F/S Pioneer Minidisc Deck MJ-D508 (UK - London)
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 6, 2005
I am clearing out my unused equipment, and so up for sale is my Pioneer Minidisc Deck.


It's a cracking unit, with excellent features and sound quality. Admittedly, minidisc is not the most popular format any more, but the DAC in here is pretty good, and can be used separately, with optical and COAX digital inputs.

The RCA outputs are solid, and the unit even has a fairly solid quality headphone stage. It's a useful bit of kit.

I am looking for £50, plus shipping (probably around £10 to UK, although I am yet to investigate), and I am very happy for the buyer to collect (North London) or deliver personally if they are close. Although I am not averse to shipping abroad, it would cost more money, and probably not be worth your while.

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