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  1. Sewer Guy
    Selling my modified Class A Chiarra S.S. amplifier. The circuit was originally designed by John Linsley Hood. I purchased the printed circuit board from Williams Hart Electronics in England & built it into a Lansing extruded aluminum case w separate power supply.
    Even though it is a solid state circuit it is neutral & lets the music thru with no coloration added by the amplifier. It has a very low output impedance & as such it is able to drive phones that have a reputation for being hard to drive. Grado's are easily driven, I am presently driving my AKG K340 dynamic/electrostatics with no problem.
    There are no capacitors in the audio path so there are no restrictions on reproductin of the low frequencies. The level control is a 23 step swtched attenuator. When there is no program material the amplifier is dead quiet, no hum or other artifacts & transient response is excellent. Very sweet & natural sounding. Measures 6 1/4" W, 8 3/4" L.
    3 1/4" H.        Priced @ $275.00 buyer pays shipping.

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