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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. gazzington
    That's a great response from fearless. I think I'll still get a Roland anyhow
  2. Doctordoom16
    Wow, a company that admits it's mistakes, takes responsibility for it, and then makes right by it deserves everyone's support. The fact that most have applauded there Roland effort despite the package and cable makes my Roland purchase on 9-15 a no brainier. Kudos fearless!
    SciOC, warriorpoet and Ollie the bear like this.
  3. Darkestred
    I approve. Roland may be back on my short-want-list.
  4. KPzypher
    I returned my Roland today. I had to eat up the shipping cost, but all good. I'm just glad to get them out of my hands. Well, looks like Fearless is at least moving in the right direction. For those of you with Roland, hope you guys are well compensated. And for the new owners, I hope you guys like the product. It's a lot of money to be dissatisfied. Personally, even without all the defects, the sound wasn't for me. Now I got my eyes on LX and Percivali :ksc75smile::L3000: Enjoy!!!
  5. mungster
    @KPzypher you will not only East up the shipping cost, you will eat up the 20% restocking fee also!
  6. KPzypher
    Nope. Getting a full refund.
  7. warriorpoet
    I hope you find your best sound :)
    davidcotton and KPzypher like this.
  8. Doctordoom16
    What was it that you dint like sound wise? I'm looking at the Roland, Solaris, Noble Kahn and the Roland seemed like the front runner for me
  9. mungster
    KPzypher i think you should just go for the Sony ier z1r and be done with it! You can't go wrong with the Sony house sound. Sony always sound very meaty in the low end while it is also very detail in the mids and highs. I admit as i just got the roland about 2 weeks now, the sound is a tad distant and hollow to my liking and now i let burn in a week now and it seems to sound much more impactful and more detail. Every manufacturer have their own house signature sound, that for sure.
  10. KPzypher
    I already own IER Z1R which I like very much.
    Redcarmoose likes this.
  11. warriorpoet
    Why are you yelling?
    Owludio, KPzypher and twiceboss like this.
  12. SciOC
    Though some will wake up, the rest remain the same.
    This. Nice to see people owning it instead of making up excuses.

    I just wish there was a cable termination option on most IEMs.

    I bet a large percentage of us have a big pile of unused 3.5mm cables sitting around already. A faulty 3.5mm cable wouldn't even have gone noticed by me since I use 2.5/4.4/xlr cables 100% of the time at this point as a hobbyist. Kind of sad that a bunch of people will be getting a second cable they'll never touch....
    havagr8da and warriorpoet like this.
  13. MrLocoLuciano
    Probably cause he has been listening too loud on his Gold Touch :ksc75smile:
    warriorpoet likes this.
  14. mungster
    KPzypher you see. I knew Z1r would be your taste. Anyways, No matter how good a iem is, my hifiman susvara and my $20,000 dac amp will blow all these iem out of the water in sound quality. There is just so much an iem can excel due to space and physical limitations. I am getting into the iem hobby because of its portability and its amazing how such a small little m&m size thing can produce pretty great sound, but it's still nowhere near the sound from my susvara and amp setup.
  15. mungster
    @warriorpoet. Not yelling. Just accidentally switched font size.
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