Farewell LCD Soundsystem!
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Mar 3, 2005
If you guys don't know, pitchfork.com is streaming their last concert on their front page right now.  I'd go and catch it if I were you.  They're doing a 3 hour show but it's already like half of the way through.  I barely even noticed how fast it's going!

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So they were playing one of the tracks off 45:33 and then broke straight into Sound of Silver and like half the band came out on stage in these silver boiler suits.  Dangit why am I not in New York right now XD
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Thanks for posting this.  Glad I am able to catch some of the concert.  I love Jame's Murphy's stuff.
I wasn't sure about the SQ from a streaming deal like this, but it's not horrible, listenable for sure.
Wish I was able to airplay it to my living room...
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I dragged my receiver from my room to my computer and hooked it up with my mixing deck!  It's very listenable, but I'm doing speakers and not headphones.

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Wow, the bass line in "Someone Great" is mind blowing, great version live!! 
I have to say I'm impressed with everything they've done tonight.  I would typically think they'd shine more in the studio, but this is a great show.
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Looks like he's having trouble with his IEM's.... wonder what brand he's sporting, I haven't been able to get a good look at them yet. 
Head Fi'er at heart here, can't resist checking out the equipment, even when I'm digging the tunes!
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I must have not been looking up.  missed that.  noticed he's wearing IEMs earlier, though...
OH yeah i see what's goingg on.  Murphy keeps sticking his finger in his right ear?  Maybe having problems' keeping seal.  Or just trying to hear himself a little better to stay in key?
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He was messing with both ears, even pulled one ear out for a while, pointed at them as if to ask his sound guy to do something.
Was it just me or did you notice him a little off key for a while... may have been due to the trouble.  Seems like he's back on now, so maybe they got it straightened out.
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He's off key sometimes...  I think the songs where he has to sing a little more classi..
oh snap New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down!  Yes!
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That's an interesting Mic he's using... appears to be a vintage Sennheiser MD 409.  Seems it was "THE" mic to have... when the Doobie brothers were touring! 
Very cool.
I'm sticking it out... I'm thinking encore!! 


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