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FEARLESS Audio IEM's Discussion/Impressions

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  1. JerryLeeds
    Has any listened to the TANSIO MIRAI TSMR-6
  2. warriorpoet
    Wrong thread :wink:
  3. SBranson
    I had the T800 for about a day. I sold it mostly because the day after I purchased it a friend of mine offered me something I had wanted from him for a long time, but also I sold it because I didn't like . I agree with how you describe it.
    It was technically pretty good, as in it was good as you focused on the parts but it didn't have the cohesion of the S8F. A good iem for the price. Treble was a problem though.
    The S8F is just a much better iem in my opinion.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  4. jsmiller58
    Not to take the thread off topic but since you bring it up, for me even with the bass stock tips the MS4 treble is a bit too peaky (sources - R6 Pro in wired mode, and my LG using LDAC through ES100, all music Tidal some at hi-fi some as Master).
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
  5. Animagus
    Ummm...I have! :D
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  6. Random Lunatic
    I'm really curious how the Roland or even T800 for that matter stack up in terms of detail retrieval/resolution compared to more 'conventionally' priced flagships, like Noble Audio, 64 Audio, Sennheiser IE800 etc.
    Because I'm looking for something with as much detail as absolutely possible, not too bright, but also some extra low end grunt...
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  7. cr3ativ3
    Maybe Solaris is what you are looking for :)
    Or maybe the Roland .. lets wait for more impressions here :)
  8. Owludio
    Yes, but treble is recessed enough to get away with "treble murder" . Add lower end of Ms4 to s8p and we would have a treasure! I don't expect Roland to have low end of ms4 but it should be good enough.
  9. Kenneth Galang
    Solaris was pretty bass light for me
  10. cr3ativ3
    With right tips and seal it’s fine in bass department. And awesome for details
  11. Random Lunatic
    I've considered the Solaris and Atlas heavily... I'm just worried because I heard the Andromeda once, and just found it completely boring and unimpressive; straight up just stopped listening to them because they were that "meh" sounding... So I'm worried the Solaris would be the same, given its the same company. Atlas I'm sure I'd like, but doubt the detail would be up to what I'm looking for - and given I'm only looking to buy a single IEM for now...

    But yea, I look forward to hearing more of the Roland. The problem however is that people very rarely do comparisons to "high end" stuff with these chi-fi IEMs. Same reason I haven't jumped on the T800 yet (that and its reported brightness), since its often a lot of: "its the most detailed thing I've heard - but I haven't heard much else" or only other similarly priced chi-fi IEMs at best. Which is fine of course! Just not that useful to me personally I'm afraid - nice to know which is the best of the chinese IEMs, but if they aren't better than what I've got or like, then... :p
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
    cr3ativ3 likes this.
  12. Random Lunatic
    Yea, I've seen people say that often enough that I'm more seriously looking at the Atlas or even Legend X for that matter... But if a IEM like the Roland could do what they do, at a much more reasonable price, that would be grand, wouldn't it? ^^
  13. cr3ativ3
    Never heard the andros ... so cant compare them to Solaris
  14. cr3ativ3
    Can’t say for sure .. but I don’t believe that the Roland give u the bass which legend will give you . I’ve heard it so often “this competes with lx” was never true.
    HBB said the bass from Roland is more like ex1000. Ex1000 need EQ bass , lx don’t

    For me personal is the legend x with a good source and a good cable the best iem ever heard , but this is another price range
  15. Random Lunatic
    That it is - I'm hoping an LX comes up 2nd hand in EU at some point...
    My current reference is my Sennheiser IE800, and Westone UM 50 Pro, compared to a Noble Katana I heard, which had the best detail retrieval I've heard. However I've been listening to electronic music a lot lately, and the warm bass response of something like a Bowers & Wilkins P7 is just fantastic for that, though a bit imprecise... So I'm hoping to find some sort of combination of them :p

    But I guess the Roland might just be wishful thinking for me...

    Seems most IEMs and headphones for that matter are tuned overly bright, and companies like Unique Melody even act like making a bright IEM is somehow unusual and going against the grain! Sure it makes details more obvious, but it also makes your ears bleed, unless you've already lost your high frequency hearing. And has given me almost chronic listening fatigue at this point.
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