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FAL FLAT Supreme S Single-Driver Speakers

Trader History (10)
  1. MohawkUS
    For Sale or Trade
    Ship to:
    • Other (see description)
    These are single-driver speakers rated for 95db/1m. The driver is the Flat-C60 Neodymium Flat full ranger.
    Recommended minimum power is 8 tube watts.
    This is the only pair in North America to my understanding.

    These speakers appealed to me for their headphone like nature. Coherent, quick, and they allow you to move around the room without much changing the sound

    These speakers are for pickup only, I am willing to meet within a one hour drive of Hartford CT. Gets me halfway to NYC or Boston. These speakers will fit in the backseat of an average size family car.
    12''x12''x35'' Each

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
  2. MohawkUS
    Price dropped to 1700
  3. MohawkUS
    Price drop to 1625
  4. MohawkUS
    Still for sale.
    Possible trades include high-end DACs or headphone gear. Even if I'm not specifically interested it may be easier to ship/sell..

    IMG_20150724_122208.jpg 2016-12-29 13.13.36.jpg.jpg
  5. MohawkUS
  6. MohawkUS
    bump, price drop
  7. MohawkUS
    Accepting reasonable offers.

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