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F/S Non vintage 08 DT48e 25ohm (last one I'm selling.) SOLD

  1. kool bubba ice
    I am selling my 08 DT48e 25ohm for 154.00 shipped.. I used to put them on my amp which was hot & the padding starting to come off.. I sewed them together.. Doesn't effect the comfort & the padding has no holes or anything.. Replacement pads are 30.00 directly from Beyer if interested.. Other then the pads the headphones themselves are in pristine condition. Even if you decide to replace the pads, the price still comes to under 200.00.. I have under 100 hrs on the headphones..
    My ebay feedback is 211, all positive.. gamesmike277..My head fi feedback is in my sig. I'm as honest as they come.. As I am selling the DT48e for what I paid for them, 142.00, plus 12.00 for shipping.. Still much cheaper then the 350 from B&H.. & you will get them most likely in 3-4 days.. Ignore the conspiracy theorist who think I laid out a scheme to hype then up just to drive up the price.. I sold two already. One for 160.00, the other for 125.00.. Just what I paid for them. I 'hype' them cause I believe in them, & their greatness in what they do.. So, I make NO PROFIT.I have integrity & am genuine in my belief that the DT48 are the best, under appreciated headphone ever created.. Either way, you will NEVER hear a headphone quite like them.
  2. kool bubba ice

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