F/S: Triple Fi 10s w/ extras - SOLD
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May 17, 2008
I've got a triple fi 10s that are less than a week old and been used for less than 10 hours total.

I love these IEMs to death but I've been having ear problems lately and been told by my doctor to avoid any further uses of IEMs... so these need to go.

They'll come with 4-5 sets of comply foams, as well as everything that comes in the box. They will also come with 5 tips of Shure Olives that are on order that I haven't even touched yet. The shure tips will arrive a little later as they haven't gotten to my house yet.

Cost of the IEMs + 5 sets of complys + Shure olives are $SOLD$ dollars + shipping. I am from Berkeley, California. I would consider this a ridiculously good deal.

They still have almost a full year of warranty left on them! (little over 11 months)

Shipping international now! But note that shipping / handling will cost you a bit more now.

Accepting Money Order or Paypal, non-cc preferred, as long as you're willing to add 3%.

I can give the buyer a good deal on custom cables @ null-audio as mine is sent back for repairs and I won't really be needing them anymore.

Thanks for looking.

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