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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. Owludio
    LOL, I would say in case of LX it's more Cessna light plane with retrofitted jet engine from F35. Yea,, exciting... if you survive 9G acceleration, because that's how it feels on some tracks unEQ-ed:scream_cat:.
    I dial down 64Hz by 3db. Also final choice of the wire is Noble SPC 12" - finally can use it portable with Shanling UP2 (LDAC).
    Edit: I leave 32Hz at 0 to avoid roll off.
    Still miss Roland EST treble. I should have gotten Valkyrie instead. Then I would have natural sounding forgiving Roland and fun sounding EE.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
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  2. Medikill
    It’s s joke mate calm down
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  3. progdvd
    Still deciding S8F or Roland. In the meantime just wondering, any EU buyers here ordered through Amazon UK. Seller is still Linsoul and they ship from China. If I order from Linsoul site directly I will have to pay additional 20% import tax (Malta), but through Amazon UK I'm not sure. Amazon support says to contact Linsoul, and Linsoul I don't think they know.
    Anyone with first hand experience?
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  4. cr3ativ3
    i bought from amazon.de seller there is linsoul too. i got my parcel without tax ( but it was only a cable ) a friend of mine ordered some dm6 there , he had to pay import fees ...
    i bought my fearless acme8 from penon and they helped me to get it without extra fees
  5. progdvd
    Yes, every order over €22 is subject to tax, unless declared lower. And depending what's in the box. E.G. For cellphone customs won't believe extremely low value and they will ask proof of payment, but for cable no problem. Just got €115 cable from Ali Ex. no tax but with declared value of €10.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  6. cr3ativ3
    Yeah no matter if it’s on amazon or Linsoul directly
  7. soundblast75
    There's nothing to decide there, Roland is on another planet
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  8. progdvd
    I believe you bro but there is also bang per buck variable. Having 1k to spend however I want to, it's a though choice do I chase after these few % for a better product and double the cost. Or to settle with maybe inferior, or just older offering of similar quality? On top of that whatever I get I'll certainly EQ it to my "fun" signature.

    Edit: If i go for S8F for the extra money I could use nice DAP like M11 maybe.
    (I'm interested In m11 for the balanced connection and 2 microSD slots. My curent setup is phone with 265gb card and Ifi xdxd (no balanced) and data plan practically non existant. That's why m11 and local music with 2x 256gb would be awesome).
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  9. TAsme
    I‘d pick the s8f/p over the new lineup tbh.. tried both, s8p is just good..
  10. Evoke
    Just tried the Roland and it is not good at all. Don't believe the hype
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  11. Medikill

    What did you not like about them?
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  12. warriorpoet
    S8P is really good, slight V, warmer mids and midbass. Less linear bass and the mids can get more cluttered than Roland.

    Huh. Didn't expect that. Wonder what you were listening to/ through. All ears are different and we all like different stuff :)

    I'm curious too!
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  13. Ocelitgol
    While I'm thankful BGGR hyped the S8F, which led me to try it myself, I can't still justify dropping $1k on iem anymore. Also, even if you don't wanna read too much into a review, it's kinda nice to know that even Crin rank S8F/S8P really high.

    Roland might be another planet but man....$1k is still $1k. I'm extremely happy with S8F :)

    I'm gonna wait until someone gets tired of Roland and resell lol
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  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I'm offloading all my gear gotten over the past year to my YT channel Patreons on 11/11 and Christmas. I need the Phantoms customized up and a custom Roland. I do not want to be a collecter or a hoarder. Makes me feel like a loser. But those are the 2 I am keeping.

    Wait for an unhappy buyer and score. These are fantastic. (70-80's rock/ 90's Hip Hop)
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  15. progdvd
    By these you mean?
    I know you like both S8F and Roland

    For me these should be end-game for at least a year, 2, 3 depends for how long I can resist the new sparkly things.
    So basicly at the moment 1k budget. S8F +M11 or just Roland? And keep saving for DAP
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