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F.S. Inearz Zen4 + Extras

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by HiFlight, May 28, 2019.
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  1. HiFlight
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    I have for sale my Inearz Zen4 which remain in "as new" condition. The Zen4 is a 4 balanced armature IEM which very musical and non-fatiguing and is capable of accurately reproducing music of all genre's. Instrumental tonality and timbre are very accurate with an expansive headstage. The fit is among the best of all IEM's I have owned, virtually disappearing once in place. I am the original owner, having purchased them following my participation in the Inearz-sponsored tour.

    While the Zen is available in either black and white, I chose the black color, primarily as it matches most of my other gear.

    The options I am including are the Inearz HiDef cable and the black B1 ADEL module which enhances the air and transparency of the mid and higher frequencies. I personally preferred the improvements of the B1 over the stock S1 filter or the G1 filter, hence the reason for my choice of this filter. The Hi-Def optional cable is very comfortable, produces no microphonics and lays nicely over the ear without guide wires. It also has a 90 degree plug which I prefer with my portable sources. The Zen4 is easily driven and does not require an external amplifier to deliver superb sound.

    My reason for sale is that I simply have too many phones and too few ears!

    To further sweeten the deal, I am including at no additional cost, a pair of RevoNext RN-QT2 IEMs which have used them for less than an hour to ensure proper operation. I used my own tips for the audition, hence the included tips are unused. The QT2 is one of the better Chi-Fi IEM's that I have auditioned. It is quite smooth and accurate both in timbre as well as imaging. It uses a 2-pin removable cable. It resembles in shape and weight the CA Andromeda.

    Photos are file photos but mine look the same except for the color of the ADEL module and the earhook on the cable which I neatly removed to enhance comfort.

    I will cover both tracked shipping and Paypal fee.

    Please feel free to check my feedback and thanks for reading my listing!


    RevoNext QT2.JPG
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
  2. HiFlight
    Price reduced!
  3. HiFlight
  4. HiFlight
  5. meringo
    Hey! That's my old Zen 2 and my office in the photo lol I *might* be interested in this. The 2 was awesome, never got to hear the 4.
  6. HiFlight
    I had both and decided on the 4 as it seemed to have a better overall tonal balance with a more expansive overall sound. Sizewise, the fit is exactly the same.
  7. jaker782
    Bump for a terrific seller and iem!

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