Favorite musician/band/group of all time...post here.
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The one I return to the most often is A Wilhelm Scream. But my Post Rock obsession of late is kind of getting in the way of that.
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When i heard "Baby" by Justin bieber, i thought it was a girl singing....

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Big Star is one of the bands that periodically goes into the rotation as one of my favorite groups, so it's with some sadness that I report more bad news following the surprise death of leader Alex Chilton four months ago. Andy Hummel, the bassist who left music altogether shortly after the tattered band had wrapped the extraordinary Radio City, died last Monday. He'd been a defense contractor in Texas for decades, but in his Memphis rock days, he wrote the Big Star gems "Life Is White", "The India Song" and (personal fave) "Way Out West". He'd been sick for a couple of years. He reminisces a bit in this interview from 2001: http://www.furious.com/perfect/andyhummel.html
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Oh man. Sorry to hear that!
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Anyway mine would either have to be Dream Theater or Pink Floyd.  Why listen to a bunch of bands when you can listen to one band and get multiple genres?

oh.  i didn't realize dream theatre played country. 


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