt get back the money
    but I am just going to let everybody know it
  6. CosaNostra
    Don't worry. Like I said, he is no scammer or cheat. You'll get the items you paid for.
    In my case, I was genuinely unhappy with what I got and we did get into an argument about it, but I have to say that I did get the item I purchased in a timely fashion. International shipping is full of hurdles so it might be taking longer.
    I am in no way saying you should have been more patient. Your concern is justified, but as far as Justin's credibility is concerned, he isn't a cheat.
  7. alamakazam
    I have been waiting for 2months for him to ship out .... I guess I am pretty patient
    but this week he promise to ship out, now he ignoring is my emails since monday, and just now I ask an unrelated question on his ebay listing, he replied
    is so clear, he is trying to pull out some stunt
    if he hasn't ship... there is nothing I can do.... it has nothing to do with customs, flight, cargo....
  8. lee730

    For one you shouldn't be left waiting for months at a time before your item gets shipped. If the item is out of stock he needs to let you know this and give you the option of a full refund. I'm not sure what the entire story is here (unless you have some sort of agreement?).
  9. alamakazam

    I was just being nice and patient, not a large of money, so I kept giving him chance, but what I got was disappointments again and again
    a lesson for me and an alert for his future potential buyers
  10. jschristian44
    I am not going to read anymore posts but I am reporting this to the mods.  I said I would get my stuff to you, but I have been terribly busy.  Check my feedback on here and eBay and you will see I am no scammer.
  11. alamakazam
    u had the time to reply your latest ebay listings question and not reply email since monday(
    please explain
    if u are not a scammer, please ship them out, or refund the money, I have been waiting for 2 months!!!
  12. CosaNostra
    Oh yeah, like I said in the other post, I wouldn't even dare say you should be more patient and your concern is both legitimate and justified. Two months is a long time and kudos for being a hell of a lot more patient than me.
    I only hope that you get the items you paid for...or you get back your money.
  13. jschristian44
    I will ship them out.
  14. fuseboxx
    I think you need to either:

    1) give alamakazam a definite timetable on when he will get what he paid for


    2) refund his money

    It's terribly unfair and unethical to keep a customer waiting for as long as he's waited. "I will ship them out" is not enough imo.
  15. jschristian44
    I did give him a time-table at when he will get his stuff.  Time flies by much faster than I can and some things are just un-controllable.  I have all his stuff here, but things got in the way.  Hopefully he will be a little more patient so he will get his stuff.  The cups I originally had, I drilled a hole in the one so I messed it up so I have to make more.  They take 2-3 weeks to get done.  Also, my new design is much better so he will have a better choice of woods as well as get a better sounding wooden cup.  Check my feedback on here and eBay and ask anyone I have done work for, they will tell you how good of a modder/person I am.  Time is just flying by and I can't control some things and I hope people can accept that.
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