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Favorite OP AMP?

  1. IcedFrosty
    Hey guys, do you all mind to share your experience and opinions on your favorite op amp(s)? I'm looking for a good budget op amp to replace my NE5532. Any advice? The opa1622 seems to have my attention . Any recommendations would be great!

  2. IcedFrosty
    How's the ound signature? Do you recommend it? I'm not a basshead.
  3. tomb
    OPA627 is generally regarded as the best audio opamp, period. Unfortunately, TI/Burr-Brown knows this and it's fairly expensive for an opamp (to be honest, it's based on circuitry that costs more to manufacture). The OPA637 is essentially the same opamp, but a bit more detailed. However, it is not stable with gains less than 5.

    Either opamp is generally considered to be extremely rich and detailed, yet neutral. Some may regard it as a bit slow, but it never really sounds that way. It's not for portables, though, unless a lot of voltage is present. Generally speaking, it needs a power supply of 9V or more.

    If you're starting from an NE5532, chances are you'll hear tremendous improvement with just an OPA2134 -very inexpensive and stable in more circuits than not.
  4. Magicman74
    My Fave, LT1364 Nice Deep, Tight Bass, Mids are Buttery Smooth (Best from an opamp, IMO), Treble is nicely detailed and extended without being harsh. a very wide and deep sound stage as well.
    I'll toss in the OPA2132 it's a better OPA2134 mentioned above. Still slow and boring for my taste, OPA laid back sound. (OPA just sound too veiled to me, can be good or bad. Taste really matter here)
    LM49720 is another decent chip. Very detailed but can become harsh sounding at loud volumes. Detail and air for days tho. Best sound stage by far.
    LM49820 Same as above but better all around. Not as harsh, smoother top to bottom.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
  5. IcedFrosty
    I heard that lm49720 is like... Really good op amp. But is it true, though? And, the OPA1622 is kinda have my attention now. As TI says it's their 2015 best op amp. Is it?

    And thanks for your reply. I'm waiting for another reply and experience from you and other head-fier

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