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Factory refurbished IE8 from Amazon is actually an IE7?

  1. anoxy
    So I just got these factory refurbished Sennheiser IE8 off this Amazon seller: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0012XFDWE/ref=dp_olp_refurbished?ie=UTF8&condition=refurbished
    I think they gave me IE7s and labeled them as IE8s. Check out the pictures. IE7 housing and cable but with IE8 branding on the cord. IE8 user manuals...What?
    Thankfully there are returns, but I wanted to post this here so nobody makes the same mistake I did.
  2. alphaphoenix
    Yup.  Somebody F***** up. I thought the IE7 cable was not removable.  Who knew, looks like it does. Definitely return them.  There's a possibility that the IE7 housing and drivers may be fake.
  3. vinnievidi
    I don't think that's removable.  My old pair of IE7 looked like that and were fixed.  If that truly came from the Sennheiser factory, it's amazing that it made it past quality control.  I hope you can return them without a hitch.  Does the seller have a good policy?  
  4. ninjames
    Looks like there's multiple problems with people getting broken headphones/having headphones issues on that seller's feedback history. That and shipping issues accounts for a lot of negative feedback. I wouldn't ever buy from someone who is below like 97% positive
  5. alv4426
    This looks like someone decided to "trade in" their IE7 for some IE8 and you ended up paying for it. 
  6. anoxy
    Yeah, I'm just glad the order was fulfilled by Amazon so returning them is easy and free. I've already packed them up and will be dropping them off at the post office tomorrow. I'm really disappointed, as I was so excited to receive these. Guess it just wasn't meant to be.
    I just think it's ridiculous that the cord says IE8, yet they are CLEARLY IE7! Like how does that even happen? They sounded kinda crappy too, but I didn't really care enough to give them a long listen. I just want my IE8s!
  7. dleblanc343
    This is why I don't like purchasing things online when the rebate seems to good to be true. Buyer's beware!
    If the price is too good to be true (60% off and up), then it probably is too good to be true. It's a huge gamble to take
  8. CashNotCredit
    Typically, fulfillment from Amazon means that a seller is legitimate.  Guess that isn't always the case. ://
  9. AppleDappleman
    If I'm correct the cables are removable from the IE8. Thats how some people reverse their drivers so they can play the IE8's facing down rather than around ear. (I could be totally wrong though.)
  10. vinnievidi
    No, you're right about the IE8.  The IE7's cable is fixed though.
  11. Blotto80
    That's what turned me off from getting IEx, they are too commonly faked as they are so popular. I bought a pair of IE7s from an amazon seller with good feedback and they showed up broken and fake. He quickly refunded my money and told me to toss them out which leads me to think he knew.
    I really love senns but I couldn't spring for NIB from an authorized seller so I just couldn't trust any to be legit.
    Ended up ordering some EPH100s so I could be sure of ending up with what I actually bought.
  12. ninjames
    Well, I think this seller is more ... Careless and uninformed than he is not legitimate. Seems like some return or something was not checked thoroughly.
  13. Hahayyy
    HAHA how in the world did you end up with that!? HAHA I guess someone really screwed up:/
  14. imackler
    The seller is listed on Senneheiser's official repair list. They also have a 90 day return. But wow...that's a huge screw up. 
  15. anoxy
    Yep, check out this response I got to the complaint e-mail I sent them through Amazon:
    (Excuse the repetitive nature of my original e-mail to them....I was a bit tired from researching headphones all night lol)
    What you received are the old version IE8 headphones it states in the ad they are the old version. They were not mislabeled. However if you are unhappy with the purchase you will need to contact Amazon to return them as the order was filled by them.
    Thank you,
    --- Original message ---
    Regarding order number 103-7838446-1993047
    The earphones I ordered as advertised by Pinnacle Deals on Amazon.com are the Sennheiser IE8. However, I received the lower end Sennheiser IE7 instead. They have been mislabeled on the cable as IE8, however the earbud housing, cable, and other features are consistent with IE7 design. I would like to request a return and full refund based on false advertisement by Pinnacle Deals. Their ad clearly shows photos of Sennheiser IE8 earphones, and the description is consistent with the IE8s. However, features such as non-removable cables and rounded earbud housing lead me to conclude that these are not Sennheiser IE8 but rather the lower end version, the Sennheiser IE7. I have provided photos of the earphones I received, which are clearly different than the earphones in the advertisement placed by Pinnacle Deals. However, they have been mislabeled on the cord as IE8. This is incorrect. The included documentation is for Sennheiser IE8 earbuds, but the actual earbuds are not Sennheiser IE8. Please provide me with a return label and full refund, or send me the correct and authentic Sennheiser IE8 model."
    No, Lisa, there is no such thing as "old version" IE8. These are clearly IE7s with non-removable cables and rounded housing. Nice try though.

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