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Favorite TWITCH streamers?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by protoss, Jun 7, 2017.
  1. protoss
    Hey videogamers,

    Who are your top twitch streamers and what games they stream?
    I am pretty sure most of you heard of twitch? Best place for gamers or basically the only place.

    Mine are:

    Maximilian_DOOD - Max streams a variety of fighting games primary and random new games here and there

    Drdisrespectlive - Primary shooters and entertainment at it's fullest

    imstilldadaddy - Primary fighting games. Best guile in Britain.

    wintergaming - Primary 90% Starcraft 2. Top player and replace the coward Huskeystarcraft
  2. javamalava
    Wraxu and aimbotcalvin
  3. JerkChicken

    His skill arethe best i've witnessed.. Especially on Black Ops 4
  4. hamison
    greekgodx, fedmyster, disguisedtoast
  5. Playstation
    Bob Ross
  6. konami
    wintergaming my top one
  7. hikaruchisaki
    I watch some of Bob Ross' stream every weekend. lol

    I don't really watch gamers stream... I'd rather watch let's plays from beginning to end on YouTube (like horror games since I'm too scared to play them myself), so on Twitch I'll watch cooking shows, Pokemon, or musicians, stuff like that.
  8. iammarcy
    I don't really watch streams too much anymore, but I always watch Mang0's videos on youtube.
    Super fun personality to watch. It also helps if you are really deep into the Super Smash Melee pro scene.
  9. willham
    shroud's stream snipers are some of the best in the business
  10. dMXyEYe
    Jankos - LoL
    DrDisrespect - All over =)
  11. clouddasher
    I don;t have a favorite streamer, but more the streamers that come to Games Done Quick.

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