Fear for wear from ear
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Apr 6, 2006
This monday i picked up a pair of Grado SR80.
I've used them for a total of roughly 24 hours.
My problem and question relates to the thin bright grid that covers the driver; the position I find to generate the best sound makes parts of my outer ear touch this bright grid.
(This makes the sound more clear to me.)

Some areas of this thin grid has become darker and since human skin litters all kinds of garbage I assume the darkness is a result of my skin touching it.
I'm not perfectly sure this is the actual cause, but it makes sense.
It's not much, and the grid doesn't seem to be otherwisely dirty, but it's definitely darker.

I took some fine macros of it thinking I could upload it here only to find out that I can't, and since my ISP just turned my beloved into a nasty dynamic IP I can't show the photos.

To get to the point, should I worry about the darker areas?
As mentioned, I've only had these headphones for four days, which leaves me wondering in distress how the grid will look in 2 years.
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Mar 28, 2006
i thought some grado screens come dark from the factory. i have a 3-4 year old pair of sr80's and the screens are still white. seems like ear oils have very little to do with the darkness.

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