F/S Redwine iMod-ed Ipod $575 60GB
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Dec 26, 2005
>>>>>SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>SOLD>>>>>>>Hello-I have for sale a MINTY 60GB Photo Redwine imodded iPod for sale,SOLD>>>>>> .. I purchased the iPod in Feb. 2006 and the Imod was performed about a month ago. I will provide receipts for the Redwine iMod and the sales receipt for the 60GB iPod. I purchased the iPod new,at the time of purchase it was unopened box,I paid $370 for the Ipod at Circuit City.Cost of the Redwine iMod is $199 plus $15 for shipping back and then I paid around $12 to be shipped to Redwine,so I have $596 invested.

I can email pictures. Please email me and I'll forward them to you.
The condition of the iPod is C9.0 or MINTY! I babied it,it stays in a case-ari leather case. Virtually zero scratches,on the day of purchase I applied a Martin Fields screen protector and on the back is a crystal clear protection.
I'm very picky about condition and this iPod is really in Mint condition.
I'll leave the music included,over 2400 songs all from CD's imported iTunes Apple Lossless,many from MOFI CD's and DCC Gold cd's. All types of music,1970-90's rock,alternative,blues,bluegrass,folk.

I also have a brand new Vaja case to offer also,it just arrived yesterday.
I can email pictures. The case cost me $76 plus $17 for shipping. I'll sell it for $60. It's red on the front and black on the back. Has wheel protection and screen protection. It's MINT.

Job issues force me to sell,otherwise I would not sell.
My Ebay ID is Kewlstuff61 all 100% positive and on Audiogon is Robster also all positive.


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