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FA7, the first Quad drivers IEM from FiiO , all Knowles BAs and 3D printed technical , MMCX design

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  1. gLer
    Hmm, tough one that. I actually prefer the FH5 for comfort to be honest - the shallower insertion is just that much less intrusive. But it does mean you have to find tips that sit well and seal well. The FA7 with the right tips is also very comfortable, but I find tips that go too far into my ear canal uncomfortable. These things are so personal!

    Apparently the new black FH5 has slightly deeper insertion so you may want to look into those, or wait and see what the FH7 are all about in March.
  2. SeeD
    Thanks!!! Yes, I was looking at the new black FH5s and may pull the trigger on those and try them out. They are not as sculpted and the FA7s as you know.

    I was not aware there was going to be FH7s! Dang- it takes weeks/months finding new IEMs and they add more fuel to the proverbial burning desire for the best—-that I can afford. :wink:
  3. SeeD
    For those who are using an ES-100. How did the FA7s sound using the ES-100 without EQ? Mine sounds more dark and muddy. Figured without EQ, the ES-100 would just pass through the signal. Guess not.

    Anyone want to share their FA7 EQ settings??

  4. mhoopes
    Question:,when you say dark and muddy, what are you comparing it to? Sabre DACs are known to be less warm or smooth on the high end than AKM’s “Velvet Sound”. Potentially another thing that may be compensatable.


    Here’s where I’m at in the present. M Bass tips, probably average-to-less-than-average insertion depth.
  5. SeeD
    Actually, I was comparing the sound quality from the ES-100 to my wired connection to my iPhoneXS. I was thinking that the signal would just pass through the ES-100, when not in EQ mode, but it must be processed even when not in EQ.

    For me, the FA7s vocals seem veiled and yes, the sound signature is warm. When using the FA7s and the ES-100- no EQ, the sound signature is much more warm and seemingly veiled. Hence my use of the word darker. I know I can EQ if course, but it was just surprising is all.

    Thanks for your EQ!
  6. gLer
    Very interesting. Could be the ES100 dac and/or amp are slightly darker than the iPhone’s. Could also be BT reducing quality?
  7. mhoopes
    Hmm, I have an iPhone Xs also, but I don't have the Apple dongle (I assume that's the one you have). I haven't been able to discern any quality dropoff or tuning difference using BT vs USB (iPhone vs. PC), both with 250 kb/s+ AAC source material.
    I believe the Apple dongle has a pretty flat frequency response, and about 1 Ohm output impedance. AKM's "house sound" may be the difference you're hearing.
  8. SeeD
    You may be right about the dongle, perhaps that makes a the difference. I will check sound quality using the direct connection to an older iPad of mine, just to satisfy my curiosity.

    I am using the ES-100 EQ now and made some minor tweaks as an initial eval. I enjoy the FA7 bass, so I just adjusted the mid range and vocal frequencies up gradually and the perceived veiling disappeared for me. It doesn’t take much adjustment .5 to 1.5 dB increase. So far so good. Now I get the kick of the bass and the separation of the instruments and increased detail.

    I will play around with the adjustments this weekend.

    Thanks for all the input everyone.
  9. cleg
    My video about FA7

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  10. gazzington
    do these work well for death, doom, black metal with a fiio m9?
  11. xenithon
    With the right tips, Pantera sounded splendid on these. The warmth and body with all the detail do particularly well for metal drums and guitar riffs.
  12. sidecross
    Having spent time with both the fa7 and fh5 and switching back and forth listening to the same song selections, I can concur with some of the descriptions noting the differences. To me they have been minor. After deciding on which of the two iem’s to use, I enjoy which ever one I choose. I might just be jaded and not one to be taken seriously.

    The selection of which one to purchase comes down to a judgement of your ear size and whether you would have a problem with fitting the fh5. As I stated before I needed time and experiment to fit the fh5, while the fa7 fit with the preexisting shipped ear tip; I did upgrade to spinfit 145 medium for added comfort.
  13. davidcotton
    Amp3 have these in stock in the red/blue in the uk atm.
  14. NovaFlyer
    Brought the FA7 on a business trip to really try them out. Spent several hours with them today and they are quite comfortable - I'm using them with Comply foam tips and have no discomfort. I did try some of the tips included with the FA7, but after a period of time (30-60 min), I found them uncomfortable or not really being able to get a good seal. I do hear the bass quite well with the Comply tips on the FA7 and it depends on what songs I'm listening to as whether the bass overpowers the vocals or other instruments. The live version of In the Air Tonight sounds awesome - the bass is present and I can hear each drum being struck and it’s well defined / precise. My setup is an iPhone 8 to a Fiio Q5 and using the stock 3.5mm SE cable.

    When I return home, I'll continue to experiment with other tips, and comparing them to the FH5 I have.
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  15. Currawong Contributor
    And mine...

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