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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. warriorpoet
    The staging is extremely precise. It's one thing I really enjoyed about my S8 Pros.
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  2. Orthanc
    so you'd take the s8pro over the s8freedom? and how did the s6rui rank among them all? also... which model posed the best value/bargain/bang for your buck out of their whole lineup? i really want to get a fearless product
  3. Ollie the bear
    In my opinion that would be the S6 rui
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  4. thejoker13
    For my preference, yes the rui was the best bargain, as they were close to the s8f, but for significantly less money. The s8f was better, but not by alot, so while an upgrade, is it worth the 200.00+ for the buyer? Maybe, maybe not, depending on how ones budget is an what they're looking to spend.
    I would also take the s8pro over the s8f, but that's only because they are unique to my collection, as I already have an iem that's similar to the s8f, but I have none that is like the s8pro.
    I would ultimately recommend a particular fearless product depending on ones budget and sound preference.
    So, if you're wanting a fun and energetic sound signature and want the best bang for buck in the fearless lineup, then I would recommend the s6rui. If you're a musician or favor true stage accuracy, than I'd highly recommend the s8pro. If you want the best fun and energetic sound fearless offers, than I'd recommend the s8f. If you're a mids head and value vocals above all else, than the s10 genie is my rec.

    I have not heard the Paladin lineup, nor the hyper s12, so my opinions are based on the Start-acme8.
  5. thejoker13
    Agreed, 100%.
  6. Orthanc
    Good info, thankyou.. i have a single-side version (i'm deaf in my left ear) of queen audio's m20 on the way, so i'm excited about that. Although the last time i paid linsoul for a single-side version of one of their IEM's (tin p1), nearly 2 months went by without a single word from them. They refunded my money after telling me Tin was claiming difficulty creating such a product. Hoping queen audio can figure it out. Additionally, Ikko audio is an amazing company because they created an updated and uniquely tuned single-side version of their OH-10 for me (and others) and mailed it to me/us via DHL for free. The cable is one continuous strand without the Y-split, it's so nice not dealing with the dangling/unused left-side mmcx or 2-pin connector. And the product itself sound fantastic, truly.. but of course now i'm itching for something new :upside_down:
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  7. harumon
    I just received my Roland CIEM and the cable that came in the box wasn't what I expected from a kilobuck IEM. It also looks different from what you guys have shared from your purchases. First off, It's black instead of silver. I usually don't care about colour and black looks fine to me.

    However, the irritating thing is that the cable has this rubbery texture that is the opposite of smooth. It also retains alot of shape memory when bunched or wound up. This is how it looks like on a normal day of use. I'm dangling the connector in this photo so you can see how much the tangles are retained.


    Now I'm wondering if Fearless sent some old and crappy cable for my order by mistake.

    Did anyone else get such a cable for their order?
  8. mungster
    All new Roland comes with the brown cable. I got the early version of the Roland with the silver cable and it is just as bad. I have to twist the jack sometimes to get get signal to both iems. They send me the new brown cable a month ago and it sound just as bad. Just invest in a $150-200 pw or effect cable. The Roland cable sounds muddy compare to my all silver 8 wire cable.
  9. CANiSLAYu
    If anyone's looking to pick up the S8F at a great price, I have mine up for sale!
  10. warriorpoet
    That's weird. The cable that came with my Roland-ish is this one


    It's pretty good, certainly up to the standard of the IEMs it's attached to, though not QUITE as nice as my Electro Acousti cables.

    That looks like one of the Fearless hand made cable line. I'm not terribly impressed by the one I got, but it is better than the original silver cable.
  11. mungster
    I am not really a believer of fancy cable. But , the higher quality cable usually have lower resistance and better dynamics. 8 wire cable definitely have a lower resistance than a 4 wire. When i compare the stock Roland cable to my 8wire pure silver cable it definitely sounds much clearer and the sparkle of the treble becomes more prominent. The Roland is a dark iem and pairs great with a pure silver cable.
  12. Infoseeker
    If you look at Linum/Estron cables, the resistance competency can be done without ridiculously thick cables with extra wires. (The parent company, Estron, is a professional audiologist company like Etymotics, with research development and hearing aid medical products)

    Why hasn't ChiFi copied this form factor already?
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  13. thesheik137
    I used to have Linum super bax. One of the only aftermarket cables I have had that failed (basically fell apart/unraveled) over time just from normal use, would not recommend.
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  14. Infoseeker
    I have two 2pin Bax (not superbax) cables from 2015 still going strong.

    Positive experience for me, and the best thing for me and my eyeglasses.

    Either way, I am referring to the form factor of them keeping a low 0.75 Ohms resistance with only 4 wires in their premium model. So 8 and 16 are not necessary, since Mungster was pondering about it.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  15. PaganDL

    I have a Super Bax, I don't use it much as I find it too light & subjectively & personally, sonically, there is virtually no difference, especially with iBasso CB 13.

    Hope you have a great day !
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