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Fake IE8?! please help!!!

  1. djbasketball1
    HI guys, i bought these IE8 when i was in Poland. I bought them used, The seller says they were bought in 2009.Could anyone tell me if they are fake or real because i am kind of suspicious. Here are the pics:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. djbasketball1
    Is there any generous head fire that could help me? I really need help. Please help!!
  3. FearSC549
  4. djbasketball1
    I had a listen, I can't find myself a good seal. But I haven't heard another pair of ie8 so I can't really tell either.
    Also I turned the knob and I didn't feel any big difference
  5. djbasketball1
  6. Kwangsun
    I own a pair. Look pretty real to me too. Yes, check out the link. I know I did when I first got my IE8.
  7. djbasketball1


    OK thanks for your help.

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