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Fake Sennheiser MM50 IP's on eBay?

  1. BDP
    After shopping for a pair of MM50 IP's (figuring they were the best cheaper solution for my iphone) I found a really fair price (or so I thought) of around 30 bucks shipped on eBay. US Seller. Amazon is asking $100 for these so I figured, solid deal.

    However, I got worried when I learned the phones were shipping from Hong Kong. They sure LOOK legit all the way down to the package, but I have learned to know a little better about knockoffs - Any way I can tell if these are fakes? Coincidentally, eBay seems FLOODED with this model now for even cheaper, where US retailers charge a ton more, which is screaming out "clones" to me.

    Oh, and they don't sound so great to me (though I don't have a pair of CX 300's for comparison).

    Anyone know if there's fake MM50's coming out of HK or how I could tell?

    Much thanks.
  2. walkingman
  3. BDP
    Yeah, I heard about the CX300 - So I'm worried this is a new kind of fake. Do you know if these have sort of a muddy sound to them? I had to turn treble boost on the iphone on just to get a more airy feel to the music.

    The cord and even the button and mic look spot on to the originals though. Is the packaging for the fake CX300's spot on too? I'm amazed at how good of a fake it is, looks-wise anyway, if this IS fake.
  4. walkingman
    Sounds like you have them. Perhaps you can post some close up pictures for us to judge?

    Anyway the CX 300 is more bass orientated. They are bloated and muddy, but good enough for throwaways. Nothing wrong with them if cheap (got mine years ago for £16), but hardly worth the RRP.
  5. BDP
    Here's some shots. Let me know if you need any other angles to determine.




  6. walkingman
    I do not have the MM50, but the driver head looks like the real CX 300. If those are fakes they are very well done.

    Here are some pictures of a genuine CX 300 vs fake:

    fakeheadphones.com » Sennheiser CX300: Fake vs Genuine

    The only reason I think yours might be fake is Sennheiser's stock pictures of the MM50 shows a driver housing which has a matte finish. Yours is glossy, albeit weathered.
  7. BDP
    Thanks, that's a really helpful link - Using those comparisons these certainly look, in every way, genuine. Everything they cited as a "real" CX300 is exactly what these have. So either fakes have gotten a lot better or these are the real deal. Maybe they can just get them a lot cheaper in Hong Kong hence the major price difference on eBay vs Amazon (30 vs 100).
  8. kjk1281
    At first glance, everything seems to be similar to the genuine article. But the more I look at the close-up pic the more unsure I am. I've noticed that the finish is matte as opposed to glossy black, and the Sennheiser logo and the "R" seems to be crudely stamped.

    Click on the picture of my CX300 below to view a larger version.

  9. BDP
    I'll take more closeups of the backs of the earbuds. They are pretty gloosy, definitely not matte -- Maybe my pics didn't show that as well.

    I'll post them up tonight after work. Thanks.
  10. kjk1281
    That's good to hear. The only other thing that concerns me is the gap between the silver ring and the black housing in your second pic. Could your pair be defective?
  11. BDP
    You know what, both sides have that gap. Interesting. Maybe these are not authentic after all. Could just be a fresh new line of fakes that aren't widespread enough to have been spotted yet.
  12. kjk1281
    That could be the case. I still wouldn't rule out that it's a defect, but the fact that it's on both sides is suspicious. It's scary to think that the only difference separating the genuine articles from the fakes is a small gap.

    Do you think the seller would give you a refund if you asked?
  13. BDP
    I think the seller offers a 1 week refund on all products (at my expense to ship them to NYC, not hong kong at least) -- Sounds like this is a US guy working with an HK company. He sells a lot of products. He got caught selling knockoff creative labs headphones so I called him on that, he said that was a one time thing and he no longer sells that product due to the mess-up. But it still worries me anytime headphones are being imported from hong kong.

    I'll take some good pics of the logo stamp and the gap on both sides tonight for ya. I think i only have another day or two to send them back.

    All I want is a good iphone compatible (mic and button) set of phones but I really don't want to pay $100 for them.
  14. walkingman
  15. kjk1281
    I agree with walkingman. Contact the seller as soon as possible. Good luck BDP.

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