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Favorite Orchestral Soundtracks

Discussion in 'Music' started by claritas, Aug 3, 2014.
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  1. Claritas
    Classical soundtracks deserve their own thread. Please post here (not in the classical thread).

    I'll start with two soundtracks. The first could just as well have been posted in the classical thread and the second definitely couldn't.

    Philip Glass. The Illusionist.


    James Horner. A Beautiful Mind.

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  2. Music Alchemist
    [This was originally posted to the classical thread, but was moved here to keep things on topic.]
    There are so many intriguing releases mentioned in this thread. I wouldn't even dream of acquiring them until I upgrade to a system worthy of their magnificence.
    For now, I hope it will suffice to share this opera piece entitled "Diva" from the Blood+ Original Soundtrack 1.

    It was composed by Mark Mancina and produced by Hans Zimmer (who also did the scores for The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Twister, and many other popular films), with vocals performed by Elin Carlson.
  3. extrabigmehdi
    Only "classical" soundtracks ?

    Anyway my favorite soundtracks that are "remotely" classical:
    Blade runner by Vangelis
    And then "solaris" by Cliff Martinez:


    There was time I listened religiously to the three soundtracks ocean eleven, twelve, thirteen, but it doesn't sound classical at all I guess:
    Oh and a last one, very far from classical, but never mind:
    Fight club soundtrack
  4. Claritas
    Great! I know a lot of people like orchestral movie music. I prefer it to most modernist classical music myself.

    Two instances of soundtracks that are creative modern takes on classical composers are:

    Edward Artemyev's electronic score for Tarkovsky's Solaris, which gave Bach a space age feel.

    Michael Nyman's work for Peter Greenaway's long first movie, The Draughtman's Contract, which gave us a rich jazz ensemble version of Purcell.

  5. Byrnie
    A great idea for a thread.  Thanks for starting this Claritas.
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  6. Music Alchemist
    I was going to mention when I posted in the classical thread that I felt a little guilty for posting a song that was classical-inspired but not proper classical, and that there should be a thread for neoclassical, orchestral soundtracks, etc. Thanks for reading my mind!
    Thanks also for giving me the honor of being labeled as the thread starter. ^_^
  7. Byrnie
    Ahh crap!  Apparently, I can't read.  My bad dude!
  8. brhfl
    Funny line between when something is relegated to 'mere' soundtrack music and when it starts to become a worthy consideration of modern classical repertoire by its own merits... There have been plenty of pops orchestra recordings of the music of John Williams, for example, and if we really want to start frustrating ourselves, could we not call Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker a soundtrack to a ballet? A lot of people seem to find program music of all manners somehow lesser, or lower-brow than absolute music, but I've always had a soft spot for it myself. Tone poems, ballet scores, film scores... Many composers do their best work with clear imagery in mind, it seems.
    Recommendation for a classical soundtrack? Music from The Woodmans, composed by David Lang, performed by Sō Percussion, and available for a fiver from Bang on a Can.
    Edit: Original thought process behind the above mini-ramble was the mention of Nyman, whose work is always welcome, and has seemingly entered broad(er) repertoire...
  9. Music Alchemist
    Actually, both of my statements were directed to Claritas, so no worries. He started the thread using a post I made in another thread.
  10. Music Alchemist
    I changed the thread title again to reflect this, since technically, most orchestral soundtracks do not qualify as proper classical - though you could call them neoclassical.
  11. Claritas

    Thanks for the encouragement. You, too, MA.

    OK, we'll keep the new name.
  12. Currawong Contributor
    To fix the confusion: Claritas started this thread, but due to a post prior to his being moved to it, the thread starter was changed automatically. I've now fixed things so that Claritas is the thread starter again. 
  13. preproman
    By Hans Zimmer:
    By The London Philharmonic Orchestra:
  14. Music Alchemist
    Nice. I mentioned Hans Zimmer and The Dark Knight in my Blood+ post. I loved the repetitive violins in that recurring theme in The Dark Knight. Although they're easy to poke fun at, they do add to the atmosphere of the movie.
  15. Sorrodje
    Very interesting thread. So I suscribed too [​IMG]
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